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The Beginning of Understanding
The most appropriate place to begin what is an understanding of these
weekend's events in New Orleans and what began a week or so ago with
what was written about in the group as the Shift (the first contact
with the 5th dimensional energies):

Surrender?The Key to Ascension (08/00)
By Peter Farley

Earth is now caught in an energetic whirlpool in which the
perceptions of time and space are changing.

According to Wayne Moody, these changing perceptions are altering
relationships between humans, as well as between themselves and their
environment. He predicts that as these perceptions of relationship
change, the need for damaging physical change will be alleviated, and
although great physical change will still occur, it will be as a
result of changing human perceptions of relationships. In this
manner, he says, humans will experience a greater understanding of
their role as creators.

The increasing difficulty with exploring these human relationships is
laid out in a another recent article in the Deseret News
entitled `Virtual Reality' Coming Sooner Than You Think. Here,
Raymond Kurzweil, one of the most respected innovators of the past
century, predicts that the boom in `virtual' technology will quickly
see the creation of what he terms `virtual personalities'.

Kurzweil, author of "Age of the Spiritual Machine," is a man who
touts technological growth and potential, while at the same time
warning of the dangers it may bring.

By 2010, he says, we will have "full immersion visual and auditory
virtual reality," though tactile virtual reality may still be limited
in some forms. By 2020, these limitations will be overcome, however,
though we will still be able to tell what's real from what's not. By
2030, as full tactile immersion is achieved, a Matrix-like world
would be possible in which there will be "no clear distinction
between virtual reality and reality."

Every day, new stories of `technological advancements' come leaping
across my computer screen in large bold fonts, telling me how life
will be in the future?should there be any life to speak of, that is.

Working on talks for my summer tour, I am led more and more into
reminding people of the limitations this technology is increasingly
putting upon them ?not freeing them as the advertisements would have
them believe. Almost every big-budget movie of the summer address
themselves more and more to an end of the world scenario than it they
do to any possible scenario of a bright and peace-filled future.

More and more the technological nightmare of The Matrix looms
increasingly upon our horizon. Surveillance cameras, brain scans,
computerized ID cards, implants?all promise more a prison-like world
that people such as David Icke speak of, rather than a spiritual re-
awakening of the planet and an Eden built here upon the Earth.
Chemtrails and nature's fury unleashed complete a pretty impossible
picture of any kind of enjoyable life left upon the planet. So what
are we all to do, especially as individuals, to deal with this
growing apocalyptic nightmare?

There is only one answer I have found, and that is surrender. Of
course this word has many connotations in people's mind, but the
surrender I speak of, and that the spiritual hierarchy ask of us
individually, is not the surrender to a slave state. It is more the
surrender to the greater spiritual truth that is all around us, only
hidden from us by the media, the mainstream press, and those who seek
to keep us enslaved.

The Earth changes are a reality that is beginning to take place even
as we sit here writing or reading this. The sun's poles are shifting
into alignment with the Galactic Center and all the planets in the
solar system are being affected.

The chemtrails clouding our skies show the fear those in the New
World Order have that we might just escape to a higher dimensional
world and leave them holding the bag, or worse still for them,
finding themselves having to transmute themselves into a higher
reality where they are just `one of the crowd.'.

The shutting down of our personal freedoms and the restrictions
increasingly placed upon us by our governments and our oppressors,
should say to each and every one of us that the time for Freedom is
at hand. All we need to do is reach out and grab it as it passes by;
then, hang on and ride the Light and the Sound into a new and
unbelievably magnificent future where freedom is not something which
must be struggled for, but is an accepted fact; where the Earth is
not something to be owned or to be controlled, but to be shared and
stewarded, and enjoyed by all EQUALLY.

The worse things get over the next few years, the more we should be
hopeful because the stronger one grows spiritually?in the true Light?
and toward a free spiritual union with one's Higher Self, the greater
the fear the Dark Side has and the stronger will be its opposition.
The Darker things grow, the closer we will know that true Freedom
approaches, if we are `in tune'.

That Freedom that approaches, however, is also here now?in surrender,
the key to the whole ascension process.

