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spiders and shasta and the shift‏
Dear One.

The spider people are a conquering race. They aren\'t much different from the common spiders of the Earth plane. Deep space has developed them to the way they are. They are almost man-sized, black and covered in hair, having 8 legs or armature.

What they have to do with you is your so called artificial memory isn\'t a figment [of your imagination]. The story told to you triggered a deep memory you just don\'t want to own as real. You have several of these you are aware of. They are your real memories, not a highly active imagination. The cave and you running into to it, rying to hide only to find yourself trapped and betrayed. Two different races working against you for different resons. Roman soldiers, You opposing the teachings of Paul & being hunted. Things
were not what they seemed and the spider people were in collusion with these soldiers. They were hungry. They were also all killed.

The most important thing for you to know now is... You must practice
opening while doing. Visualize the golden bubble and we will maintain
it. Being open to us will not allow your energies to be sucked away.
Spider people are not your worry. Knowing that the memories you have
are not artificial or fanciful recreations is what you need to
understand. They are real and not borrowed or imagined. You should write them down in detail including the emotions involved.


Dear One,

. . .

777---- There will be a shift, a powerful shift. Many will feel it. You feel the immediacy of it. So many will be married [to the idea], so many will be oblivious until that moment. Watch the animals. Some may say ... How did she know? ... Flexibility-- make plans but be prepared for them to change. You must appear to conform to some extent but do not get caught in it. Remember your connections, keep your head in the clouds and your feet on the ground. You need both the practical and the creative. You have them but don\'t put one above the other. Balance is a 1/3 , 2/3 proposition. You know what needs to go --- Start sifting, Bless your sister. Give to your mother.

Have a yard sale or not-- the extra cash could be handy.

Go to sleep.


Can you tell me something of Mt. Shasta

Dear One,
As you know it is and important place with much comings and
goings there but [different] races using it. There will be various places that need to be opened and closed . .. a pattern that Peter is aware of. Tom will be much help and We will aid as we can. There is more happening in other parts of the universe as well. The darkness will be pissed and confused. Energies of protection for them coming and going from Shasta will be as important as while being there. The darkness are going to be pissed as you would
say. You are to focus mainly on Tom with clarity and strength, passing him much needed confidence and sureness of step. Things will be well and that\'s all We will say for now.

Aristenna and the Hierarchy of the Council of Light