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spiritual responsibility and the end times‏
Through Anca (Romanian)

Dear One,
As you go along in your service, and become more and more tuned with US, your healing process is going on. As your ego can't hold you are able todiscern truth from false, what comes from the heart and what from your mind. Recovering damaged DNA patterns involve a complex process and all takes place in interconnection with your will to do so, with the help given you by US to access the highest levels of knowledge and perception.

Aspectology, as a complex process of integrating all the soul fragments and all his creations is a condition for accessing higher dimensions. But this is not enough. It is necessary to add the Light and Sound encoding which are repairing damaged DNA patterns and replacing those completely broken with newones through the correct creational process. Letting be guided by US is facilitating this process and even the necessary condition for success.

You were not careful to observe the corrupt points of the teaching presented in the last years of what you now call New Age spirituality. Why WE say it is corrupt? For as long as the information presented in this materials is not entirely correct, it is able to give and gives rise to interpretations, which often make you slide down a wrong slope and lead you to a dead end. Simplicity is one of the requirements for accurate, true spiritual information.Ascultaţi
Citiţi fonetic

Taking responsibility for each part involved in this battle between darkness and light is also a necessity. As long as these teachings do not present frankly to the people about the possible consequences of their choices in this battle there can't be truth to this spirituality. Human responsibility in winning this fight is far avoided in these materials. This omission causes humans to continue their spiritual slumber, false belief that somewhere, someone will make things right in their place, perhaps a savior messiah to come amongst them a second time and he will separate the good from evil. But hard work, day after day, the efforts that each of you need to do to change attitudes, thoughts, behavior and the tenacity with which you must do this even when you feel down, no one talks too much about. Eventually they say, that is an unlearned lesson as if you were in school where if you do not get passing grade, you will be able to do the exam next time. Not so, there is no more test on this planet for those who remain repeaters. There were plenty of opportunities to pass the exam and unfortunately for the planet Earth, you have not before. The consequence of humans' refusal to learn the minimum necessary for harmonious coexistence in the creation will cost them repeating the lessons but in more difficult conditions on the other planets available in this sense.

There is no a divine plan to save the spiritual sloths, those who are refusing to consider OUR warnings. The divine plan involves the participation of all the humans on Earth to release the darkness, each at their place. All that makes a human being during the day can contribute to the release of darkness. All that is needed is to want to do this. To leave the comfort and even pleasurable states to follow the path of truth.

What WE pass here is not judgement, is what WE have found along the many thousands of years of experiment on this planet. Changes are already taking place wherever you turn your head, and there are unusual, different than what you used to in recent years. All these changes should give you food for thought and ask yourself the question: What if it's true? But if they are the last days when can we still do something?

Every choice you make different from your routine causes a chain reaction, like dominoes. It touches everyone around you and beyond, it multipliesexponentially. Do you realize what it means to make such choices every day? But if you do this several times a day? No, you can not appreciate the effectsof such choices and all their implications on your society.
Make the right choice with your heart and your life will change.

CALIEFAH and Aristenna from the Spiritual Hierarchy' Council of Light