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Strangers in a Strange Land?Alien-Nation # 2
Strangers in a Strange Land?Alien-Nation # 2
by Peter Farley

The ?gift of seeing? is not simply a matter of one day not being able to see and then the next day waking up and seeing. Famed psychic, John Edwards, appeared on The Larry King Live television show recently to explain the various processes involved with ?seeing? into what other people would call ?the other side.? So too has it been a journey of discovery and a gradual unfoldment of the seeing process for myself.

Before proceeding with this subject, however, it must first be explained that (as many people will attest) that beyond the ?gift of seeing? comes the ?art of knowing.? When one learns to trust ones inner guidance beyond all shadow of a doubt, or has simply surrendered their will to the Higher Will, then ?seeing? becomes ?knowing? in more instances than not.

The higher dimensional ?gift of seeing?, as Edwards agrees, is combined with and also dependent upon ?hearing? at a higher dimensional level as well. Both are dependent upon an understanding of the spiritual language of metaphors. What a spiritual ?seer? often is shown is a metaphorical image?a picture which in fact represents a thousand words.

The reason for the pain in a man?s back the other day which had avoided all cures by every conventional alternative healing method was ?shown? to my co-worker, Susan, as an image of a bobsled. To me this then triggered the word ?Rosebud?, from the movie Citizen Kane where these were the aging patriarch?s last words before dying, a remembrance of a time long ago when he was happy and simple with his bobsled. Having just passed in my travels the Rosebud Indian reservation in North Dakota and nearby the site of Custer?s massacre at the Little Big Horn, a vision of this man as a scout for the infamous general and his troops arose in my inner vision like I was watching the scene through a fish-eye camera lens. The words and images had acted like a set of keys to unlock those specific events both in time and in this man?s own dimensional grid.

The cause for the man?s long-held back pain then became clear, it was a large Indian war lance still there in this man?s energy field from that past lifetime which had staked this man to the ground causing him not to die instantly, but to suffer a rather slow death watching those around him be slaughtered. The words which came through to aid the man in ?letting go? of this lesson from the past were, ?You need to return to Rosebud and to the site of Custer?s massacre, and there you need to shed the tears never cried for all those who died on that day.?

Like my own experience of a few years back where I too had needed to resolve the past life lessons of forgiveness as an Anasazi shaman (see Anasazi: A Lesson in Forgiveness at my website), this man too had unresolved issues of guilt and sadness relating to the fact that his spirit felt it had betrayed his own kind by leading Custer against them.

The removal of the lance?s energy skewering his energetic field was only the first step to his healing. The tears Susan saw him crying in her dream state also helped wash away the past and allowed this man to wake without the pain, to begin a new life, a new day, without the deep-seated guilt and feelings of remorse that had for so long held him back from his true purpose here in this very important lifetime.

With every new client, with every new experience in fulfilling my own particular mission here on the planet at this time, comes a greater clarity of ?seeing? and of understanding what it is that I am seeing; also how it fits into the bigger picture I am trying to present to the world through the articles and books I write and through the talks I give. Even though my book Where Were You Before The Tree of Life? is four volumes, there is still so much more to the complex nature of the situation in which we are currently living here on Planet Earth.

The first thought which came to mind when beginning this particular series of articles was ?Stranger in a Strange Land.? For so many people, Robert A. Heinlein?s 1961 cult-classic novel was an expression of their innermost feelings at being thrust down here on Earth with no relevance or understanding of their place in what they saw going on around them. It struck close to home too as my own spiritual ?gifts? have opened up and been put into use. In Heinlein?s novel, an earthling, born and educated on Mars, arrives on our planet with superhuman powers and a total ignorance of the mores of men. Treated as a freak, a media commodity, a scam artist, a searcher, a sexual pioneer, and finally as a martyr and a messiah, the hero?s struggle to come to grips with his ?strangeness in a strange land? resonated with all the Lightworkers being born as part of the post-war babyboom.

This theme was also reprised in the movie of a decade or so ago, Phenomenon, starring John Travolta. In it, a slow-witted country mechanic is ?gifted? with extraordinary presence of mind that allows him to remarkable feats, but which eventually only leads to his own excommunication from normal society and to be seen as a threat to the status quo and to the inherent powers-that-be.

