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Questions and answers from a group member to RAJ:

A: Why am I not complete?

RAJ: Did you choose to be complete yet? Or are you attempting to
thread on half light? You are trying to serve without surrender, but
that is not service. The time when you surrender fully you will be
fully in the light of service. Sometimes you do that and you know now
how it feels, but you are still too attached to remain in that state
at all times because you fear losing control and you don\'t trust
Our Guidance completely...

A: Why do I fear? I already know it is the best path.

RAJ: As Peter says, you haven\'t made the leap of faith... You still
have the door open, and if it depended on Our good will you
would always have it open, but unfortunatelly you still would make no
choice then. If you will choose you will do it in time to come fully
into the light and serve. You know time runs short and that the
sooner you come into Service, the more suffering you will be able to
avoid, the better you will make this whole thing easier. We needed
more people to do this, some will choose, but some will not, and some
will come out of nowhere and do what was never expected of them. How
do you fit in all this, what category do you choose to slide into?

A: I want to serve.

RAJ: Then do it, its not up to Us, you are the one holding ultimate
power over this decision. Have you tried doing it? Are you afraid to
try? You have more, far more knowledge than necessary to surrender
fully. But you still lack the Heart to do it, because you don\'t
surrender your heart. You are still attacked to control over
yourself. You cannot Serve while you still have control over your
actions, you are not Creation while you control things. You are only
Creation, an extension of it in sync with its will when you
surrender FULLY, no half tones, no half Light, no half nothing, all
into the Light.

You lacked the leap of faith because you are not surrendered. Your
message did not contain the complete state of Surrender that was
needed. It will hapen again and again, you will give less service,
lesser work, instead of the Highest Performance from a Master. Again,
time is short, shorter. You are not to worry, much different, you
are to surrender and that is the easiest thing to do. The hard part
is resisting it and fearing it, being attached to other things.

Trust us, you can surrender far better than you can control. You see
this and enjoy when you do, but will you do it permanently for once?
And can you be trusted to remain? What do you lack but the will to do