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Sound Encoding for Overseas People
Does the sound-encoding work for those who are not physically present? Sue Ann had hers long distance and has already written about that. Here she addresses the effect on another one of the others she has had encoded long distance as well.

From: Sa117@...
To: peter6264@...
Subject: Sound Encoding Testimonial
Date: Wed, 1 Nov 2006 21:52:00 EST

Dear Peter,
Here is one testimonial:

I recently got a sound encoding for one of my daughter, the daughter that is somewhat estranged fro me and has been for about 10 years. She feels she does better without a lot of contact with me. About 4 days ago she called me (about 2 months after the sound encoding) telling me she'd been having a lot of dreams about me. She wanted to know if I was alright and that she wanted more contact with me. Also that she loved me. I attribute this turn around directly to the sound encoding, even though she knows nothing about it. Thank you Peter.
ALL we need to do the encodings on people overseas are some warm physical bodies here in the States for me to work on and attach those who wish to have the work done from anywhere in the world. Hence, as soon as I can now get down to writing it, the Spiritual Hierarchy will offer anyone here or overseas the chance to be sound-encoded by affiliating like-minded people to the sound-encoding process on an individual I work on here in the States. The cost will still only be $100 per person (US$)for those overseas and $125 per person for those who have only one or two people here in the States. The opportunity to give this as a gift to the entire family of up to 5-6 people is still available to those able to make physical contact with peter here in the States.