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Templates and programming
2006-07-04, Templates and programming

Dear One,

The analogy of hardware versus software is a good one. Templates is
the spiritual mold (foundation) that certain programs run within and
upon, however it is only within specific templates that specialized
programming is able to run. A being created with a template for a
glyph or a diva is only capable to function within that framework. A
diva is unable to take on glyph programming any more than the glyph
can take on the diva information processing.

There are many different pieces of hardware that function within a
computer system. Each has a system board, with memory and a storage
device, albeit a hard disk attached to it. This forms the basis or
hardware componentry and it is upon that basis that additional
devices or software may be loaded. Having a piece of software does
not mean that it will run optimally or function correctly on any
given piece of hardware or system.

Software is designed to run upon a particular type of hardware
platform and any deviation from that renders it inoperable.
Different processor architectures require different software. What
does this have to do with programming and templates? Consider the
template to be the hardware platform (a Mac or PC) and consider the
programming to be the software that runs on a given hardware
structure (the template).

Cross platform and cross hardware programming requires a different
set to instructions 'specifically written for the template it is
designed for'. You cannot mix and max templates, they will not work.
It is a limitation, not a flaw, but a limitation of a template
specifically designed for a particular purpose and function.

A 10th dimensional being cannot occupy a template for a being that
is templated for a lower dimensional being. It will not work; the
programming will not run as the template is not designed to handle
that sort or programming or fulfill higher level functions it is not
incapable of performing (soul contracts). The template of a being
determines the energy form a being is capable of adopting within
their energy field, and anything outside a template is incompatible.

A template reflects the dimensional spiritual growth of Soul for a
multi-dimensional being. As soul progresses and gains greater
spiritual learning as it evolves from lifetime to lifetime; as
spiritual development is achieved, greater learning opportunities
are made available to soul. In some instances, Spirit may assign a
template catered for a soul contract. Outside of that, each being
has a template serving as a framework within which to serve and
perform their chosen and agreed upon mission.

With Grand Love, Aristenna, from the Spiritual Hierarchy's Council
of Light.