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spirituality, earth changes and the prestige
Spirituality, Earth Changes and the Prestige

Peter Farley

Comprehending Spirituality with the mind is like trying to get your shovel to dig a hole without you putting in the muscle-work. Imagine Neo trying to tell any of those people held fixedly inside the Matrix what it was like in the `real world.' Laughed at, criticized, derided, spat on or crucified is what would happen, or worse still all those believers in the Matrix would (and do) turn into a Mr. Smith in an attempt to rid the Matrix of this virus called reality.

Since Spirit speaks in metaphors the movies make a very good way of getting across spiritual messages to the unawakened consciousness. Unfortunately, so rarely does this attempt turn into any visible action of the unawakened's part.

The Prestige is a 2006 mystery film starring Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale and Michael Caine about rival stage magicians in London at the end of the 19th century. Obsessed with creating the best stage illusion, they engage in competitive one-upmanship with tragic results.

The film describes every magic trick as having a three-act structure which consists of the pledge, the turn, and the prestige. The pledge is "a magician shows you something ordinary." The turn is that he makes it seem to do something extraordinary, disappear, levitate, transform etc. The prestige ("…the hardest part...") is the payoff, the reward of the trick for the audience. In a trick like sawing a woman in half, the prestige is reconnecting her. In the central trick of the film, the prestige is when someone appears across the stage or theater having previously disappeared.

The Morning of the Magicians has never been made into a movie but is a landmark book by Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier released in 1960 about the occult origins of the New World Order. The book covers a wide variety of Forteana, mysticism and conspiracies such as secret societies, ancient prophesies, alchemical transmutation, a giant race that once ruled the Earth, the occult origins of the Nazis and of the New Age teachings.

Magic and slight-of-hand are at the core of the darkside's manipulation of humanity and the other races that inhabit the physical bodies we call human. It is distraction of people's attention from what's really going on by presenting them with two sides at odds with each other to keep people occupied with trivia while the true third agenda is fulfilled. Hence we have the two party system that is nothing more than a distraction for those who don't understand Don Corleone's observation that "Crime and Politics, their one and the same thing." The ultimate Third Way agenda is a one world government, one that institutes the chaos from which they can then impose their idea of Order. This is what we now see going on around us, the Chaos being created from which can then be imposed the Order - Novus Ordo Seclorum. This is what the economic debate this past week on debt ceilings has all been, a grand show to keep the dull and ignorant minds busy so that they won't realize any of the connections.

As Robert Reich so rightly points out, in the downgrading of U.S. debt that will only really affect the poor, "Standard &Poor's intrusion into American politics is ironic because . . . much of our current debt is directly or indirectly due to S&P's failures (along with the failures of the two other major credit-rating agencies - Fitch and Moody's) to do their jobs before the financial meltdown. Until the very eve of the collapse S&P gave triple-A ratings to some of the Street's riskiest packages of mortgage-backed securities and collateralized debt obligations.

"Had S&P done its job and warned investors how much risk Wall Street was taking on, the housing and debt bubbles wouldn't have become so large – and their bursts wouldn't have brought down much of the economy. You and I and other taxpayers wouldn't have had to bail out Wall Street; millions of Americans would now be working now instead of collecting unemployment insurance; the government wouldn't have had to inject the economy with a massive stimulus to save millions of other jobs; and far more tax revenue would now be pouring into the Treasury from individuals and businesses doing better than they are now. . ."

When you know the history of banking and its ties with the Knights Templar and the Freemasons, you know who is at the reigns of world finance and how and why they so want to manipulate this field, particularly at the time when their entire Great Plan for the total conquest of planet Earth was about to come to fruition. When even the NPR special on the economic meltdown squarely lays the blame at the feet of Alan Greenspan, Chairman of the Federal Reserve of the United States from 1987 to 2006, and you know that Greenspan is one of the five heads of the New World Order off-world, then you start putting together the pieces. When you know that Andrea Mitchell, American television journalist, anchor, reporter, and commentator for NBC News based in Washington, D.C. and NBC News Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent is his wife, do you wonder now if there's a conflict of interest? Do you now begin to understand why you and yours don't stand a chance against the family bed that is the military, industrial, economic, political and educational complex that Dwight D. Eisenhower tried to warn us all about?

It's all about homework folks, and homework is something people won't do.

Peter Farley - Part 2
It's all about homework folks, and homework is something people just won't do because the Matrix has them all entertained and looking after their own self-interests.
You know I've never heard one of the Masters or any of the Spiritual Hierarchy use the term `Lightworker'. Of course I've never heard any of THEM use the words `indigo children' or so many of the other New Age catch-phrases that are meant to make people feel special even when they've done nothing to earn it. I am simply a puddle on the floor whenever Guidance has me try to communicate how much people are loved. Even the poorest, the least in Spirit, the darkside itself, is loved beyond comprehension. Lucifer was simply the `original prodigal son' and the love that was shown to him in Creation has even got him in for healing. None of us have not been there - done that in terms of being and acting out of self-will, for rampant self-will is the darkness that has driven one soul to want to dominate another.
And now it's time for all this to come to an end. No, the planet is safe even if going through drastic changes, but are you?
While the government and NWO businesses have quietly been moving their offices out of Washington, D.C. and other coastal cities, particularly the CIA to Denver, in preparation for and having an understanding of what's about to occur, the public is being fed a manufactured fist-fight on Capitol Hill that apparently will steal from them every last hope of living the American Dream, an illusion that's always only been for the elite few.
A new Justin Timberlake movie coming out soon called In Time ( describes just such a scenario in which the rich get richer, live longer, happier lives while the poor struggle to exist and children die young from preventable environmental diseases. The Great Awakening (for that is what Armageddon translated means) of the lie we've all been living is slowly beginning to sink in even to the most blind and everywhere I look I see the one-eyed man leading the blind - those who think they know something but don't in fact know anything, only pretend they do. You can see these people in any group, the prolific posters of meaningless news items, the big mouths who criticize everything without any justifiable reason, the people who like the assholes we all have, have only opinions formed from propaganda and superficial media input. For most people the great awakening is coming too late to be of any meaningful use. In the recent version of War of the Worlds you see these people grabbing their things and trying to kill each other for what the other person has. They have not woken to the lie early enough to prepare or have been too lazy to get off their butts and actually do anything to survive what's already here, so they try and steal the Light from others. Many of these are the Lightworkers who haven't even done any `light' work let alone the heavy work of fighting entrenched darkness. For their lack of effort they will lose their `higher' status because they've been so easily sucked in to believing life is all about karma and about raising their own awareness instead of about the very simple understanding that Gandhi shared, that "the best way to find one's self is to lose one's self in service to others."

