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Taking Command
Dear One,

You are all multi-dimensional beings, potentially capable of
operating in
up to 14 dimensions. When you are serving the Light you can command
that any beings not serving the highest be banished from your space.
When you are in the vibration of light and love, no lower entity can
exist in your vibrational space. When you are operating from pure
intent, you need not worry as you are protected.

The war will be won in the hearts and minds of human beings as it is
about the allegiance to light or dark. A consciously awake human is a
formidable force for the light. An individual who freely chooses to
serve the highest opens the door for many to follow. This is why we
ask each of you to be the one who makes that choice. Each of you has
the potential for bringing thousands of other lightworkers into the
battle. Rather than being petrified by images of physical war, make
your choice to allow thousands of others to join you in being

Much of what you are doing is just fighting against the false images
that have been implanted in your consciousness by the media and other
brainwashing methods of your oppressors. They would not have you know
the truth of your real strength. They want you to give up without a
fight because you think there are overwhelming odds against you. They
want you to think that they are indomitable. They do not want you to
know that they cannot even exist in the vibration of light and love,
but you can. They have chosen otherwise, yet you can still choose not
only to embrace the light, but to be a shining example of love on
earth. That is a force that they cannot defeat. As always, only you
can make that choice, but when you do, we are here to help you
that choice.

With our greatest love for all,

Aristenna and others of the Council of Light