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the bigger picture
The Bigger Picture
by Peter Farley

The hardest thing to do while living in the Matrix and being
surrounded by the old paradigm is to keep your focus on the spiritual
side of things, the new paradigm coming, and the \'big picture\'. If
you get mired down in the little stuff, the minutae of all the ways
in which the New World Order controls us, then the Matrix still has
you in its grasp.

This is the spiritual law of walking with your feet on the ground
with your head in the clouds. Many people you know walk with their
heads in the clouds and are not grounded. I constantly am reminding
angelic Beings and former New Agers to get grounded or the energies
will not flow through them to keep themselves healthy and the energy
expended in pursuit of their tasks productive.

Then there\'s those who are so mental or \'grounded\' they cannot or
will not connect with that higher spiritual part of themselves. As
Guidance once had me write about people walling off a part of their
brains and calling it emotions, so too do lots of people wall off or
compartmentalize another part of their brains and call that Spirit or
spirituality. It is the mind as always seeking to be in control in
all regards and of every aspect of our lives. Without at least some
surrender if not full surrender, this will always be the way of
things -- people dealing with their egos and with their self will and
calling it Higher Will.

I see everyday people\'s inability to grasp someone who can and has
surrendered totally so much so that every thing they do is what
Guidance asks them to do. I know how inconceivable that must be for
most people -- to ask Guidance EVERYTHING they do, but it is
achievable and it is easier than you think and it is possible. That\'s
what comes when you have a running dialogue with your Guidance 24/7.
It\'s what food to eat, what to drink, when to go to the bathroom,
what to write, what to say, what to watch on TV . . everything. And
it is the practise of such little things and the asking of Guidance
about each and every one of them which then allows you to know to
take this exit in Florida because the normal exit is booby-trapped.
It is this ability that allows one to pick out a square foot of land
in the middle of \'nowhere\' Florida that is the exact grid point
needed to do the work for ascension --no need for what one woman
asked for, a non-existent map of the grid points on the continent.

Guidance wrote the history of the New World Order and its effects on
Creation so that people could get this overview of what\'s going on
and how things all got to be this way so people could then detach
from the more minor things going on around them in terms of control.
That would then free them up to focus on their particular piece of
the mission to save planet Earth. But of course most peopple have
been too lazy to read that and understand the bigger picture --that
would be homework. And no one has ever been refused the volumes for
lack of money, though Guidance knows people do not understand the
imbalance of not paying for true spiritual understanding.

Like the healing work done on people for free, sometimes it is what
is needed to get them moving, but most times it is a hopeless cause
because those people have not \'bought in\' to the healing process. It
is their lack of spirituality which has led them to be those kind of
people. In my time being homeless and in subsequent work with the
homeless and homeless friends, there is an understanding that comes
that these people, as I did too, are homeless because they think the
world owes them a living. Yes I know it\'s not true of 100 percent of
the cases and as things get tougher may not be true of all, but for
the most part see beyond the facade of their homelessness to the root
causes of their situation and you will, like everything else in life,
find a flawed attitude or belief wrongly held. That too is the basis
of all our health issues as Louise Hay rightly points out -- even if
it does go back to pastlife issues and lessons not learned.

Someone once asked a blind Master why they did not take the time to
heal themselves and the Master replied \"why should I take my mind
of \'God\' long enough to heal myself?\" It may seem a strange attitude
to those mired in the illusion of physicality but as Aristenna
reminded us in a channeling, if people knew how wonderful it is to be
in those higher levels of awareness they would work much harder to
get there.

I am reminded of the Godfather Part 3 where Al Pacino\'s Don is trying
to become legitimate and curses when he finds out the reality
that \'they always suck me back in\'. Same thing with Keanu Reeves
character in The Devil\'s Advocate when during the last scene his ego
sucks him back into the control of Al Pacino\'s Lucifer. It\'s just
when you think you\'ve escaped Matrix thinking that you are probably
most deeply in it. It is a superbly designed Chinese finger trap, the
more you pull to break free the more solidly you are stuck.

Detaching from the Matrix is the only way to do it and still live
within it. That\'s detaching \'concern\', not not being involved but
surrendering outcomes to Spirit --that\'s Vairag --the highest form of
Mastership --detachment. When you do only that which your Guidance
asks you to do, without attachment to results, trusting Spirit to
work things out for the Highest Good of all, then you too are a
Master and you too have made it to where we all of us so dearly want
to go.

In service, Peter