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the bad student
Imagine for a moment if you will an imaginary teacher in an imaginary
classroom full of imaginary students. Got it?

After a long period of time a student proves to the teacher that he
or she has not done his/her homework, has not read the required
reading, has put out no effort at all to go beyond the place he or
she was at when he or she first entered the classroom, despite all
the various methods the teacher has employed at their very limited disposal to motivate the student.

Having taught every level of school up through University I know that
sometimes, no matter what the teacher does, their are some students
who just will not motivate themselves to go beyond a certain point in
their lives (unless of course the teacher gives them all his or her
attention and effort).

This then is the ībad studentī, the one who will always blame the
teacher just as a bad workman will always blame his tools. And what
kind of person is the workman or student who never even bothers to
pick up the tools given to them and at least make an effort to use

Since the Universe is a classroom of sorts of souls learning lessons
and working toward graduating into Mastership, this then is a very
appropriate analogy for what we currently see in so many souls around
us - those who are waiting for the tsunami wave to crash over their
heads before they make a run for it (let alone helping anyone else to
get out of the way). These are the people as in the hurricane picture
Suzy sent to us who once the disaster happens will then blame the
weatherforecasters for not stimulating them enough to get off their
lazy asses and move, and then will seek government help to get back
on their feet so they can not do anything again next time.

What then should the teacher do but to ask the student to leave the
class because they are īdead woodī and only drag down the
consciousness of all there with their energy-sucking laziness and
uncaring attitudes. And what is always their fondest reason for their
own lazy attitudes? Of course, itīs all Godīs fault:

"I understand your reasons to motivate people today, especially in
these times, but I also believe if someone "jumps off the fence"
(even if itīs at the last second), they still did the right thing and
God loves them as much as anyone else - - even as much as the "very

This person was on this planet, as Guidance relates, specifically to
learn the lesson that most of us need to learn that spirituality is about what you do for other people, not about what you do for you. All their life they have been only about themselves. And now another lifetime wasted in failing to learn that simple lesson.

And so we all move on hoping that we too have learned this the most basic lesson of all.