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stranger in a strange land 2
Peter - While working on Joe the other night long distance, the
strangeness of his energy form and situation made me challenge him to
get some answers from Guidance as to who he was and what he was doing
here. Here is what he got:

This is a strange channel even for me. This happened @10:15 est
It appears to be from two different groups

Dear One,

LEGIAR is the name of your home planet. You are here to observe what
goes on earth. We asked you to turn off your computer because you are
easily distracted. Your mission here is merely as a watcher or
observer, that is your mission on this planet, just to watch. You race
of people is very warlike and you are looking to learn of conflict
resolution so when you return you will be able to help your planet
evolve. Although you have nothing to offer in ascension your mission is
important to you and your home world. We would like to say something
other then that but your race is not involved in this corner of the
super universe and you have not contributed to the chaos and settling of
this planet. So little is expected of you but your efforts are certainly
welcome and you may contribute to the eventual outcome without penalty
to you or your race. Peter was truthful is saying you are different and
he has not seen any of your type in this lifetime, so please do not feel
he was not helpful to you. He is doing what We ask of him and correct in
telling you to connect with Us. We ask you to send this to him so he
hears from you of your history and knows you still have good intentions
to ascension and the planet at this time/space of the super universe. We
invite you to keep in contact with Us and and join in the ascension process.
All persons of love are welcome. We do not have much more to offer you
at this time except to say you truly do not belong here but are welcome
to stay.

Aristenna and the Spiritual Council.

Dear One,
We suggest you use an ear plug when channeling. Your hearing is
different and your concentration is diffused at this end of the
time/space dimension which is why it is so hard for you to have any communication. Your auditory system is dramatically different which should help you understand why you only need one ear and you have accomplished so much
in the way of sound. Your other ear is more of a sensory input than a
hearing device. If you wish we can help to activate it for you. Earlier
when you asked Peter if he or someone from his group did any work on you
it was actually spirit from your home planet assisting you. Your
emotional state is severely stressed at this end of time/space and it
is very difficult for you to function here, which is why we say you do
not belong this far away from your home system. You are very much naked and
alone so far away you can barely feel any energetic connection which is
why your functional level is so low, almost critical in some ways. But
every once in a while your kind travels this far to learn. We admire
your effort but it is suicidal for your species to do this. We applaud
your efforts, offer a welcome and Our support to your learning

The Council of Nine

Well Peter there you have it. It does not sound believable to me. It
feels right but not believable.

If there is any way you can verify this I would appreciate it, or if you
can access any other information, please pass it along to me

My best to you

Peter: Joe´s channelings are, of course, correct. Although I have not
seen his type of ´alien energy form´ before, trust me I can tell you
stories of some of the weird (to us) beings I have seen or worked with.
I have also been or worked with A LOT of beings here to watch the
ascension process and what goes on here on planet Earth in order to
share it with their home planets, even some, as described in some
articles, that had transmitters and even TV-style cameras implanted
behind their eyes so that their home planet could monitor what wa sgoing
on with them and what they themselves were seeing. trust me, the
physical life you see going on around you ona d aily basis is only 5
percent or less of what life can and is truly like.

BW, Peter