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Spiritual Healing and The True Nature of Planet Earth (#2) Part 1
Spiritual Healing and The True Nature of Planet Earth (#2) Part 1
by Peter Farley

For the past few months I have been traveling in Florida and various places in between there and New Mexico. Along the way my understanding of the true nature of Planet Earth has only continued to grow and grow and grow. Very shortly these experiences and the growing understanding of them will take the form of a new book entitled, appropriately enough, ?The True Nature of Planet Earth - Where Were You Before The Tree of Life Volume #6.?

For all of us, myself included, understanding the true nature of planet Earth is the key to unlocking our own purpose or mission here, as well as our own part in Creation. It is also the key to seeking the most effective ways to counteract the great negativity or darkness sweeping across this corner of the Universe and in particular, as L. Ron Hubbard aptly called it, ?Battlefield Earth.?

In my travels I have encountered other turtle people as described in the first article on this subject ( It then came as no surprise, but rather like a slap upside the head when I got back to Albuquerque recently and realized that all the Pueblo Indians standing in line with me at a popular all-you-can-eat restaurant were, in fact, turtle people. Why else would the Native Americans, who all count the Pleiades as their ancestral home, call this continent ?Turtle Island?? Why else would they so often use the turtle symbol in totems and on baskets and in every other conceivable way? And it?s not only the Native Americans either. One gentlemen listening to my talk in Tampa, FL, kept shaking his head all the way through my talk and when working solo with some of the crowd afterwards he admitted to me, ?As soon as you began talking about the Turtle people, I knew exactly who I was.? And, indeed, that?s exactly who and what he was.

I have become familiar with dealing with the turtle people?s energy forms. The Armadillo people came, however, as quite a shock, but when both the ?armadillo? people I worked on in private sessions admitted that every aspect of the armadillo fit their personalities and traits to a T, again I felt the wonder of this Star Wars Bar-like world I am discovering. Even their friends in the healing room with them could feel the energy-form of the overlapping plates on their backs. The ?patients? admitted that their first instinct when attacked was to curl themselves up into a ball, much like their animal kin are wont to do. And, of course, their favorite places to live are the Panhandle of Florida and in eastern Texas, exactly the territorial home of their also ?animal? cousins.

Many new Sprite energy forms were also encountered along the way, as well as other various levels of devic energy and the seemingly ever-present angelic beings. All of them were seeking to understand who and what they were and exactly how their feelings of not being human could be made to fit into the Great Lie the Matrix supports that all of us are human. And, as always, there were various forms of the reptilians, both ?good? and ?bad?, particularly in the areas of east and west coast Florida where so many of the reptilian ?elite? have their home portals available to them.

The climax to this area of our work, however, came just the other night when the person requesting a healing session over the internet turned out to be a hamadryad from the devic kingdom of gnomes and faeries and the like, those Beings here to work with the nature forces and particularly the flora and fauna of the planet.

Now a hamadryad was not something I had ever encountered in my long life of vast exposure to every kind of learning. A quick trip to our local Borders bookstore suggested by my Guidance proved useful in more ways than one when, firstly, a lady sitting in the store turned out to have exactly this energy form of the hamadryad person requesting the healing. And, secondly, we discovered that the hamadryads are ?tree people? -half-human or spritely energy form and half tree. This, in itself, was not that surprising since more people have commented to me on their attraction to the tree-people in Lord of the Rings than almost any other aspect of that vast and wonderful creation.
Following is an excerpt from how we described who she was to the person requesting the work: ?Your energy form was from the devic realm, those who are here on Planet Earth to help maintain its cosmic balance in terms of Nature and the plants and animals that inhabit it - once upon a time in peaceful co-existence with humankind.. What you ?were? is called a hamadryad, and a very powerful hamadryad at that. This is one of a few devic tree spirits. The tree spirits come into a tree when the tree is ?born?, and when it dies the spirit moves on. The tree spirit is meant to protect the tree, and can help with lush growth for the host tree as well. The Pine trees of the planet were your particular responsibility.?

We always wonder what reaction we are going to receive when telling someone about their true ?alien? energy form. It just so happened, however, that a grove of pine trees set right behind the fence of this person, and everything we mentioned about the work we had done on her and in detaching her from this hamadryad form rang true. The different feelings she had after the work was done also confirmed for her the changes that had taken place within her personal energy field.