So to do so many people I work with see themselves and their spiritual ?gifts? as a curse that sets them aside from the world around them, making them feel like strangers in a strange land. Particularly do they feel most out of place when they try to fit their higher dimensional understandings of life as it should be, here into a 3rd-dimensional life in the illusory Matrix in place of planet Earth. Lightworkers sent here to be of service were never supposed to have bought into and invested themselves so heavily into believing in this illusory Matrix. This has been the difficulty with getting them triggered, awake, and up and running on their own particular missions?they have bought themselves into what can only be termed the great lie. The greatest lie of all is the one they have spent the most time trying to figure out?how to fit their ?round-peg? idea of an all-powerful yet all-loving Creator Being who does not judge us and who cannot even see darkness because IT is so much infinite Light and Sound, into the ?square-peg? of religion where everything mankind does is wrong and where we are all eternally separated from All That Is.

The understanding of who they are and what they are here to do is, perhaps, the greatest tool for healing that we can give to people lost in a lost world, and especially to those Lightworkers who are our particular mission in helping them to awaken. To let them know that it is exactly those things which have set them apart which are their greatest strengths and the gifts they brought along to share with the planet, changes their focus away from the ?me? and into what it always should be, the ?we.?

Understanding that EVERYTHING in the Matrix is a lie, helps one stop going crazy trying to justify this part or that part of the Matrix as being true while everything else around it seems to be so much a lie. The whole barrel is rotten. There is no system here to be fixed, but only a system that will in the natural course of things be destroyed as it once was in Atlantis, offering up a new opportunity to rebuild life anew?the coming planetary ascension process.

To aid people to an understanding that they are heart-oriented Pleiadeans, mind-oriented Sirians or Orions, rebel leaders, star-childs, star warriors, reptilians, or one of the countless other kinds of Being existing here currently on the planet to help it resolve its karmic imbalances, is to allow them the freedom to be who they are and have always known they were at the deepest core levels of their Being. To share with them and assist them in understanding that as well as being interdimensional, inter-planetary Beings here on a mission, that they are also individual sparks of a divine Creator, free to rise above their most recent planetary dimensional affiliations and limitations, is to also give them a vision of their own potential present and future progress in the never-ending evolution of Soul, and of Creation in and of Itself.

The following was sent to me by the head of Irish UFOlogy,
In a letter from this entity in Utah, J.R., he writes about something and I?d like to ask if this information is true. He writes: ?You most likely have heard of the Mormon Church, LDS, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, here in Utah, of which they control the total state in all fields and phases of human endeavors. They have built temples in 100 countries. The missionaries in all these countries, including the USA work with the CIA. As the missionaries can get into countries where the CIA cannot, they collect information on the people and everything of any and all nature, the country?s government and all their activities. All this world-wide information is shared with the CIA and it is fed into three of the largest computers in the world, church-owned, here in Salt Lake City. This church is one of the most powerful and richest organizations in the world today. It has one of the largest and most secret police forces in the world. I have collected this kind of information for 45 years. The above is not all they are into. A high official of this church was recently kicked out of the church as he got too snoopy and asked too many questions. He came to me a few months ago and told me what happened. He said that his life had been threatened if he told anyone of what he had found out. So he told me that if anything happened to him, to release the information he gave me.

