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Sound Encoding -- Part 1
Sound Encoding --The Completion of Creation Part 1 of 5
by Peter Farley

Like the new release of, or new model of, some outstanding invention,
what is now coming back into this corner of the Universe so devoid of
the true Light and its companion the Divine Melody, is sound-encoding
of the DNA-stream of supreme energy grid consciousness.

The twin pillars of Creation are Light and its companion, Sound.
Spiritual paths which speak of only one without the other are out of
balance and not undertsanding of the composite nature of Creation--the
Male and female, and the catalyst that ignites and fuses the two into
one. This is the Holy Trinity.

In transcribing the original Creation story of this Super
Universe--Nebadon, I thought I had the basic understanding, until
recently. The more the Spiritual Hierarchy have had me working with
the 'healing' and ascension' of the female energies of this area of
Creation, the more I have had to delve deeper into the role played by
the female in creating the Darkness that existed long before planet
Earth was created.

This led me to a better understanding of the Biblical 'tales' of Adam
and Eve, and Eve's role in metaphorically taking the first step AWAY
from the true Light of the FATHER.

"Sofia is patterned with the DNA of a Dark Mother Incarnation on
planet Earth. She is the one capable of bringing through the army or
darkness's energy and opening the gates for the energy of Dark Mother
to incarnate on Planet Earth, pushing/splitting Gaia away from its
present Heart."

Since I begun this mission more than a dozen years ago now, the
presence of Creator energies in certain Beings walking the planet and
interacting both with each other and tha world at large, has been an
understanding it has been difficult to accept.--not just for me, but
for those very Beings whose physical form carries the imprint of these

To say that one Being such as the one referred to above as Sophia
could bring about the complete domination by Darkness of a planet,
galaxy, or Universe by what she decides to do here in the physical ups
the stakes for our own understanding of how Creation works and even
our role in being here in this lifetime to help prevent such events from

As reflected in the motto of Thoth (Hermes Trimistegus), "As above, so
below", the spiritual war taking place in Creation right now is
manifested, reflected, and even brought to resolution by the events
presently taking place on planet Earth.

Spirit(God) works THROUGH people, is a major understanding of doing
the spiritual work here on Earth. Especially is this true in the type
of healing
and grid work I do. No healer can take credit for being more than a
good channel for the energies working through him or her. With the
grid work, it is very much the same. Our higher selves do much of the
work in tandem with the Guidance directing the overall war.

"The energy that she brings along with herself is that of a corruptor
of the highest level, for she is about to bring on the energy that
would convert a whole planet. Her intent, as that of her dark mentors,
is to destroy the connection that lightworkers have to the Light, and
bring about a shroud of darkness that will engage them in the terrible
attempt to clear Earth of any Energies trying to heal the darkness
already installed here trying to disrupt the ascencion."

As with the series of Matrix movies, the war taking place outside the
Matrix is reflected in what is taking place inside the Matrix. The key
to winning the war outside the Matrix relies heavily on doing the work
of capturing the right people and energies existing within.

"The planet has reserved a special darkness that is kept away within a
core of diamond encrusted caverns in South America and is kept away
even from the dark eyes of the New World Order. These diamonds include
much of the darkness that was already cleansed, and they need time to
be removed from the planet as a whole type of new energy, and then
sent into the Sun for transmutation."

Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, only changed from one form to
another. So often in doing the healing work I do with these special
energies, it is I who must take on the darker or corrupted energies
within the person to be healed so that my 'clearer' etheric body can
process them at a faster rate. Yes, many energies can be 'thrown' into
the Light for transmuting, but many energies created here on planet
Earth MUST be transmuted here on planet Earth --especially if that
person is to ascend into a higher level of Soul resolution.

end of Part 1