?Peter and Lindsey, I have just completed reading. It has been fascinating getting this help from you. I was already feeling different today before I had read it. I have so many things that I would like to tell you confirming all that you have said but would almost rather just let the process take its healing course first. Even so I would like to write not email you a letter about some life experiences to see if you can decipher them for me.

?I have been working in a health food store for at least 8 years now and am familiar with all the things you suggested for me to do. . . I had bought a book called the book of answers. I would always ask it to tell me about my life, why I was here etc and I would get the answer,? the answer is in your back yard?. It is like a little forest on the other side and there are a lot of pine trees.

?I am willing to learn more about my mission and want to be free of all this auntie stuff that was tying me down.

?Please, work on. . . Now I understand so many things about myself but not all the way, see I haven?t read all of your articles yet. At last. TS ?
And so it is with MOST of the people we deal with whether human or ?alien? or even artificial intelligences. It just rings true -AT LAST-and always makes so much sense of who and what they are that never fit the guidelines of what it means to be human.

This is what it means to do spiritual healing work -to get to the true nature, the core essence of who and what we are both in our own spiritual or Soul growth, and who and what we are doing here in this incarnation, especially with regard to our missions in this the most crucial lifetime of all.

And what modality do we use to heal while doing spiritual healing? My answer always comes out -?Whatever it takes to heal you and get you going with your mission.? Getting Lightworkers to actually work, as I have said in so many other articles, is not always that easy. Lightbuttsitters is perhaps a more appropriate terminology, but if they-if you-are not healthy, then getting on with what you came here to do will be even more difficult than before.
In this response to my first article on the true nature of planet Earth, Suzy Star asked for some feedback from some other well-known Beings who reiterate much of what I and the Spiritual Hierarchy have said through me throughout the past four or five years:

?Dear Ones, The messages you will be reading below will be of great interest to most of you. I received the original message from Peter Farley and sent it to my friend Jim Klapworth for his comments.

?He replied back with his take signed by Dariel. I then sent the article with Dariel?s comments on to my friend Suzy Ward, author of the Matthew books, and her son Matthew sent a great reply that I have included at the end of this message . . .Love & Blessings to each and every one of you! Suzy Star

?This is truly an interesting article, somewhat far-fetched for the uninitiated, but it bears out many things that Beloved St. Germain has explained to us. Please also read my comments at the bottom of the document.
- Dariel

?Comments: Planet Earth is truly a melting pot for many star nations - I believe St. Germain told us there were over 200 star nations represented here right now! There are many angelics, both light and dark, as the author mentioned, and there are also past Ascended Masters, who ascended during Lemuria or Atlantis. There are also other categories of beings such as future time travelers, ?walking? golden gods and goddesses, Indigo ray gods, etc.

?Add to this delicious mix the fact that each of these beings are multidimensional, meaning that we each exist in approximately 1000 or more different lifestreams simultaneously! Creation is almost endless and is exceedingly complex. We have each played many roles throughout our history. This is a hard concept for many to accept, as the major religions mostly teach that we are born, we live, then die and go to our final resting place. What a crock!

?If Creation is over 6 billion years (or more) would it make any sense to live only one brief life of 70-100 years? Look at the human specie - we enjoy doing everything we can possibly do while we are here. Would it not make sense for each of us to desire to experience life on many planets, in many different bodies, both male and female, on both sides of Light and Dark (that is a really difficult one to grasp) in order to experience Creation in its fullness?
?The Urantia Book tells us there are 7 Super Universes, so there are even more choices. I know of a woman living right now who knows that she is from another universe, a sexless objective universe. She is truly different from anyone I have ever met!

?Expand your minds out as far as you can and reach for the stars! Many of the Lightworkers already know a great deal about your past lives, where you came from and why you are here. Begin to integrate your multidimensional selves into your core and see just how powerful you can become. Call in your many aspects - past, present, and future to assist you in your mission.

?As we get down to the final gate in our journey, many wondrous experiences await us. Walk in total trust and love, fearing nothing. We are embarking on the most exciting voyage we have ever made, as Mother Earth goes through her Ascension. The beings from the 200 star nations who are experiencing this ride were specially chosen for this, as there were more volunteers than what the planet could accommodate.

