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spiritual indebtedness
Spiritual Indebtedness
by Peter Farley

One of the lessons from the past week of walking the labyrinth to the
ascension resetting was the importance of this awesome opportunity we
presently have for just a little while longer to free ourselves of
past karmic debt.

Mike\'s story has already been mentioned in brief and I\'m hoping when
he has time he will share more of what happened for him this weekend,
but as with many I have been led to work with and others in this
group, the implications of his actions in the past have had a major
effect on the balance of power in this corner of the Universe. For
him it was a chance to be in the place where some of these events
took place and to ask and receive forgiveness from Spirit/Creation
and those involved. I will leave the rest of this to him, but suffice
to say, as with Sue Ann, as with Peter, as with Elizabeth and
Roberto, the forgiveness is only the first step. Unlike the
forgiveness of sin in Christianity, the forgiveness of true
spirituality also demands one make an honest attempt to make amends
for what they have done.

Sue Ann describes this in her piece on healing. I explained what the
gentleman in Colorado went through before walking away from grace
even though he knew his role in what took place in the San Luis
valley. Etc , etc, etc.

With darkness going bye-bye in this corner of the Universe, with
Lucifer, Thoth, and many others coming in for healing, the chance is
NOW to also join in this general \'amnesty\' and work on what all of us
have had as a part of our many, many lifetimes in this darkside
controlled area of Creation.

After World War 2, after the end of apartheid in South Africa, and in
so many other cases, it is only the leaders who are \'prosecuted\'
while others are forgiven but asked to make reparation. One woman
left the group yesterday using the unfounded slurs against me as an
excuse not to do the difficult work of healing that which she had
helped occasion. The archangel Michael was waiting for her to work
with him on this healing process but it was more convenient to deny
being able to hear Him than to actually commit to do the difficult
work of helping repair the damage.

Been there, done that. All of us seek the \'easy way\' out not
realizing that buckling down and getting the work done IS the easy
way out, for if we have to extend this making amends out for
lifetimes and lifetimes to come, what is the benefit of walking away
from it now?

Going back to University at age 38 I was much more prepared and
understood that getting the work done when it was assigned was much
easier on me in every way than waiting till the night before as so
many younger students would. As Mike might agree it was the idea that
he might have to drag this out for 10,000 more lifetimes if not done
now helped him make his decision to step up to the plate now rather
than to deal with things later.

One person I\'ve recently had occasion to deal with is \'on release\'
from spiritual debtor\'s prison\'. What might you ask is that? I had to
ask myself and as the work progressed we came to understand better
that this person had been one to help create some of Thoth\'s control
grid devices. Being Antarian (a computer geek) he had not learned, as
most of his people have not yet learned, that the creation of
technology MUST be aligned with some sense and ownership of the
morality of using it.

Spiritual debtor\'s prison is for those who continue to collect more
and more karma than they can or are willing to work out in one or a
number of lifetimes. This man had been released with the hope that
his connection with some real spirituality in this time of great
healing might be able to at least help him turn a corner and get some
of his karmic load dealt with. It doesn\'t seem like it is to be so,
however, as the lack of emotional honesty and the driveness of an
over-active mind keep him from feeling the great hurt he has done to
others. We hope. Guidance always loves to give us one more chance to
step forward and do the work necessary, but there comes a time when
those windows of opportunity close.

Once upon a time I had the realization that I, as Soul, am eternal
and so, like Bill Murray\'s character in the movie Groundhog Day, I
may as well get going with making that eternity meaningful and
productive. And so I have, and it has changed the world. Now I have
carte blanche when I leave this lifetime to do whatever it is I want
to do, which of course in some ways is meaningless because all I wish
to do is serve. I have found my forgiveness, I have and continue to
make amends, and all I can do is say we\'re all here to help each
other in working out these too long held debts to Creation. The time
IS NOW to release them and begin the hard but fun work of helping
correct that which WE ALL helped create.

IN service, Peter