This information concerns a giant cavern beneath Salt Lake City and the Wahsatch mountain range. It goes north to Idaho and south clear down past the Arizona line, with offshoots west into Nevada and east into Colorado. This cavern has been common knowledge for over 120 years. Many cases over the years has appeared in the newspapers of people and groups of people going into the cavern, but never coming out. Several did find their way out, were hopelessly insane. At least that?s what the newspaper said about them.
At present, the Archaeological Dept. of Utah are down in southeastern Utah looking for a certain entrance into this cavern that fellow by the name of John Brewer of Manti, Utah, discovered around 30 years ago. He brought out of the cavern quite a few ancient plates of an unknown language. Some of the plates were gold, some silver, brass copper and clay. He also saw many strange things he won?t talk about, such as what he thought were weapons of crystal. His son was tortured and killed by some unknown person or persons trying to force the secrets out of him. The church wanted the plates in the worst way?they still do. . . Like he told me, ?After all, where on earth would be a better contact point for the aliens than Utah, with thousands of miles of deserts and places not even on the present-day maps. Plus a large and powerful organization with hospitals, schools and universities where aliens could undergo physical changes, educated in our languages and customs, using research labs, some of the best in the United States. A lot of genetic experiments and research is also going on here in different laboratories.
Thousands of children and adults have vanished with out a trace of most of them, here in Utah. The fellow who is giving me this information also mentioned that for years now, the Church has been working on a vault-like repository in the mountains behind Salt Lake (East) part of the upper cavern to put all the church records, secret documents, and other valuables for safe keeping. He said for over a period of time he helped on this detail. Several times he said he spotted several small humanoids with extra-large eyes watching them from a distance. He said there was a lot of building going on in a lower portion of the cavern. He heard motor dynamos, the high whine of generators and voices. All this he said has been going on for over 15 years that he knew of. He said his curiosity got the best of him one day, he slipped away from the work gang he was in and went down to a lower part of the cavern. He came to some buildings with lots of rooms. There was a lot of building and other activity going on. There were many men and women working on work benches with computers, and building electronic units of some kind. Among these workers were more of these small humanoids with big black eyes. When he started back, two security officers caught him and escorted him back to the repository vault, where they reported his actions and wanderings into the off limits area, to his superiors. They in turn put him on a truck and sent him back to town. He was warned to keep his mouth shut about what he saw. They told him what was going on down there was a U.S. government operation and was Top Secret. If he talked about it to any one, he would get 20 years in a Federal prison or worse. He kept asking questions to different members he thought were friends. Someone reported him. In turn he was apostated from the Church, with a death threat. This is the third time in the last 20 years I have heard about this activity from different friends of mine who are members of this church. I didn?t pay too much attention to it until I received the info on ?The Web of Conspiracy? and Dulce, New Mexico which your organization sent out to me. I think its high time to put this info out to the public. Most people are so brainwashed by the church here, and by television, that most people won?t believe any of it anyway. But I believe there are people in this land of ours who will believe. Those are the ones who need all the information of this nature they can receive. At least they will be aware of the existing situation and won?t be so easily trapped. They in turn can help others. If you receive this letter, let me know. Sincerely, J.R.?

It sounds far-out in terms of what a human being normally sees or is presented with. However, like the old cult-movie They Live! where a man wearing certain glasses is able to see ?people? for what they truly are, one of the most affirming aspects of an increased ability to ?see?, is the confirmation of what Zecharia Sitchin, David Icke, myself, and many other authors have been presenting to the world in recent years?that is, that planet Earth is in fact a prison planet, and that those of alien origins who helped make it that way, never left, but are in fact still here as the ruling power elite who have controlled the planet and its knowledge of history for as much as the past 100,000 years.

A recent trip to a resort location in the mountains of Idaho was only further confirmation to me of this fact. There at the posh hotel where the backbone of corporate America and the world come to meet, I found myself surrounded by reptilians and other ?alien-intruders? in humanoid form, accompanied as they were by their human reptilian-wannabe lackeys much as portrayed in another cult TV-series of the early 80s, ?V?. Well-known author, Barbara Clow, says in her work that the mini-series ?V? was actually made by arrogant reptilians to show the world the way things really were. Like the popular movie ?Independence Day?, however, ?V? also portrayed the implausible ending of human beings rising up to overthrow their alien masters, much as if to keep the viewers placated in their mind-numbing state of lethargy.

Here among this heavy concentration of reptilians and sundry other overlords in human form, it was easier to accept the statistic given to me by my guidance that there are as many as 25 million reptilians in human form here in the United States alone?one in ten ?people?. This also helps to make the whole scenario of what is taking place here on planet earth more understandable?the mind control, the ritual child abuse, the abductions, the political maneuvering and posturing, the control of the bankers and the secret societies---everything all of a sudden becomes far more believable especially if one has the ?eyes to see? and the ?ears to hear?.

All the science ?fiction? movies of the past 50 years come flooding back into my consciousness as I more fully understand the ideas that were trying to be conveyed to the general populace through such media, by Higher Spiritual Beings intent on helping us free ourselves of this oppressive yolk of unwanted alien domination. Movies have always been a way to channel high level information to an unsuspecting population and make palatable to them deep spiritual meanings hidden behind simple formulas. Not only are we being invaded by beings from beyond this planet?s realm of commonly recognized experience but we HAVE been invaded and continue to be controlled by those who have always been responsible for creating and manipulating human history to suit there individual agendas. To take this one step further, many of us are aliens here to help defend planet earth from these agendas, and help it birth itself and its population into a new and wonderfully peaceful paradigm in the coming fifth dimensional ascension process.