?Since the dark agenda has chosen to usurp its power and strip, rape, and pollute the planet, the planet is in ?terminal mode?. There is no choice left but to cleanse - which is exactly what she is doing right now. The cleansing is taking the outward appearance of earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, severe storms, tsunamis, high winds, and volcanic eruptions. . . There is a definite time table that must be followed, and as time goes on, it becomes increasingly more urgent to get this done! . . .

?Open your hearts to the reality of going beyond the 3D lives you have lived up to now. We are going into ?The Twilight Zone? of our existences now. Many are seeing into other dimensions, seeing other beings, seeing UFOs, having dreams and visions, and having intense d?j? vu experiences already. These will continue to get more and more intense as the Great Shift approaches.

?Walk in total unconditional love for all, fearing nothing, and keeping an open mind to all positive messages. Be cautious of those who would lead you astray from your path as there are many deceivers out there. Continue to focus on what you desire, not on what appears to be going on around you! Namaste, Dariel?

To: Suzy Star
?Greetings to you, dear soul Suzy Star! This is Matthew, making comment to your request for views on the article, and I wish also to mention my favor for Dariel?s words as well as my delight in reading them. No fence straddling there! With the exception of his expectation of underground living or moving to spacecraft, neither of which is in store for the great majority of you, and mention of ?final gate??because it is the ?next gate,? I heartily concur with his sentiments. As for the article?s information, yes, as Dariel says it is ?far-fetched for the uninitiated,? and for the closed mind, but not at all for the open one. My mother is not familiar with these life forms nor esoteric approaches to spirituality, and that is by her pre-birth agreement so that there is not that overlayer of conscious information that will shoot up like fireworks every time I speak with her or she with her other sources. Our messages are designed to be very plain in presentation for the Earth population who, like my mother, have no background in esoterica or the whole of cosmic history. It?s enough to hope they will meet plain speaking receptively and embrace our words! The thing is, that advanced knowledge is splendid but it is not necessary for one?s Godself connection, and right now in Earth?s evolutionary status, it is ?plain talk? that will let the light-love energy reach her mind, body and spirit receptive population who are operating primarily still within third density limitations insofar as brain usage. This is NOT criticism, it is simply the fact of that lower density still prevailing. From the Beginning, the simplest way always has been knowing that love is the only healing power and the most sustaining to every diverse soul in Creation. Thank you for inviting me to add my ?two cents?! With the grace of love and all blessings to you and all whom you reach, dear Suzy Star.?

Another woman who came to Florida to learn the kind of healing I do at Christmas had a number of revelations about how to allow this Godself Matthew speaks of to work in her life. her story reflects the true nature of planet Earth and how it and Spirit work hand in hand to bring about changes in our lives and those of others who surround us:

?Hi Peter, Wanted to update you on our progress. I tend to want to sleep on things as that is when my guidance fills me in on what I should accept or reject. So much has happened for the good that I can?t tell you all but wanted to share this poignant story with you.

?As we left Loxahatchee going north to Cocoa Beach, we ran out of gas about 15 minutes from there. My first reaction was to freak out, then I quickly calmed down and we tried to call you with no luck (my brain was not working and I needed a brain to work for me). After not reaching you, my brain kicked into gear. I constructed a help sign and stood out the back of the van holding it. About 3 minutes later, an extremely nice young, sweet man came to our rescue. (My first lesson was ?I just need to ask for help when I need it?, something I?ve been having big trouble doing for quite awhile.)

?He asked me if I had AAA and said they will bring you up to 5 gallons of gas. We called them and while they were on their way, I picked up the Florida travel book and made a reservation at a hotel right on the beach (we got the last available room). I would never have done this had we not run out of gas. I immediately saw the beauty in this ?mishap?. We ended up staying there for two nights, got to see some great New Year?s Eve fireworks right by the Cocoa Beach pier. The next day, we did our Xmas shopping, got a boogie board and more goggles, a swim suit for each of the kids, I parted the clouds and we had a fabulous sunny day at the beach.

?I remember doing this most of my life now, but for the last 5 years I had forgotten that I could do that. Somehow here in Ohio, the magic I knew was gone. It feels like it?s back now and bless you for your part in facilitating that. . .

