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Spiritual Awarness grows
Spiritual Awarness grows

Spiritual Awarness grows within us as we learn that there are only
two factors which effect its presence --attitude and attention. If
you take these back to the basic laws of Creation, where we put our
attention is the mold we wish to make to bring whatever it is into
our lives; and the attitude we take is the emotion we siphon into
this mold to make it a reality. This emotion can be of things we
love and want in our lives, or it can also be the fear or
negative emotion we also put into a mold of something we DON'T want
in our lives which has just the reverse effect.

by Ralph Marston

If you fear something with intensity and persistence, it will
become real in your life. If you desire something with
intensity and persistence, then what you desire will become
real in your life.

When you focus your attention and your energy on something,
it will grow stronger. So it is far better to focus your
attention on what is positive and desirable.

Do you see the world in terms of your limitations? Then
those limitations will indeed hold you back. Instead, relate
to the world from a perspective of your best possibilities.
And you'll surely bring those possibilities to life.

That is not to suggest that you ignore the negative or
pretend that it doesn't exist. Acknowledge and accept
reality, then direct your energy toward the positive

Your attention will give power to whatever it is focused
upon. Choose to focus it in a way that will move you
positively forward.