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stargates, critters and defeats‏
The problem with living moment-to-moment, even after so long, is that
human curiosity always wants to know what's coming anyway.

Last week amongst the channelings on earth changes Guidance also
mentioned that something 'was due Sunday'(this past Sunday).
Unfortunately They never say much more so you're always left with a
nagging wondering of what might it be. On Saturday both Sue Ann and I
felt our stomachs very disturbed and an overwhelming feeling of
something impending, and then of course come Sunday nothing big
happened 'physically' , even though I know a lot of us are ready for the
bigger physical things to begin and 'let's get on with this'.

Come Monday in following up with Guidance on what Sunday was all about
the first thing I was told was that 'it was a great defeat for the
darkside.' Well, okay, that's nice, but what?

Being the second anniversary of my 'physical death' in Colorado Springs
two years ago (Dec. 7th) while doing work there, I thought at first it
may have had something to do with managing to survive after that and
come down the long road of the past two years getting as much
accomplished as we have and regaining some semblance of physical health
and well-being, thanks very much, in part, to Sue Ann.

Nice, and yes, a small part of what was going on Sunday, but something
even bigger, well at least tied in to all those events as well? What
happened Sunday it turns out was that the ascending planet passed
through another one of the stargates along her ascension process.

Now this may seem a little ho-hum, but for a planet that even just a
few years had no chance of even ascending, it really is something
unbelievably big.

Back on June 19, 2007, a posting in the group said,"The planet will go
through rapid changes as she ascends through the various dimensional
stargates. One of the first will be the shedding of the false matrix.
It is already severely weakened and will soon fall completely away.
This includes anything that has been set up by the darkside."

Now I don't claim to be any expert on stargates, but as Guidance
explains it to me using as an example the filtration process for the
water we buy as refill at some local stores, there are stages of the
filtration of the planet's vibration, and between each stage is a
doorway allowing the water to pass from one stage to the next. (For
those New Agers no it doesn't all happen Dec 24th, 2012).
These 'doorways' are equivalent to the stargates the planet passes
through in its refining process to enter fully into its 'final' resting
place wholly and comfortably balanced in its vibration within the 5th
dimension. So there are many stargates and after each one the planet is
being 'filtered' at a finer level to get rid of the pollution and those
not ready for the finer vibration of the next level of the ascension

Right now that may not seem a lot to you since you are still here *S
but the difference for me is a wonder. You see much of the time over
the past two years , particularly with such a weakened state of health,
my energy field has constantly been under attack to the point where for
weeks at a time and a large percentage of this time I have not even
been able to open the front door, let alone step outside. Trips to
town, etc., have been infrequent and always full of 'critter attacks'.
For a while making the move back to New Mexico it took a while for 'the
other side' to find me again, and so there was some relative freedom
for a while though over the past month again it has been rare for me
even to be able to go outside without picking up something nasty in the
way of critters.

It may seem like paranoia too, but the chemtrails, normally bad over
the city, have been like fog over our house here for the past month as
well as if that aspect of the darkside had also finally located us. In
fact the chemtrails, as many of you have commented to me, seem worse
over the past month in many places as the darkside makes one final
attempt to keep as many people from ascension as possible.

The end result of transversing this new stargate, at least for me, is
that all of a sudden I can go get some firewood, walk around the yard,
do things outside without having to spend enormous amounts of time
getting rid of the critters waiting for me outside. You see the new
vibration of this level of filtration seems, Guidance confirms, to
have 'done away' with many of the lower-level critters that have been
the bane of my existence for so long. No, not all the critters are
gone, particularly the newer hybrid one that is so very nasty. But for
now I can breathe a little easier, feel a little less like being in
solitary confinement, and look forward once again to further stargates,
further refining of the planet's vibration, and eventually, hopefully,
the freedom of no darkside left at all on this the most beautiful
planet in Creation.

With Love, in service, Peter

Re: [4truthseekers] Stargates, Critters and Defeats
Ciao Peter,

what you write here resonates exactly with whatís happening to me and many people here in Italy,
even if on different levels of consciuosness. We are all having episode of nausea, stomach problems
and breathing issues on a physical level. On a more profound basis, I am/we are experiencing
overwhelming energy from inside that needs to burst out, discomfort with the environment and
feeling of being not able to face everything.

The sensation is that we are on the verge of something big to happen, not necessarily good. Itís the same feeling I had years ago some days before Indonesian tsunami, body knows better than mind.

We are living very hard times here in Italy now and they will unfortunately last long, with people loosing job from a day to another, not having other places to go. I have been ďsparedĒ for the moment, my job seems to be assured for another year, but when I look around and see my colleagues the question which emeges is more and more often:
What the hell am I doing here? and feel a strong need to escape and get rid of the poison I'm invaded from.

Dreams are so vivid, and tell of lots of people gathering together, menacing dark individuals, explosions coming, waters rising. But also old friends trying to get in touch and journeys which have to be done.

Every night I go to sleep asking Guidance to show me which action I can take to be of service, because I feel (more than know) that I have some kind of help to give, but still receive only symbolic messages. Hopefully Iíll be in the right place at the right moment.

Maybe itís the fear for remaining behind once again, but I had to share this moment with you.

Thank you all for being here.