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stop focusing on the mundane
dear ones,
stop focusing on the mundane before it is too late and everything is
taken away from you and others dont be so blind it is time it is
crucial you must wake up and develop discipline you are young but you
must put this aside in order to accomplish what you came here to do
things cannot be just fun and games for you remeber you are not like
most others your own age if you want to do this we are here and
willing to guide wherever you need to go state your intent it is the
most important thing and follow that up with strong actions you must
not break much is depending on you and it is today and not tomorrow
that this needs to be done we are not disappointed in you for that is
not our nature but you must try harder. dont focus on money or
situations right now, everything you need to survive will come to you
just focus on your higher responsibiity whcih is to serve it has
always been so and will always be so . .