Furthermore, what I stated earlier in a piece I wrote about the ?alien energy forms? that seemed to be inhabiting the physical and etheric bodies of so many of our clients, has now blossomed into an understanding gifted to us that many people are indeed what our guidance term ?experimental hosts? for these energies.

As you pick yourself up from the floor and continue reading, I understand the realization many of you will have just had relating to some of your own life experiences and health problems which have manifested away from any causitive factors of your own. Many human beings (and the alien ones in human form here to help) have now become experimental hosts for these alien parasitic lifeforms and I and my partner are not alone, nor the first, in discovering and describing this increasing alien presence in our midst.

From ordinary people on my mailing list:
?Peter, joking aside....I trust you...if you realized you were married to a person who was unknowingly linked to the reptilian agenda (educated in a rigorous Kings college in London)....have even seen the weird eye thing....and you had a 2 yr. old offspring of that union...and you had many tools at your side to assist...apart from running......has anything ever been reported to suggest that holding ground and raising ones vibration to unconditional loving ....can shift even a shape shifter??
I ask this from my heart, Mary

?Good Morning Peter, I was very interested in your work with aliens co-habiting physical bodies. I too have been working with this for some time. I was very interested in those who were assisting this planet in its progression, many came into bodies upon agreement with the host. However as you well observed there are a number of aliens who are NOT for the benefit of mankind who are also working within our government and various other organizations. I would be very interested in what you discovered especially any problems that the hosts had after the attachment was severed.?
Thanks, Sharon

?Dear Peter, This is Alishaa....thank you for your emails...I do appreciate it and follow your work. I wanted to share with you a significant insight....Every Wednesday night I give two hour an Art Gallery...I teach body Touch for Health as taught by John Applied Kinesiology. I also help to provide the members with Enriching Gift products of which has the Red Heart Algae...the highest available pure food the market which also has a mineral formula...that is in the minutest tetrahedron form...of super ionic minerals.....It is the fire element that makes our product so awesome and healing. I have most recently noticed there are aliens among us...and it is in our bodies...they are parasites that come through flea bites or any other mosquito bites...or in the food we eat that comes from the supermarket...that is infested with petrochemical preservatives. Parasites are these alien creatures that live off our flesh...and cause more problems in our health than anyone can imagine. One day...I heard a comment that parasites and viruses., do not live in I took 3 - 5 probiotic ....and learned that they make a lot of the swelling of the is absolutely whenever there is an invasion of parasites...I take 3 to 5 probiotics. I also experienced skin rash for months at a time around my waist...which developed into eczema...and as soon as I heard that parasites do not live in oxygen I began taking 3 probiotic for therapeutic dosage...and within 3 days the eczema healed ...which in the past would have taken 5 months of eczema suffering itch. I do believe the overweight in the American population has nothing to do with diet...but with cellular density that happens when we host parasites under our flesh. I have experience people that I work with...change from a size 14 to a size 9 in three days sleeping in my space with about 4 ozone machines going on at the same sister visited me because she was so swollen ( some people call it fat) and had difficulty time sitting and standing cause her knees hurt so much. Since then I have always recognized fat Americans...and not being fat and look at it as parasites....just take probiotic...which is cultured bacteria...made for large intestines but has wonderful oxygenating qualities...and the swelling, or ?pop? belly disappears. I also notice that there are some people who ask the body if they should take the plant enzymes of the probiotic...and the pendulum swings a ?no?....of course!!!! because I also notice that there are human personalities that are controlled by negative energies...which I have observed as being energies that are coming from the parasites in their bodies..Even hybrid not survive with the ozone machines that I use...and there are also humans too that cannot handle the ozone machines...because what the ozone machine does is break the molecules down...of all the man-made chemicals to the basic molecules of God?s hydrogen peroxide...then down to water, oxygen, carbon dioxide .....then I find that Alien entities...that have not been created with love cannot handle the Ozone machine....because their bodies slowly dissipate....and only real humans can handle the energy...

