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Suggested Movie Watching
To get a more visual idea of what's taking place in this corner of
the Universe with the NWO/the humans and aliens, and for a little
spiritual insight into things and how it is I see what Is ee from
outside the Matrix, the following movies are suggested to add some much needed visuals to the quest for understanding.

A Recommended Movie Viewing

1. Bruce Almighty -- the closest thing to an undersanding self-
will vs Higher Will

2. Alien vs. Predator -- more and more we're coming to understand
validity of this concept.

3. Lord of the Rings Trilogy --doesn't it feel like this is the way
it is, surrounded by all those Orcs and nasties? The Light VS The
Dark in classic battle style?

4. The Matrix Trilogy -- finally seeing the entirety of the Matrix
and wishing everyone could see what I see, and then again wishing I
didn't see it at all.

5. Terminator Trilogy -- the image of the woman and child being
blown away by the nuclear blast haunts me as I have seen a possible
end to this very lifetime the very same way. I have also seen and
even worked on some metallic/biological beings in human form.

6. Star Wars Series --the fate of things still rests with a Princess
Leia, only this Princess doesn't have such noble thoughts. george
Lucas's remembrance of the way things were in a past life 'in a galxy
far, far away."

7. They Live -- The way I see things, only instead of only one
alien type I am able to now see the entirety of the whole star wars
*The ruling elite of the world are aliens in disguise, their aim
being to keep humans in a state of mindless consumerism. Billboards,
store signs, magazine covers--all bear subliminal messages to OBEY,
to CONSUME, to have NO INDEPENDENT THOUGHT. Money itself says THIS
IS YOUR GOD. But worst of all, with these glasses you see which of
us are really hideous, bug-eyed aliens.
Starring: Roddy Piper, Keith David, et al.
Director: John Carpenter 1990

8. Fallen
An example of the way 'critters'(alien energy forms such as Mad Cow
disease's prions)and other negative entities can be spread.

9. The Island of Dr. Moreau
The whole way in which Mankind was once produced by its Annunaki

10. Fifth Element The big Beetle-like aliens and many other
interesting and very real types of galactic being. The idea that
there are certain persons who play pivotal roles in the way things
are going in the Universe.

11. Dreamcatcher
The most realistic version of the 'critters' and how many human
forms are taken over by alien energies of varying types and to
varying degrees. Stephen King is an unlikely but very real prophet.
This is his earlier work "It", only more focussed.

12. 12 Monkeys The idea of some of us coming back from the future
to change the events of this timeline. The use of viruses to wipe
out whole sections of the population.

13. Hellboy -- A day in our lives when dealing with a woman named
Tori written about in Volume 6.

14. Time Machine --Aliens eating humans . . yes, it's been and
still is true. One recent disappearance of a child in Florida my
guidance said
was by the 'bottom feeders' (meaning)?

15. Indiana Jones (first and third) The way we have had to search
for the clues to Mankind's checkered past and the NWO's secrets
hidden amongst it.

16. Andromeda Strain --- The idea of viruses and other nasties
existing within a narrow realm of vibration. keep your vibration high
and so many things won't affect you.

17. V the Series The real way it is with aliens disguised as
humans. Some people think the Annunaki 'reptilian race' are coming
back. Surprise, surprise --they never even left.

18. Stargate -- So much about the way beings really do travel through
time and space and the Stargates used by Beings such as the Annunaki
to get toi this vicinity of the galaxy.

19. Wall Street --Gordon Gecko and the reptilian elite who rule
our nation's finances so ruthlessly.

20. The Truman Show
The Way our lives have become so scripted and watched in every way

21. Invasion of the Body Snatchers The scariest scene of all at the
end of this movie. Also we're coming to find out that many people
are 'taken
over' have it done in a similar (metaphorical) way to this.

22. A Wrinkle in Time -- Darkness taking over the Universe and
only unconditinal love can save us.

23. Frequency -- Time is the key and if this is the past then
everything we do here affects the future.

24. Men in Black (both) -- The way we see the world and all the
members of its Star Wars Bar character. been here, done this.

25. Alien Nation -- the quest for the monatomic gold drug that
brought the Annunaki drug-pushers to earth in the first place,
creating mankind as slaves to mine their drug meanwhile feeding them
drugs to make them work harder and to not think about their unhappy
lot in life. Only who really are the Newcomers?
26. The Postman --What will it be like when we all have to band
together simply to once again survive and restart humnanity (if we
get the chance)?
27. Conspiracy Theory __ Fun as well as thought-provoking.
28. Scooby Doo (#1) -- Soul stealing at its finest.
29. The Faculty -- Two of my own mentors in college are reptilian,
seen only after the fact.
30. JFK -- only so much right about it, but allows one to understand
how deep the rabbit hole goes and how high up the laddder for so many
people to cover-up this assassination.
31. Erin Brockovich and 32. A Civil Action --the ruthlessness
with which corporations trash our human form in the name of profit
and power.
33. 2001: A Space Odyssey (and 2010)
34. Rosemary's Baby --'Nuff said.
35. The Langoliers --Again the prophet Stephen King's work on
living in the past and dead energies of that time.
36. Mary Shelley's Frankenstein -- Amazing performances,
unbelievebaley astute dialogue making Mary Shelley's dream of human
creation (ala the annunaki) come true.
37. AI (Artificial Intelligence)-- A strange movie but when one
experiences A.I.s who do not have the emotions most of us have, this
movie becomes a real challenge to our spiritual understanding.
38. The End of Days -- Believe it or not, there is much credence to
this silly plot.
39. Manchurian Candidate (both) I have seen hundreds of people
changed in moments by the remmoval of their crystal implants from
past lifetimes (work I do) and the various other types of implant
almsot to numerous to mention here --written about in Vol 6.
40. The Devil's Advocate -- The scariest and most 'right-on'
dialogue ever in a film is spoken by Al PAcino as a Lucifer
incarnation (next to Frankenstein. the ego trap at the end makes it
all worthwhile.
41. The Forgotten --Alien interaction of the scariest kind and
manipulation of those who know the truth.
42. Stepford Wives (both) -- Many of the 'model' and 'trophy wives'
out there are in fact the orion 'robots' written about in some of my
newer work. Also,I just got out of a MENSA group online where more
than half the participants were A.I.s My experience of AIs is
written about in the works on the True Nature of Planet Earth.
43. Groundhog Day -- If we don't get it right this time, how often
will we need to repeat it?
44 Select Star Trek movies --consider the originator of the series
got his ideas from channelings by the galactic group called The Nine.
45 Harrison Bergeron --a Kurt Vonnegut short story done into a very
good movie showing a future/present where people are unable to think
because of persistent distractions such as cell phones.