?I feel like the crusted shell that I had constructed around me from all the pain I suffered with their dad has been shattered. I can see more clearly now and feel more fully.

?I had memories of a lifetime as a monk (in Epcot, we traveled through the past in Space Center where there were figures of monks writing down words) when I was severely beaten by an abusive master for not writing words down the way he wanted me to. I remembered being locked in a room with my hands tied, lying their in my own blood feeling like I was worthless.

?I have begun the process of forgiving myself from this memory and see it for what it is now. Again, thank you for this. Yes, I was an impossible case, Peter, but I feel as though you channeled for me a crash course on how to let go.

?Finally, yesterday, I sensed the healing energy in my hands, and began to utilize it on myself and others around me. It?s as though now I know the energy coming through me is extremely powerful and I can now let myself sense it and utilize it. I even utilized the dial as it was too powerful for my mother.

?More to come later. Tell Lindsay we say hello and we love her. Gratefully yours, Wanda?

The true nature of planet Earth and what it is going through in terms of its very own ascension process includes its very real and very awesome ability to also change and cleanse itself. Much like a programmed computer also schedules it?s very own cleaning, Earth is beginning to defrag, delete, and also empty the recycle bin. The Earth changes began in earnest last year and many, many more seem to be on the very near horizon, especially with the bubble in Yellowstone National Park seemingly about to burst at any time. Other pertinent rumblings are being felt all along the eastern and western halves of the continent. The sudden appearance of magnitude 8 earthquakes last year one on top of the other in remote areas of the world went unnoticed by many, but not by those of us who are watching and waiting and preparing. From Whitley Streiber?s Unknown Country mailings last year:

Unusual Earthquake Activity Today
?We are taking the step of sending out this special notice because there is an unusual earthquake situation taking place today. Three major earthquakes have struck widely separated areas of the Pacific basin, all within a few hours of each other. The three quakes took place in unconnected fault zones, but all were in the Pacific ?Ring of Fire.? The most recent quake struck Mindanao in the Philippines just a few hours ago, and so far there are no damage reports.
?Earthquake clusters are not unknown, but for three very powerful quakes to take place over a wide area in such a concentrated time period is rare. So far, the general media are not reporting this story, but the quakes have been confirmed by Seismo-Watch, an international earthquake monitoring system.? For a more detailed story from, click here?

Meanwhile, back at the ranch as we used to say in the old days of Westerns, the gradual alien invasion of our planet by dimensional energies I have termed ?critters? and others who would control us, continues. This is particularly true of the fear factor involved in such stories as the one below about Mad Cow disease infecting pet food.

Mad cow used for dog food? Pet owners asked to return potentially-tainted product?Associated Press
?WASHINGTON, May 27 - U.S. consumers are being asked to return dog food that may have come from a Canadian cow that tested positive for mad cow disease.?
Food is not only becoming more and more expensive as corporate giants control its distribution from growth to the supermarket shelves, it is also becoming more and more tainted with toxic substances to aid in the process of control:

Nutrapoison by Alex Constantine
?Aspartame is an rDNA derivative, a combination of two amino acids (long supplied by a pair of Maryland biotechnology firms: Genex Corp. of Rockville and Purification Engineering in Baltimore.) The Pentagon once listed it in an inventory of prospective biochemical warfare weapons submitted to Congress. But instead of poisoning enemy populations, the ?food additive? is currently marketed as a sweetening agent in some 1200 food products.
?The Jonestown pharmacy was stocked with a variety of behavior control drugs: Quaaludes, valium, morphine, Demerol and 11,000 doses of thorazine?a better supply, in fact, than the Guyanese government?s own, not to mention a surfeit of cyanide.?

