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staying connected
Like those television commercials for phone companies, it takes a
good (net)work to maintain a strong connection. Many people are able
to connect with a higher level of Guidance initially but then allow
other things including complacency to get in the way and bring that
message down to a lower level not worthy of where those people are at
spiritually. It\'s a subject dealt with in the lessons on channeling
but, like everything else, needs reiterating, especially when
there\'s \'something in the air\' like there is seemingly today.

Success once or twice means nothing in the long run if one does not
apply themselves and make the commitment to work with the process and
keep it up daily so that the \'spiritual muscles\' strengthen and the
connection becomes stronger and more secure. The New Age and other
religious backgrounds do not prepare us for commiting ourselves to
the hard spiritual work it takes to keep our connection under all the
adverse conditions planet Earth has to offer. Most people are
spiritually lazy, not a judgement just an obvious fact of life and a
fact many Guidance\'s have confirmed that so few people ever attempt
let alone complete their spiritual missions here on the planet.

Applying ourselves to get that true spiritual connection we often say
we want, and that we need in order to rise to the higher levels of
awareness, is not something our culture, our education sytem or
society prepare us for. It has to come from something deep down
inside us that says \'This is what existence is all about, why not go
for broke now instead of waiting for another lifetime when I\'m just
as likely to not do it then either?\' And few souls have that kind of
drive to not let up until they get somewhere real in terms of
spiritual goals.

Ask yourself, \"What are my spiritual goals?\" Write them down. I can\'t
tell you how many people say they want the highest or want to serve
the highest but at the first slap in the face of their egos they turn
tail and run. Or worse still they find out that serving the Highest
takes self-sacrifice and hard, hard work and being out of synch with
all those around them. If becoming a Master were that easy then there
would be a lot more around. It\'s a paradox how easy it is to become
a Master, but the actual doing and maintaining the level of a Master
means hard, hard work.

Okay, so you channeled well once or twice, now what? Have you
committed the time to doing it every day? Have you given it the
importance it deserves in your life so that you set aside a time and
place where you won\'t be interrupted or have all the outside world
interfere (at least initially)? Or are you lazy and let the
connection slip, do not practise the moment-to-moment Guidance, and
let anyone or anything channel through you just so you can say you
did it and that\'s that?

Without the willingness to surrender your time and service and Will
to that something Higher for the benefit of all, aren\'t you just
fooling yourself? Until you can surrender once for all time it means
you have to get up each and every morning and surrender all over
again for that day and then the next and the next and the next and
every day after that. And doing a half-assed channeling is not giving
your Guidance, Spirit nor yourself the respect They, your spiritual
life, and yourself deserve and are entitled to. Sh*t or get off the
pot, for half-assed is not going to cut it with what is to come, and
those you came here to serve deserve better. As Guidance said to me
early on, \"Peter, We\'ve always got someone else to do the work, but
you\'re the one who won\'t have the fun and the adventure.\" And it\'s us
who won\'t grow spiritually and become that grand and wonderful
spiritual Being we all have the great potential to be, if we can only
surrender and then just do.
In service, Peter