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the coming pandemic and the new hybrid critter
Hybrid Critter II


Dear One,

We want to continue Our discussion on the hybrid ´critter´ that willo form the greatest part of the ´coming´ pandemic as you now know it. When this new hybrid form enters muscle tissue it causes the muscles to tighten and ache, even when it is removed the muscle continues to ache as it recuperates, as we have had Peter find out through experieince and you yourself have felt to a much smaller degree.

This critter, if left in the body long enough to fully integrate itself into the muscle tissue, causes chronic inflammation and a tightening of the muscle which then produces lactic acid. Large doses of lactic acid secreted from the muscles can cause kidney failure and chronic high levels of lactic acid cause chronic inflammation and does much damage to the body very quickly. It is as if you continuously exercised and never gave the body the chance to rest and break down the lactic acid. Fatigue, wasting away and organ failure would then occur.

A sick and exhausted individual is a much easier person to control, also it would eliminate the weak and old and those who would not make good workers. The plan of the New World Order was to allow only those who can work to remain to support them and hence have made a devastating weapon to be used to ´cull the herd´ so to speak.

It is important for all of you to take this new assault on humanity seriously and to take advantage of this information.

With Much LOVE and Protection,

Aristenna and the Hierarchy of the Council of Light

Re: The 'Coming' Pandemic and the New Hybrid Critter

Just to let you all know that, as I already knew, Guidance has not
had me finish writing the treatise on the coming pandemic and the new
hybrid critter yet because of course we had not yet gotten all the
pieces to put together the puzzle. We have, however, found the on-
planet source of the new critters and hopefully as Guidance creates
it be able to do something serious to effect their creation and then
their distribution. It may sound corny but if you have read even a
small fraction of the work Guidance has helped me to write then
you'll know that there's a lot more going on here than meets most
people's eyes. There is however a last ditch attempt to 'take over'
the planet by using this new hybrid critter to infect every person on
the planet not already working for that other side. The facts and the
knowingness are out there if you had spent as I have 12 years piecing
together all the fragments of the puzzle, most of which are now
readily available to you through the writings if you'll just stop
worrying about when you'll get your next boyfriend or how happy you
will be tomorrow instead of doing what needs to be done today, the
critical work of making sure this thing does not get to you and your
loved ones, and then help make sure it also doesn't spread to the
rest of the palnet and Creation to further stop the plans for this
ascended planet and for all those who have and will be involved with
both now and in the future.

If you haven't already watched it and even if you have, go back and
watch the recent version of 'invasion of the body snatchers' entitled
Invasion (with Nicole Kidman). Spirit always is out there trying to
wake us up through any means available and as we've said before, one
of the best ways to get to the general cosnciousness, as dense as it
is is, through movies. Unfortunately, in that instance, as I've heard
all too often, then it gives people the excuse or the slavemasters
the excuse of 'it's all just a movie'. Your life is not a movie! and
if you can't wake up now and stay awake as those invasion movies make
such an important element of their storylines, then you will go to
sleep for a long long time, and if it's because of one of these
critters, don't expect to wake up for a very, very long time -- there
is only one lifetime and this is just anther day in it and as the
Freemasons so rightly know, what we do on this day affects every
other day to come. Once a Freemason always a Freemason. Once asleep
with one of these critters it's like sleeping beauty, you're asleep
until soemone else takes the time and makes the effort to awaken you,
your family, and your loved ones. When Guidance said to me the other
day, 'it's here' now I know what They meant, and if you hadn't fought
as many of these battles as I have, you'd crawl over in your grave
knowing what's going on and even worse what the other side is hoping
will come.

Not fear, just another wake up call to go along with all the other
ones you've ignored until now. May this be the last time it will be
needed, but your soul's life is in your hands, defend it or lose it,
it's all up to you.

With Love, in Service, Peter.