And all of this control done through the suppression of essential knowledge and history such as the suppression of much needed scientific understandings:
(thanks to Roger Anderton)

Chronology of Warp Physics
Adrian Berry, in his book The Iron Sun, gave the situation of Warp Physics as it was known in 1977:
. 1798 Peter Simon Laplace suggests that some stars may be so massive that their gravity will prevent light from escaping from them.
. 1905 Einstein publishes his Special Theory of Relativity.
. 1916 Einstein publishes his General Theory of Relativity. Karl Schwarzschild carried Einstein?s equations to their most extreme conclusion, and suggests the possibility of black holes which do not rotate. For the first time, he
introduces the idea of a ?singularity? in space-time.
. 1935 Einstein, with Nathan Rosen, suggests that separate parts of normal space may be interconnected by timeless ?bridges? [Anderton: Einstein-Rosen Bridges are nowadays called ?wormholes? - a sort of blackhole that has no singularity at its centre. I think it significant that Einstein was looking for a blackhole type scenario which had no singularity.]
. 1939 Robert Oppenheimer and Hartland Snyder analyse in detail for the first time the mechanics of total gravitational collapse
. 1960 M D Kruskal draws the first ?Kruskal diagram?, showing the behaviour of a Schwarzschild non-rotating black hole.
. 1963 Roy Kerr incorporates fast rotation into Schwarzschild?s model of a black hole. He produces the so-called ?Kerr solution? to Einstein?s 1916 equations.
. 1967 R H Boyer and R W Lindquist draw a Kruskal diagram for a rotating black hole, indicating that an instantaneous journey could be made through it which did not hit the singularity.
. 1975 David Robinson shows that all black holes must rotate, and that Kerr?s solution must be correct.
?Never have ordinary human beings encountered an object like the black hole which, in the words of Kip Thorne, ?curves space and warps time.? Even when the science fiction writers use such literary devices as a ?space warp? to move their spaceships across the Galaxy in no time at all, they are wrongly accused of having resorted to magic in order to make their stories work.
?Science fiction writers do not normally study fundamental physics, and their concept of a ?space warp? is arrived at through instinctive feeling rather than knowledge. This is a pity, since the scientific basis for an instantaneous journey, or at least a passage through which such a journey could be made, was worked out in 1935 by no less an authority than Einstein himself.

?With his colleague Nathan Rosen he published in that year a paper which is regarded as the forerunner of all modern theories that predict the interconnection of our Universe by timeless passages. Einstein and Rosen used the term ?bridge? to describe this interconnection, and the two men gave a lucid description of an Einstein-Rosen bridge that will serve as a model for everything we have been discussing. [ A Einstein and N Rosen, ?The Particle Problem in the General Theory of Relativity?. Physical Review, vol. 48, Jul.
1st 1935, pp 73 -7.] They likened two separated parts of space to two flat ?sheets? with ?bridges? connecting them. ....

?This paper was written twenty- eight years before Roy Kerr introduced the concept of fast -rotating black holes. Einstein and Rosen had only the theory of Schwarzschild to work with. And because, as we have seen, any object trying to penetrate a Schwarzschild, non-rotating black hole would be crushed by its singularity, they suspected that the ?bridge? might have no physical meaning, since entrances were barred by natural forces.

?Roy Kerr has now removed that natural barrier...... the funnel of whirling space goes on - until it opens up again into another region of normal space, whose distance from the point of departure, in ordinary circumstances and in the absence of a black hole, could be as much as several light - years.

?The British philosopher Guy Robinson of Southampton University wrote in 1964 a learned and slightly mocking article which poked fun at those science fiction writers who casually describe faster than light voyages, but who never bother to try to explain how they are achieved. Robinson showed, quite accurately, that a person could not travel faster than light because if he did so, apart from other difficulties, he would have to travel backwards in time. [G Robinson. ?Hypertravel?, Listener, Dec. 17th, 1964, pp 976 - 7] In the absence of any special circumstances, at least one of these two fears would plainly be impossible. But Robinson went further. Apparently delighted by the success of this argument, he then expressed the opinion that an instantaneous journey through space would be impossible for the same reason. The only way for an astronaut to travel instantaneously, he suggested humorously, would be for the astronaut to carry a time-machine in his spaceship, so that he could move backwards in time as he moved forwards in space, thus eliminating distance.

?It is now certain that Robinson?s joke contained a shattering truth. For the Kerr black hole, or for that matter the Einstein- Rosen bridge, is a time-machine! A spaceship entering it, provided that it is aimed correctly, is not only flung out in another part of space, but making this journey it is propelled backwards in time.... As Frank J Tipler of Maryland University puts it, ?a rotating cylinder (i.e. a Kerr black hole) would act as a time machine.? [ F J Tipler, ?Rotating Cylinders and the Possibility of Global Causality Violations?, Physical Review D, vol. 9, no.8, April 15th, 1974, pp 2203 -6.]

