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standing on the edge watching the lemmings flow
I'm standing on the edge of a precipice watching the lemmings in rank and file as they march one by one over the cliff. Guidance has suggested there weren't many people left who would listen or who could be helped but THEY have me out here standing in the rain beating my head against a wall anyway. And the more I beat my head against the wall with people out there the more THEY Have me write, the more THEY have me put myself further and further out over the precipice in case just one lemming turns around and says, "Wait! What's that he's saying?"

"Hey! You! Lemming! That's not the way! You don't have to follow the others, you can be an original. You can be spiritual in the way beings from other places are. You ARE special, each and every one of you but only if you stand up and grasp hold of that special uniqueness that is you. Don't follow me! but don't follow them either! You have your own way! You have your own Guidance! You have your own personal special mission but it requires you to get up off that couch, get away from in front of that computer screen, climb out of that box you've been put inside and see the glory of a Creation all around you that is about to SHIFT and make something wonderful. Arthur C. Clarke tried to tell you that all those years ago as you sat mesmerized in front of 2001: A Space Odyssey and 2010: The Year We Make Contact. He tried to tell you you were worshiping alien gods in his 2030 but you didn't listen.

Now as the world is falling down around your ears and everything you ever knew is changing, don't those memories come resounding back into your mind to remind you you've been lazy in following your own path, in laying your own track, in being the bold and adventurous Spirit that shall see God?

No one wants to be the one out there casting pearls before swine, and yes there are many swine out there . . most of them having reptilian tails. But lemmings have a special quality which allows them like Orion shapeshifters, to be anything they want if they just listen and then DO.

Guidance is having me delete everyone from my existence who has not gotten up and done anything with all the reading they've been given. Fans and family and group members of mine who have been around for sometimes 10 years but still have not moved an inch rather than backwards in their spiritual pursuit of something better and more believable than what they had been given at birth. In the past few days since I was told by Guidance that after Sept. 20 I would not be doing this area of my work anymore many people have raised their hands but none have done anything to prepare themselves more for what is to come. People want to join the group that will soon be closing saying this is the time they have been waiting for. And Guidance rejects them saying, 'what a lazy Lightworker you have been, sitting waiting to save your own ass when what you came here to do was to help save others.'

We've all been duped but those who weren't terribly terribly lazy managed to realize that fact in time to be saved for something better, something more productive than saving a physical body and an over-worked Mind that would soon be dust anyway. It's always been there. Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs ('s_hierarchy_of_needs ) that tells a person you HAVE to work from the top down, not from the bottom up. Even the Bible got that part right. "Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and all else will be added unto you.' What's so difficult to understand about that? The meek and the greedy shall inherit the Earth (not this one but another 3D holding Matrix where they can repeat the 3rd grade until they wise up) - but only the bold and adventurous shall see God. Grow a pair and get out of the line and say goodbye to your lemming friends whose only purpose and interest is to keep you and any others seeking to escape, in line.

Go to your window, open it, and stick your head out and yell to the skies and your neighborhood lemmings, "I'M NOT A LEMMING AND I'M NOT GOING TO BE A LEMMING ANY MORE! I AM ME! And I CHOOSE TO BE WHATEVER I WANT TO BE! and then grow a pair and go out and 'just be' for that is what a human being means, just be.

In service, Peter