Spirituality, Earth Changes and the Prestige
Peter Farley - Part 3

Today while writing e-mails back and forth with a friend in Australia who translates the works of Nostradmus, I happened to send her an old Australian rock song from the 70s. Mind didn’t tell me to do nor was there any reason. Her reply was immediate:

“I do not know how you did it -
I am not really into the "soulmate" thing
When I was 46 and this man was 48 we were inseparable - travelled a lot
(especially around Jindabyne)
One night while were driving along he said,
“Now I want you to be quiet,” He turned up the radio and a dedication came on, a dedication to me from him - EAGLE ROCK (the song I had just sent here)

It’s kind of like the woman I had in the healing room who as the session completed Guidance had me say to her, “You need to listen to Mantovani – particularly Moon River.” Of course this turned out to be her favorite song from childhood. You can’t explain spirituality or following the flow of Spirit with mind, but every day people try and tell me I’m wrong because ‘their mind says different.’ If people would only do their homework, as I did in writing 9 volumes on the history of Creation, religion and the darkside, they’d quickly come to realize, even over their lifetimes of indoctrination, that ALL religions on the planet are alien/darkside control mechanisms. I should know, not only from putting the pieces together to show the puzzle pic in the books but also because I know my part in helping create some of those religions – as so many of us have. Who better to help undo all these things than those of us who assisted in their creation?

The earth changes are not something coming, they’re already here. The planet has shifted on its axis and still has a long, but very sudden, way to go. The stars are different. The sun comes up in different places for those who are used to watching. Volcanoes are activating all over the planet. Earthquakes so powerful they actually shift the planet in its orbit are more frequent and about to become more intense and even more destructive. It’s hot where it used to be cold. It’s cold where it used to be hot. It’s wet where once it was dry, dry where once it was wet, and what excuse does the government feed its people? Climate change because you sprayed too much antiperspirant under your pits yesterday or because you drove down to the store to get another pack of cigarettes. Isn’t it funny how they always lay the blame on the little guy when the space-shuttle launch drops more ozone depleting chemicals in the upper atmosphere in one hour than everything the population of the Australia did in one year? Funny how it’s always the poor who suffer when the rich get greedy and want to be richer. But of course we shouldn’t focus on the negative (a common expression heard in New Age circles) of ‘Jesus loves us’ so focus on him (heard in rampant Christian circles). Of course if we’d all got off our asses a long time ago and worked on changing things instead of living this hedonistic lifestyle and hoping someone else would do it for us, then something might have been done. We are the cavalry we’ve been waiting for, and damn if it ain’t going to be another Custer massacre.

I’ve seen the spiritual groups sitting around in “d..k sucking circles” stroking each other’s great spiritualness. I’ve seen how in spiritual groups people focus on the pictures of the little kittens instead of the articles that deal with some element of true spirituality or what’s going on. I remember when I had a mailing list of more than 800 people whereas now it’s only a few hundred. Guidance has had me kick out more people from my own group than have left on their own mainly because Guidance has detected, rightfully so, that these people aren’t going to do anything. Oh, and how angry they get if you call them ‘useless’ - they’re ‘Lightworkers’ and ‘spiritual people’, even if they don’t contribute in any way shape or form. Well tough sh*t baby, this is the new paradigm and if you can’t fit into ‘it takes a village’ then you’re not going to survive anyway. Spirit is very exacting, even if spiritual groups and religious people don’t admit to it being so. You get what you earn, not by sitting around reading e-mail all day long or ‘spiritual articles’ on the Net. No you get it by being out there assisting others who just need a lending hand to make it over the top. No child left behind may make it on the battlefield, though usually it just gets more people killed, but it doesn’t work in the spiritual worlds because Spirit is more honest with us than we are with ourselves.

You’re loved no matter what your choices are, but if you’re a useless so-and-so then don’t bother packing your bags for ascension, you’re not going . . . simple as that . . . no matter what your alien God tells you. You’re headed off to another Matrix to keep learning these boring old 3D lessons that you thought you had mastered so many lifetimes ago. Yes, you’ve got eternity to learn your lessons, but how many times can you repeat the third grade without it getting boring?

And that’s where the prestige comes in. After all the game-playing , after all the curtains have been lifted and the Wizard exposed for what you never thought he was, then reality will come briskly walking into your life and slap you upside the head . . and very, very soon.

In service, Peter

Peter R. Farley