?Even Brandon Carter, of Cambridge University, England, who reaches a different conclusion eventually, admits that ?it is possible to connect any event to any other by a future-directed time-like line?. [ B Carter, ?Global Structure of the Kerr Family of Gravitational Fields,? Physical Review, vol. 174, no. 5, Oct. 25th, 1968, pp 1559-71.] It will be remembered from the Kruskal diagrams that ?time-like means a legitimate journey that goes slower than light. And so here we have a slower than light journey, that does not violate Einstein?s Special Theory, but which nevertheless moves backwards in time, and which for all practical purposes may therefore be regarded as a journey between two separate points which is in effect much faster than light. Yet strictly speaking, because its backwards movement in time corresponds precisely with its forward movement in space, the journey is not faster than light; it is instantaneous.

?Now it may seem, with all this talk about time-machines, that I am saying something stranger than anything before. But it is not so; for a time-machine and a distance-abolishing machine are merely two phrases to describe exactly the same thing. Distance simply means time travelled, or to be more precise, it is the average speed of the journey multiplied by the time taken to achieve it. For instance, the distance between London and New York is normally covered by a subsonic aircraft at an average speed of 580 mph in a period of about 6 hours. Multiply these two figures, and we obtain a true distance between these cities of 3,500 miles. But if this distance of 3,500 miles was miraculously reduced to zero, the aircraft would be able to make the journey instantaneously, in no time at all, because speed multiplied by zero equals zero. Yet to make this instantaneous journey, the aircraft would have to travel backwards in time while it was moving forwards in space.

?And so Guy Robinson?s seemingly fanciful speculation about the use of a time-machine has a very real meaning in the context of an instantaneous journey.
[[[ Anderton: So there we have the situation of Warp Physics at 1977- Warp travel required backward time travel, backward time travel was thought impossible, so Warp travel was thought impossible. Not much has changed since then, the theorists and speculators continue to go round in circles covering the same old ground, just the amount of terminology has increased and become more complicated. What has really happened has been that there has been a Fundamental Misunderstanding of Einstein -

The most important thing missed out in this chronology:
. 1798 Peter Simon Laplace Blackholes.
. 1905 Special Theory of Relativity.
. 1916 General Theory of Relativity.
. 1935 Einstein- Rosen Bridge.
. 1939 Oppenheimer and Snyder analyse gravitational collapse.
. 1960 ?Kruskal diagram?
. 1963 ?Kerr solution? to Einstein?s 1916 equations.
. 1967 Boyer and Lindquist draw a Kruskal diagram for a rotating black hole.
. 1975 David Robinson shows that all black holes must rotate, and that Kerr?s solution must be correct.

[[[Anderton: The question is when the Unified Theory was discovered. And that happened in 1750s by a Jesuit priest that persuaded the Pope to lift the Ban on teaching the Heliocentric Theory. Without the correct Theory, no meaningful mathematical result can be derived and the Cover - Up in Physics of the UFO situation is free to continue. ]]]?

What happens when a Universe is destroyed or a rip in the time-space continuum occurs for one reason or another? What happens when the hull of a pressurized aircraft is punctured by a terrorist?s bomb exploding? All life and anything not strapped down is sucked out through the hole created into the outer atmosphere-or in this case, through the black hole created and into an adjoining space-time continuum or another dimensional Universe. What happens if planet Earth should fail to ascend because it?s density and the vibration of its inherent consciousness is too heavy to make the leap into hyperspace? Like a space shuttle lift off where the payload is too heavy, the rocket would fall back to the ground and explode in a brilliant mass of fireballs and explosions, killing all in close proximity. This cannot be allowed to happen with planet Earth. Its ascension and its true nature must be allowed to continue for the sake of all this corner of the Universe, and so its ascension must be made to happen, even if this means temporarily suspending the primary Universal Law -that of Free Will. Too much is at stake for this planet not to ascend. This is the true nature of the importance of planet Earth here and now in this Universal war of the true Light against the Darkness which threatens to extinguish it.