It also dissipates the cysts and tumors which the body creates as ?pearls? when a toxic element enters the human body. I have seen ?gout? slowly pit...and shrink with the use of full spectrum light bulb which I have learned to use for healing of bruises...and injury to the body. Parasites do not like the light of full spectrum of the sunlight......nor oxygen...these two modalities is what I use and teach people how to use for their ailments. When one learns to do this...the body builds a stronger immune system.....
Let me know when you decide to visit much to share ...these are simple solutions and everyone.?
Aloha, Alishaa

None of this is shared in order to create fear nor anxiety nor anything but calm internal resolve to educate and deal with the problem at hand. It is meant to educate and enLighten others to those things which have recently opened up our own eyes to the reality of things as they exist here on planet Earth, here in this galaxy, and at this current stage of the evolution of the Creator and of Creation.

Things have not changed. Things have always been this way?at least for the past 100,000 years or so. It is now just coming to Light because it is time for the Great Healing process which will lead us and the planet into the 5th dimensional new paradigm.

One chapter of my 7-volume work on the New World Order deals with the topic of Adolph Hitler and the Nazis, and how the corporate and political elite of the world supported Hitler?s rise to power, even at a time when the rest of the world was suffering through a worldwide Depression. After researching and writing on this subject, it comes as no surprise to find out that so many Nazi leaders were aliens and/or reptilians of one kind or another, or alien-controlled much like many of our own government and corporate leaders still are today, portrayed so realistically in the X-Files movie, Fight The Future.
*Note: A complete list of the aliens, reptilians and alien-controlled politicians was circulated by me a while ago on the Internet, and is still available upon request.

One point must be made clear again here, however. All aliens, all reptilians, all alien-controlled human beings, are not ?bad? or ?evil? per se. Nor are they all necessarily here to subvert the free will of man. I have already worked with many aliens here in human form who have as their missions to support Mankind in its struggle to be free. Created from starseeds, our alien ancestors are also here to help us save humanity. These people are your local newscaster, your checkout counter lady, your massage therapist, and oh so many other ?normal everyday people? you see around you.

That is the reality of this planet and its Star Wars bar blending of so many galactic species.

Many of these Beings are here to act as liaisons and ambassadors to the ?new? earth planet which is slowly but surely evolving out of the mire. Many are here to better understand man and what it is like to be human (a blending of heart and of mind) so that when that day comes when earth takes its rightful place as part of the 5th dimensional galactic community, the warring universe that this has been for so many eons may find some measure of peacefulness at last.

And especially not all reptilians are ?evil?. This was portrayed even in the mini-series ?V? where there were rebels even among the invaders, those who helped man to overcome their own kind. One particular reptilian in human form that I recently came across in my work has as her specific mission to show humans that all reptilians are not ?bad?. She was honored to have been given such a difficult task to perform. Like some other individual sparks of Soul, she had chosen the most difficult of tasks not only to be of service, but also to drive her own Soul?s progress on to reach its furthest limits of experience.
It is a very gratifying and freeing notion for a Lightworker to understand that they have come here to planet Earth at this particularly difficult time on a very dangerous, yet very necessary and important mission. That mission is to aid planet Earth and its group of 3rd-graders to ascend unhampered into the 5th grade (passing briefly as we are through the 4th grade level of existence).
It is also gratifying to know that among more advanced elements of Soul, you, as the Lightworker that you are, have volunteered to serve in this, Creation?s hour of need. It is freeing beyond belief to also know that, having come from the 5th, 6th, 7th, and even 8th dimensional levels of Being, you should not have to worry about your own ascension process, beyond a simple recognition and acceptance of your choices in what energies to follow as you proceed along with your mission. Lightworkers are here to do exactly that?Work!

They are the tutors, the teachers, the assistants, the leaders, who are here to help the third graders reach the fifth grade. Focus put on your own ascension process is wasted time once your are truly aligned with your purpose and who and what you are. More than that, focus directed this way is often an excuse for being what I call a Light Butt-sitter rather than a Lightworker.

Strangers in a strange land we are. But residents and students of this strange land we have been before. Its lessons we already know if we choose to remember, but that is the danger of the mission we have chosen, for even the Highest of us fall if we forget that we are only here to serve.