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the arrogance of self-will
Assisting Sue Ann this morning to pack up her house and and get rid
of her \'stuff\' after her house recently sold (in a market in Las
Vegas where NOTHING much is selling except $1 million condos, I
cleaned out her outdoor plastic storage shed and was about to stick
it to one side when Guidance told me to put a for sale sign on it and
put it out on the sidewalk. After checking, since that seemed like
such a struggle to get it out front right now instead of \'later\' for
next week\'s garage sale, it wasn\'t out there 5 minutes before the
next door neighbor came and bought it, paid our price with no
haggling, and then it was gone.

After 12 years of living every moment doing as Guidance wants me to
do, it\'s not that I still don\'t quibble, but I ALWAYS do what They
ask me to do because I don\'t now know any other way to do things. And
you know what? It ALWAYS works out just like They say it will. Yes,
I\'ve surrendered my self will one hundred percent, but have I lost
anything but the worry and the torment of the mind makign stupid self-
willed decisions? No. And the miracles happen all day long.

Working with so many people, especially higher beings who are
supposed to be or who call themselves \'Lightworkers\' all I see in
most of them is this arroogance of self-will, that they know better
how to do things than their Guidance does. It is their shovel of a
mind telling them where they should dig. And all I see are the lost
opportunities for people to have so much fun, get so much done both
for themselves and for Creation, and the stupidity of what they are
doing and what, yes, I used to do and am so damn thankful I got out

Arrogance and ego go hand in hand, often along with false humility.
Since the subject Guidance seems to be working on for us this week is
ego, They just wnated me to share what so many of you already know,
but won\'t commit more to than the 55% surrender most of you are
working at. Oh, and as you know, that 55% is 55% you and 45%
Guidance, isn\'t it? *S

In service, Peter