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spiritual healing 101
Eileen, I´m proud not to call myself a healer though I am a very wonderful
healer, mainly because since Guidance has had me working with people in that way
I have found that healing is the most egotistical business out there --even
worse than University professors. It´s always about the healer instead of the
patient/client. True healing cannot take place while there´s an ego involved
because then indeed the healer will take on the energies to be healed INSTEAD of
what always needs to happen, that the client recognize how they helped create
the dis-ease in their own consciousness through holding emotional or mental
attitudes which then block the normal flow of energies through their bodies.
Spiritual healing is about people understanding and correcting their ´wrong´
attitudes so they don´t create the problems again either in this lifetime or in
the next. It´s not so much healing as it is helping people understand how to
live as soul with a phyiscal body, one which blocks up just like a car if we ignore the basic ways in which the vehicle is meant to run.

I have dealt with a number of higher dimensional Beings who come from places
where heart and mind are one and when they get here in human form they do not
know how to express emotions or that holding in emotions makes one´s psyche
´sick´. Louise Hay´s work in You Can Heal Your Life is the basis of true
spiritual healing. Here´s the dis-ease and here´s the attitude WE hold that
blocks the energies of the body and creates the illness. True Spiritual healing
works on getting to the root of the problem which is the wrong attitudes a
person holds, through ignorance of spiritual laways, of who they truly are, of
what this planet is all about, and about how a physcial body works to ground
those spiritual energies. Most healers are simply not able to get to the root
causes of the problem. IN almost every case everything going on with the person,
all the ways in which dis-ease manifests in the body of the person, all revolve
around one simple spiritual lesson the person is working on or that they came here to learn and so far have not. Dealing with the symptoms is just dealing with the effects rather than the root cause. A great healer lets the person know what that spiritual lesson is they are working on, and gives them the tools with which to work on it so they can then ´heal´ or correct the attitude which is the root cause of the problem.

Empathic healing is nice but in virtually every case one must ask themselves
is the person/client aware of how THEY are creating their dis-ease andthe
particular spiritual lesson they are working on or the spiritual law they have
broken to put themselves right where they are. If not then what is the sue of
working on them for even if in this instance the effects are netralized then
they will ALWAYS return in some other way , shape or form, either in this
lifetime or another because the person has not learned the simple spiritual
lesson. Worse still, people always brag to me about their being Reiki Masters
etc. I have rarely seen a person doing reiki who KNOWS what they are connected
to or is even cognizant of the fact that there are things out there which do not
have the best interests of Mankind at heart. In most cases I see people
´dumping´ more of their own stuff onto their patients then they are taking off,
and where is the learning of how the client created their dis-ease? If you are doing energy work at a highe rlevel it is best to create another name for what it is you do because you´re giving reiki a good name and it in no way deserves it. It is simply another New Age ruse to get people off on some tangent than the spiritual learning they so desperately need.

Just as there is personal love and universal love, so too is there personal
energy and Universal energy, but to channel the highest form of this Universal
energy one MUST know to what it is they are connecting, otherwise they are just
connecting the soda machine to the wrong outlet and getting beer instead of
soda. And they must have their ego out of the way otherwise the chances of
´taking on´ the dis-ease are greatly, greatly increased. Guidance said to me
early on in respionse to this issue, \"Peter, you do the work and WE´ll take care
of the protection.\" All I ever do is ask, \"Did that work?\" and They inevitably
go ´Yes\" and I move on to the next patient.

Knowing what you´re connected to is the secret of standing in your own power
in every way shape and form and dealing with whatever comes at you down the
pike. It´s the only way I even got out of bed on the first day of working with
this mission. All I can ever claim is to be a good vehicle for Spirit and the
Spiritual Hierarchy that work along side me. It is THEY that do the healing work
in co-operation with the patient´s own willingness to assist and to learn the
lesson they are missing. Freebies and doing work for free ´because spiritual
stuff should be free´ etc is a real problem because in almost every case it is a
pre-requisite that the client ´buy into the healing process´ and like the
12-step programs, own their part in helping cause the dis-ease that is present.
If a client ever turns the healing session around on me and says I am seeing ´my
stuff´ then the session immediately ends because that person is not owning thier
own stuff and taking the responsibility for
what they themselves have created.

In talking about ´portals´ it is this issue of knowing to what you are
connected as a healer and then your ability to get yourself out of the way
during the healing process/session that is the main issue every good healer has
to face and own up to how much of their ego is involved.

Is it about you and your ability to heal in the eyes of yourself and others?
or is it about helping the patient learn a spiritual lesson about how to manage
their health and learning that really is what counts?

With low self-esteem being endemic in society and the necessary requirement to
have strong ego defenses to survive on this planet it is a real task to do any
of the things I´ve talked about above and to be the great healer so many of us
can be.

Best to include in your reading and work the book New Chakra Heaing by Cindi
Dale, and the work on crystal implants or imprints\\
php to begin to understand some of the ´unseen´ things affecting almost all
clients and the imposed limitations of this war we are fighting against darkness
on all spiritual dimensions.