In an earlier article on Choice at my website
(, the Spiritual Hierarchy spoke of the
simple choices needed to be made at this time, especially the choice
as to which energy we shall follow in the coming days. Once that
choice is made, all we need to do is to surrender to our inner
knowingness that we are connected?and then keep moving forward?taking
care of what is needed today, and knowing that tomorrow will be taken
care of also.

The two major factors that will halt or hinder this process of
ascension are Fear and Attachment.


The solar plexus chakra or energy center of the body is the origin of
both our fears and our self-esteem. Herein lies the origins of our
choices, to live in fear?or to live in self-knowledge of our own
Higher Purpose.

This same chakra also has to do with gaining control of our physical
functions and developing the mind/body connection, and is the
starting point to the acceptance of soul's ability to make an impact
on the world and to achieve success. It is the origin of issues
regarding the interplay between our life's energy and the world.
And the quickest way to shut all these wonderful aspects of our being
down ? is to switch the dial on this chakra from self-esteem to fear?
the other side of this very same chakra.

Constipation, stomach and digestive problems develop from prolonged
worry, fear, or feelings of terror originating in this oh-so-
important chakra. Breathing problems that are emotionally caused such
as asthma and various allergies may also develop from events in which
a fearful or terrorizing traumatic event occurred along with other
accompanying smells, such as pollens, chemicals, flowers, garbage,
molds, musty odors, animals, or other smell. And they all stem from
this central energy center of our bodies.

Nerve problems are usually hatched in this very same chakra from
fears relating to one or a myriad of problems we associate with our

The solar plexus affects beliefs relating to cognitive development,
self and the world, and formative beliefs about the world and our
place in it. It holds beliefs about power, abilities, and how we
affect the environment.

It is only fear which causes us to not be "all that we can be" in
life; that stops us from getting up and being counted, from singing
our song, and from walking forward in confidence that we are loved
and cared for by a very potent Universe and all of its spiritual

As the "mind" of the body, the solar plexus or third chakra affects
thinking processes, attitudes and the intuitive process of mental
empathy significantly linked to the body . If we overcome or do not
allow fear to rule our lives, then we will be free loving, empathic
beings ?at home in a world full of other wonderful beings just trying
to learn and share our lessons. If blocked by fear, our lives will be
tortured and we will always feel alone and threatened.

It is at an early age when this chakra is just beginning to open, and
when we are most vulnerable to criticism, that our deserving issues
tend to get locked in place spiritually. If we think we can make an
impact on the world and that we deserve to do so, we will be ready to
meet and master any challenges. If we don't believe in ourselves?
mainly because the important people in our life don't believe in us
and support our self-development at this early age, then our lives
play out differently. We take on the fears imposed upon us by others
or develop a reliance on our own self-defense mechanism of building
walls and barriers and hiding behind them in fear. We allow ourselves
to be shut down and to live out the fears of those who were supposed
to have nurtured us and shown us the way to true a spiritual freedom
within ourselves.

But so often this is not what happens and so many of the people that
I work on in spiritual healing, especially women, are still blocked
at this level of their development and steeped in fear of what life
might be like without their self-maintained prison walls.

The New World Order does not need to imprison us if they can keep us
in Fear and locked behind these prison walls of our being. That is
why they know to grab us as children and shut us down through ritual
abuse, through televised violence and the portrayal of a dangerous
world where everything is `out to get us'.

It can take a lot of work to break down these walls, or it takes just
one instant in our lives ?an instant in which we surrender.

What is surrender? Surrender is recognizing that we already have
everything that we have ever been seeking. To desire something we
already possess invariably has the result of denying it! Like some of
these computer screen savers that are so popular ?the more you chase
them the faster they run from you.

