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The Box of Self-will
Developing one's DNA functions is useless if one intends to stay
inside a box of self-will, it brings better perception but of a more
corrupted type. It is this corruption that only enforces the view of
self-will as being the only way.

Besides the notion of a path into enlightenment - as being connected
to Creation; there is also the notion of to which side of Creation
one is truly connected, if it is to Light or dark. This determines
the arrangement of a person's DNA [as what we think affects
everything that we have a part in creating].

Some enlightened people have Light DNA, and are powerful and free.
Others have enlightened DNA, but are linked to darkness and this may
give them certain knowledge and power, but this is not a power to be
free. It depends upon what maintains the harmony and balance state
of the DNA Structure.

The power of freedom only comes when one breaks out of the Serpent
Coil, beyond the serpent DNA, and incorporates a direct link back
into the Light and Sound. This link will allow the Being to channel
Divinity, Light and Sound of the Highest Level, and to bring healing
to its own fields and then beyond to the outside and to others.

(from Volume 9 The Origin of All Things)