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Suicide Bombers--Part 2: Order out of Chaos
Suicide Bombers--Part 2: Order out of Chaos
by Peter Farley

"Any man who has the brains to think and the nerve to act for the
benefit of the people of the country is considered a radical by those
who are content with stagnation and willing to endure disaster."
Randolph Hearst

What is the main goal of the New World Order during this last stage
of their evil agenda for complete control of the planet on which we
currently reside? It is to create Fear, and out of fear to create
Chaos. Then from Chaos to instill Order, their idea of Order.


One does not create fear by blowing up a chemical plant, nor from an
attack on a military base or any of the other myriad `targets' the
newsmakers so absurdly discuss all day long on the news channels. One
creates fear by attacking the `helpless victims' riding the bus,
standing in line at the train station, buying their food at the
grocery store counter. That is where fear is most successfully
created because it seems so random, so thoughtless, so . . so . .
abnormal, something which puts people in a state where they feel they
have absolutely no control over their fate and/or their lives.
Suicide bombers do not fit into our consciousness or our vision of
what is normal because we ourselves have never been willing to devote
our entire beings to the pursuit of something higher. Every belief
that we hold about our own freedom or right to make decisions about
our very own lives must be destroyed, must be stripped away from us
by the Big Brother Hegelian State in order to put us into that place
where we will totally surrender control and allow ourselves to be
willingly used as slaves. When the government tells us we have no
right to make decisions how we and our loved ones live and die
(abortion, the Terry Shiavo case, the right to die) then finally
people may understand what has been happening for so many thousands
of years to imprison them so totally.

"Novus ordo seclorum" is the Latin inscription on the Great Seal of
the United States---
"A new order of the ages" is how it is best translated. Now stop and
think for just one moment about the arrogance expressed in that
statement. Not the fact that one country feels its `manifest destiny'
is to make the world free, but that it's divine right is to impose
the `democracy' of a new world order on all countries and on all
peoples of the world.

And in whose name do they do this? Look at the inscription above the
all-seeing eye on the illuminati pyramid on any dollar bill: Annuit
C?ptis ?"He has favored our undertakings." Who is the `he' that
favors the total and complete control of all energy and all peoples
upon the planet? If we are Christian, the state-sponsored government
of the United States, then we automatically believe or think that it
refers to this nebulous Being known as "god." Not having done our
homework about Creation and the many dimensions of existence; having
grown up and accepted the religions of our forefathers without
questioning their meaning, we automatically fall into the complacency
that there is only one god and that our god is the right god and
everybody else's god is some strange translation of the one in which
we believe. We overlook the plural forms of the word `god' in the Old
Testament because we have not bothered to read the more realistic
translations of ancient texts which we have tended to accept without

There is a war going on in which, unfortunately, there are no
innocent victims, and worse stll, no children. This is a war for the
freedom of everyone upon this planet and every person here, coming
here, or who has ever lived here, is a part of this war so there are
no innocent victims, only non-cognizant participants who are not
awake to the fact that they are soldiers and can be killed at any
moment of the day as valid targets in the ongoing war.

It's kind of like putting up our arms and saying we `don't want to
play' and getting shot because we think a war should have moral rules
to how people get slaughtered. In a real war there are no rules, no
Geneva Convention, no humanity, for war itself is inhuman.

Does this mean we should all become a part of the snitch culture that
only supports Big Brother's control over humankind? How easily they
use our fear against us. How do we separate the criminals against
society from those who are labeled criminals because they are willing
to stand up against the New World Order and say "I will not

We think of assassination as something done against people of
importance. In Oliver Stone's movie `JFK', Kevin Costner's
prosecutorial character speaks of the crimes against freedom and the
rights of the individual done by those who would assassinate duly-
elected government officials. I come from a country (Australia) where
it has been proved that the CIA was responsible for the overthrow of
the duly-elected government of the then prime minister Gough Whitlam.
History, the movies, television and the daily news, all show us the
American involvement in the overthrow of both despotic governments
and freely-elected governments alike with seemingly little regard for
what is wanted by the peoples of those countries. Iraq is just one
more instance in a long history of American and the New World Order
oppression of a people's own desires in order to forward the grander
agenda of world domination. NO, its not America and Americans that
are `evil' and doing something wrong here. It is those who rule
America, and every other country on Earth, and more specifically
those behind the scenes who draw up that grander agenda and have been
just following the Great Plan for tens of thousands of years. The
worst that can be said of the Americans and the British and the
Australians is that they have been complacent and in their collusion
have allowed this greater evil to gain control.

For this collusion they have to accept one responsibility, one role
they may not wish to accept but is being thrust upon them anyway and
that is the role of combatant, not victim, in this ongoing war for
the Soul of Humanity.

ORDO AB CHAO is the New World Order's major thrust-- ORDER OUT OF
CHAOS. Stage events which create this kind of chaos we are now seeing
in almost every aspect of our daily lives so that we will beg Big
Brother government and those who pull the strings behind the scenes
to impose their sense of order upon us, no matter what freedoms we do
not have. The hardest thing mankind does is change, so when chaos
thrusts us out of our comfort zones we weep for old perceived
safeties which did not really exist except in our minds and in Big
Brother's plan to make us seek refuge in old comfortable music, old
comfortable social orders, old comfortable societal relationships. If
we do not change then prisoners we shall remain, and prisoners we
shall always be, in this lifetime and in all those to come for
Darkness does not rest, it inhabits our soul and death does not bring
the hoped for escape and freedom.

Stand up and say "I'm not going to be a prisoner of the New World
Order. Neither I nor my family will submit to this terror, to this
fear, to this grand agenda of control. "I WILL BE FREE."