All we need to do is to sufficiently let go of trying to control our
world, just long enough to realize that our world can be controlled
by a Higher Will that does a far far better job for us than we can
ever do for ourselves. This is faith and trust in the Universe and
that our lives are not random acts of selfish lust or cosmic

A quick exercise to do at night before bed is to use a mirror
technique to review the personal activities and events of the day in
the reverse order to which they originally took place (in a mirror?
everything is reversed) This is time reversal as a psychological and
moral preparation for transcendent awareness. The aim of this
exercise is to allow us to see ourselves as others see us?to see
whether we are the conscious co-creators of our lives, or the
products of other people's wishes and desires for us.

One group of 5th dimensional Guardians who are here to help with the
ascension process say that what is to come is going to be a global
choice, a collective choice. For many of us looking at our lives in
this mirror technique, we can see that we are not used to making
conscious decisions in our lives. Rather, we are the effects of
everyone else's choices.

When a civilization is sent into extinction it is by their own choice?
or lack thereof. The fear we are being kept in by the media and by
our politicians and those around us, does not have to be accepted.
That, too, is surrender. Surrendering to our inner knowing that our
choice has been made and that we have done everything we need to do
to go forward, whether the rest of the planet does or not. The end
game is now here. It is time for the darkness to be cast off or get
transmuted into Light. We only give the Darkness more power by
allowing ourselves to be fearful. Surrender means we do not care for
the physical existence, but choose to remain here because we can be
of service to others once our own choice is made.


The best example that comes to mind of attachment holding people back
is a scene from the movie Schindler's List. In it, the Jewish people
being herded off to the ghettos seek to carry all their worldly
possessions with them, only to have them all taken away as they are
crowded onto cattle cars or into cramped little living quarters.

With the coming Earth changes, and as evidenced by the stories coming
out of a recently flooded Houston, Texas?when Nature acts, there is
no time to hesitate. Like Lot's wife, there is no looking back, and
only what is most important to survival can be taken with us. Nothing
material is going with us into the 5th dimension. It is only what we
carry in our hearts and the lessons learned in our minds that will
serve us in good stead after the new paradigm shift.

This means helping each other stay focused out of the plane level
energy, that of the physical, and off those and that which would
control us. Since we all know we can push the physical plane energy
anywhere we want it to in being co-creators of the Universe?it is
very important to make sure that we hold ourselves out of this level
and adhere only to the higher spiritual levels of existence. To think
and create on the third dimensional level is to remain behind. To
think in terms of a higher spiritual awareness and a new paradigm is
to go forward with the planet in its ascension, and in our own
spiritual growth.

The easiest way to do this is to stay in the moment. A litany for
this time forward is:

I have what I need in this moment, (shelter, clothing, food, enough
money for the moment, transportation, etc.) I will also have what I
need in the next moment as well.

The changes coming into our lives are going to come one way or
another. If we can stay to a higher focus and try not to make things
happen, then we will be protected from what goes on and not get
caught up in it all. For those who seek refuge away from the duties
of serving at this time, this will be a good way to stay out of the

Keep centered and KNOW you are LOVED. That is what the Spiritual
Hierarchy always say to those who are not feeling happy. That is also
the key to this time. In the moment, I am fine. In the next moment,
I will be fine too, and each moment adds onto the next until we are
out of this stage and ready for the next and we will be where we need
to be by the Grand Grace of the Creator rather than by our deciding
to handle just this `one thing' ourselves with our own power.

It is true that we have the power to put ourselves anywhere we wish
or that we think will be better than where we are. But it is not
always possible for us to truly know where we are going to be in the
safest, most perfect space given what is going to come. All of our
knowing of how to manipulate the energy here is just about at a close
for when the energies shift we will not be in charge any more!!!

For now, it is time to get in the right frame of mind and let what is
coming be what we KNOW to do and not worry about anything but doing
what we are asked to do in this moment. It is a time for asking more
from our guidance rather than less.

There is nothing easy about any part of this, it is just one step and
then another and then we will be where we are needed to be and best
part is we will KNOW why we are there. That will be a good thing. We
all have the opportunity to go forward and to be in the right space
in the right time. And all it takes is surrender. What a deal!!!

`Virtual Reality' Coming Sooner Than You Think by Lois M. Collins, (5-10-

waynemoody@... A Call to Creative Action

Choice. Peter Farley

With thanks to Kathy