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Stop Talking and Start Doing
I want to serve. . .


· I donīt want to suffer or be in any type of danger.

· I donīt want to have to sacrifice any of my comforts to do it.

· I want everyone to love and recognize me for doing this service.

· I donīt want to have to actually do anything īout thereī, outside my mind where my ego reigns supreme.

· I donīt want my family to know, or for it to affect them in any way.

· I donīt want to have to spend any money doing this service UNLESS it brings money back to me greater than I spend.

· I donīt want to be known to the authorities as a īrebelī or make them think Iīm not happy in their Matrix way of life.

· I want to keep collecting information with which I can fool myself into thinking Iīm GOING to do something someday . . . when I know everything.

· And oh yes, I donīt want my religious friends and others to think Iīm any kind of weirdo or anything like that.

But I do want to serve.

Sound familiar? If itīs not you right now then it has been somewhere in the not too distant past. Correct? I hear at least one or two of these attitudes everyday in e-mails from people wanting to know their missions etc.

Advertisers are the ones with their fingers on the pulse of society perhaps greater than any other group because of course they have a foundation in and many uses for the propaganda machine that runs this and every other country. If you take a look, so many of the waking dream cards are based on advertisements because copywriters know how to get across a timely message succinctly. Nikeīs īJust Do Itī was a motto that I had to adopt very early on just to keep going, because, as you find if you stay connected to Guidance during this time, They will ask you to do things you donīt necessarily want to do or things you may not understand the reason for at the time. Itīs part of the testing of faith and trust in your Guidance and releasing your own need to control everything by knowing its outcome before you do it. Simply said, itīs learning/being led to live in the HERE and NOW. The only time and place there really ever is. So many of us spend our lives living in the time and place of NEVERWAS and NEEVERWILLBE, like that place called security for life (small laugh).

The most evident īslap in the faceī spiritual message/waking dream on the television set right now is IBMīs STOP TALKING and START DOING. One lady is always sharing with me her epiphanies of how Spirit works in her life, but for the time Iīve known her there is very little incidence of where the īrubber meets the roadī, especially since her Guidance asked her to do some big things and when this became too much of a challenge for her then she ījustifiedī her service in doing exactly what she had been doing all along. Nothing really changed for her except, as often it needs to in all of us, her attitude to why she did it. As RAJ has said through a number of peopleīs channelings and in my writings, this is a time when so few are truly serving anyone can step up to a higher level of service and accompanying Guidance and rewards. I think They had me write it in one of my first articles, this is where we win our spiritual medals in the here and now by what we DO not by what we think or what we say, except in the purposes of education and awakening others.

So, stop thinking and start doing, for this time, this opportunity will never come again . . .

In service, Peter