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sue ann s story of implant removal
Sue Ann's story of implant removal

I want to let all of you know of my experience with this last implant
that was removed yesterday.

This implant was installed by Thoth during our last incarnation
together in Egypt, oh so very long ago. It was in my brain on both
sides of the occipital lobes, running down my spine (stapled in fact)
wrapping around my heart and then down my tailbone and up deep into
my vagina. It was designed to shut me down mentally and emotionally
and connect me to Thoth's darkside agenda. In fact Guidance told
Peter I hadn't been happy since that time!

Thoth told me he didn't want me to love anyone else and that I had
too much information that would hurt the darkside if I defected.
Also this way he could control me until he wanted to remove it
himself. Fortunately for me Thoth came in for Healing so the implant
was still there but its controller and programmer was not. Even
without him controlling it directly, it still had a life of its own.

The effect on me was I was never able to open my heart for very long
before the implant fired out and I would shut my heart down out of
fear. There was an underlying constant sadness and mild anxiety
level. I had a hard time hearing words over sounds and sometimes
English would sound like a foreign language to me. I had chronic
neck and shoulder pain and a painful stop on the left side of my
upper back. After Shasta was worked on I actually experienced some
relief, but the implant fired out again on its own very soon, which
was good as it was time to become aware of it and get it removed.
Thoth told Peter how it was wired in and exactly how to remove as it
had a time bomb attached to it after being removed.

The device was removed Saturday afternoon and this morning my neck,
shoulder and back pain are nearly gone, plus I can finally take a
deep breath without a huge effort. I finally feel free of an
internal binding of my soul that I was barely aware was there. I
don't have that deep sadness and anxiety anymore and I feel I can
handle whatever comes my way now.

I am very grateful to Thoth for helping Peter remove this device and
for Guidance during the process, but I am especially grateful to
Peter who did the actual removal and then processed the toxins
associated with it.

With much love and gratitude,
Sue Ann