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The Biggest Secret of All
In dealing with other Yahoo and MSN groups, in ´trying´ to do the work
of the past dozen years and educate people about what´s been done and
how it affects them, the one thing that stands out more than anything
is the failure of people to connect spirituality with ´real life´. I´m
sure most of you have seen this with the New Age teachings where
everything seems more directed at ´escaping´ life and being ´out there´
searching for whatever it is the gurus tell you is out there.
Meditation is not about finding ways to better live your life, help
people, or serve Spirit, it´s about getting into ´nirvana´ where you
feel so much at peace. It´s like doing drugs without ingesting anything.

The primary reason of spirituality to be here now and learning and
experiencing gets lost along the way. Early on the people in one
spiritual path shunned me because I wrote and dealt with aliens, as if
aliens were soulless Beings that had nothing to do with our lives or
our solipsistic return to the ´Source´. Of course this stems more from
the lack of validation in talking about real life and real experiences
whether they be related to alien abduction or normal human sexual

Spirituality has been compartmentalized for taking out on Sunday
mornings, shaking off the dust, waving around for a little while, and
then safely tucking away after its been given some brief attention at
that time.

This is the difference moment-by-moment Guidance brings to life. It
makes spirituality the every-moment-of-the-day event it should be,
whether it be working with Guidance to cook a dinner that is healthy,
nutritious and full of life energy because you put it there cooking it,
or whether it be standing up for human rights against an overbearing
and oppressive government that seeks to destroy the humanity in all of

So many groups online partition themselves off by labeling
themselves ´alien´ or ´spiritual´ or ´UFO´ or ´conspiracy´, and that´s
like taking one piece of a puzzle and trying to figure out its
significance when you don´t have all the other pieces. It´s a good way
the New World Order and our ´alien´ manipulators have found to keep us
all feeling separate and confused. It takes a very strong person to
admit that that there´s something wrong here and that what we see and
feel within ourselves is not the things society around us is willing to

At the end of my personal e-mails along with my signature is the
line \"Propaganda ceases when simple dialogue begins\" - J. Ellul. The
more people you speak with the more you find out so many of us are all
thinking, feeling, and seeing the same things. The only difference that
separates one person from another is the individual courage they have
to step and say ´this is not the way it is!´

We´ve all heard it said in many of the channelings posted in this group
when Guidance asks us to stay connected and to work with Them moment-by-
moment through life. It´s something I learned to do 12 years ago and
life has been indescribable since then. Not ´healthy, wealthy and wise´
but productive, happy in service, and yes, always taken care of in
terms of my needs under tough circumstances rather than what I think I
want. Some of you have also touched this feeling of magic that comes
with being in the flow of life and Spirit every moment of the day, no
matter what it is you´re doing. It´s all Guidance is trying to share in
this group, the magic and wonder of a life where everything is
integrated into one constant here and now, whether that being fighting
off the NWO or sharing quiet moments working with your family on old
past issues.

Life is One. In school we get life split apart into categories and
subjects so that we will, with the mind´s greatest facility -- to
analyze, always go through life segmenting things rather than using the
heart´s greatest facility, the ability to synthesize into a unified

It´s a choice, but I´m sad when I see how many lifetimes of going
through this same old merry-go-round are before so many people I dearly
love. Not judgement, just the ability to share Guidance´s knowledge of
who people are and where they are in their spiritual growth. And you
know, it only ever takes one moment of realization and commitment to
totally turn that all around for any one person.

As I like to tell people, the spiritual paths you see out there are
staircases leading hopefully to something you´re never sure of what.
Working with your own personal Guidance as we work with here is an
elevator to something you already know what it is, as if you were there
already all the time and never left. You´ve come to that one place
where you´ve stopped seeking and realize the biggest secret of all
is ´just be´.

With some hope, in service, Peter