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the 600 soul
While we sit waiting for the $600 tax refund designed to buy our
complicit silence, hoping to be able to pay our water bill, fill up
the tank with $3 a gallon gasoline, the CEOs of the contractors
supplying our war machine in Iraq are making $42 million a year.

If you have not watched Iraq For Sale you should. It is American
people telling of their betrayal at the hands of a greed-based war
machine killing our soldiers for the profits they can make from it,
something ALL the politicians refuse to do anything about.

The banned execerpts:

Google Iraq For Sale and you will understand what\'s going on with the
New World Order, what\'s always been going on with the New World Order
if you read my volumes of work. War has ALWAYS been a way of
profiting from the death of those the New World Order see as nothing
more than cattle and cannon fodder. And it\'s not going to stop even
with the ascension process going on until someone stands up and
say \"No More!\".

When you\'ve finished watching Iraq For Sale, go out and rent CATCH
22, from the prophetic Joseph Heller novel, and starring Alan Arkin.
You\'ll see nothing much has changed, and perhaps, just perhaps,
you\'ll wake up to the fact that darkness does not just go away of its
own accord unless people of the Light stand up and become as the wave
of Light rather than as the particle. What I and Sue Ann and so many
others have tried to do is decrease the darkness on the planet using
education, the grid etc. since the Lightworkers won\'t do the work. It\'s one way
or the other. Sue Ann\'s channeling today tells us it\'s working to some extent,
now what can you do to make it even more so --it\'s not by sitting on your butts
reading more about ascension, it\'s by connecting with your Guidance and doing
what has always been asked of you to do since before you accepted this mission
to come to this planet in its hour of need.

I know most people are cowards, and I understand better than most why
that is. I\'m not sure I\'d ever do again what I\'ve done if I knew the
consequences to me. Guidance says I would, perhaps only because I know a coward
dies a thousand times, and a hero has but once more to go.

In strength.