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Stupid is as Stupid says
Stupid is as stupid says
by Peter Farley

"There are only two things that are infinite, the universe and human stupidity.
And I'm not sure about the Universe. " Albert Einstein

To paraphrase Forrest Gump's famous words, "My momma always said stupid is as
stupid says." Of course, in the Jesus perfection role model of spirituality
it's not very spiritual to call someone stupid. However, words are very precise,
and when one channels constantly one realizes how precise Guidance will be in
searching for the exact word that means exactly what it is They want to say--not
the closest word, but the exact word.

The dictionary defines stupid as:
Slow to learn or understand; obtuse.
Tending to make poor decisions or careless mistakes.
Marked by a lack of intelligence or care; foolish or careless: a stupid mistake.

Guidance likes the second one best for so many people who write me or deal with
me on spiritual matters tend to make poor decisions or careless mistakes,
usually based on their own laziness to read correctly what has been written or
to take into account my past works. Recently one woman who had been on the
mailing list a little while wrote me this statement and I, with Guidance's
permission, told her her comments we're stupid.

"So, though I like all the ideas and all, unless something really spectacular
occurs, then reading about all of these things may just be a hobby."

She is obviously waiting for the tsunami to wash her off her fence before she
believes or even cares that a change or shift is coming, let alone visible all
around her. This is a very common situation among former-Christians and New
Agers who believe somehow that God is going to take care of everything and all
they need to do is sit at home, play on their computers criticizing others
who--to them-- aren't as smart as they are, and wait for God to come down from
heaven, snap his fingers and everything will be okay. These are the kind of
people who bought into NESARA without even exploring the depth of how controlled
this planet is. These are the 'prison guard-type' people who will do things
against humanity because 'they are just following orders." They have no
self-will. It is not surprising that many New Agers are Pleideans because
Pleiadeans lessons revolve around being too 'mushy-hearted". They do not have
enough balancing will-power or mind-power and that is what they have come to
planet Earth to learn.

The predominant earth lesson is the balance of heart and mind (yin and yang).
Unlike the image portraying this connection, the balance is not 50-50, but
rather it is 2/3 heart to 1/3 mind. Heart without mind is a doormat. Mind
without heart is simply mean. This equation is mirrored in the fact that our
bodies should consume two-thirds alkaline foods to one-third acid foods.

Stupid applies to those who 'tend to make poor decisions or careless mistakes'
and are slow to learn this fact. Stupid is a valid word, not a judgement, just
as 'ignor-ant' means one who ignores the basic facts at hand or what can
obviously be seen.

As the 'kitty litter' gets deeper and deeper as described in the past days
channelings, more and more people are taking the stupid and ignorant approaches
of criticizing those who do rather than just sit. Don't be stupid and ignorant.
Ask your own Guidance what is here and what part in it you have, and then do
that work and you will make it through.

In service, Peter