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The Art of War
The Art of War
by Peter Farley

The classic text for military and strategy people is SUN TZU ON THE ART OF WAR --THE OLDEST MILITARY TREATISE IN THE WORLD. Unfortunately, it doesn't quite delve into what to do with multi-dimensional, time-travelling enemies. With Thoth in healing, with many things done which have changed the dark future expected for this planet, would it be reasonable to think that the darkside just rolls over and plays dead?

Called on a 1,600 mile trip this weekend to Las Vegas by the Hierarchy to do gridwork (and some sound-encoding as well) I was fortunate to get Sue Ann to help with the work, and also to resume channeling Aristenna for the group since they have known each other in the past.

It was on Sunday afternoon we were guided to go down to the Luxor, the pyramid-shaped casino on the strip--the sight of much grid work and past-life work before. New Agers think things have to be ancient to be 'powerful' sacred sites, but if they only really knew the dark past of this planet they would realize what sacred means here on Earth --It means 'a power place' for the dark forces; a place for the New World Order where they can further harness the grid to continue their quest to imprison all the people.

It only took being there 15 minutes, doing what we were told to do, and the work was done, though both of us were queasy as if having been through a magnetic storm.

We had been led to watch some time-travel movies prior to going, movies Sue Anne didn't know why she had purchased, but with experieince the puzzle was unfolded enough to know that we were shutting down the portal (at least temporarily) so that a former partner of Thoth's could not get through to help change the future back to that which has already been changed.

Sue Ann's channeling this morning furthe rhelped us understand what we had done:

"Welcome aboard Babe. Finally. We love having you with US again! You want to know what you and Peter did yesterday? You stopped a very dark being from entering this time zone; actually an assassin of time and a time-bender. He was going to loop the timeline back upon to itself like tying a bow,putting a knot into it. A choking off and tieng it up indefinitely. This timeline needs to remain straight with no bends or kinks in it. Tell Peter he will understand this. Just know for now you kept the time bender from coming through. Thank you."

--Aristenna, of the Spiritual Hierarchy's Council of Light

People think the darkside doesn't retaliate when something is done by true lightworkers to shift the balance of power on the planet. Most people don't understand the nature of war, and the fact that a war neevr ends until one side is defeated or at least brought to surrender. And so it continues . . .

With thanks to Sue Ann for her help this weekend. To Robert for helping close a time rip in New Jersey a few weeks ago caused by Nikola Tesla's experiments. To Briean and Helen for doing the grid work in Australia. And to Roberto, for not only helping sew up the Orion Tear, but also for volunteering to go to Mexico to get the work done there which is so urgently needed by all of us.