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The Bridge to Forever
The Bridge to Forever
By Peter Farley

From The Only Planet of Choice:

". . they do not understand that these beings that they have given
the term `god' ? not just the Hoovids but gods of all the major
religions and their spin-offs ? were of physicalness, from the
civilisations, and were made into gods by humans on Planet Earth.
This is now a stage of revolution-evolution."

It is these very same `gods' that we ourselves have created who now
seek to return and once again reign over their slave Creation?man.
The means by which they seek to return are the stargates and portals
through which they have come many, many times before.

All the sacred sites and major active temples on the planet are
aligned with these stargates, and that's what the infamous caller on
Art Bell 10 years ago said before he was so abruptly cut off, before
the lines went dead: "They're trying to get through."

The whole star wars missile system and `space race' too is related
to the keeping of these channels of entry open for only the darkside
forces, not for those who would come to help Mankind in its struggle
against the New World Order. Sharon, my first partner, used to have
dreams about alignments of the windows in a church?the alignment of
all the stars and the planets with the major temple sites,
especially the ancient Mayan and Aztec temples of Teotihuacan and
others along the Central American isthmus. It is this alignment with
the various star systems that powers up the grid positionings along
which the specific temples and their alignments have been

NONE of these alignments are more important for what is about to
occur than that which will take place on the Spring equinox of 2007.
This is the deadline for all the grid work that can stop this event
from happening to occur, otherwise these portals will be opened like
a fallen pass or a captured bridge across a raging river, allowing
all the dark forces to enter at their own volition.

The major stargate linked to the Giza plateau has been de-activated
through the downloading of the ancient codes reprogrammed to the
benefit of the grander sources of the Light and Sound. The New
Jerusalem template built upon the North American continent and meant
to activate in the coming years has also been temporarily disabled.
If nothing else, it will be unable to be triggered at the necessary
time of March, 2007. The Jerusalem vortex/portal located above the
physical city of Jerusalem, Israel, is now the only hope for a major
invasion route for the dark forces should it too not be disabled,
shut down, or permanently destroyed.

This is the `future race', the return of the ancient gods warned
about in Bulwer-Lytton's prophetic novel Vril?The Coming Race.

Being, however, frankly told by my physician that I am afflicted by
a complaint which, though it gives little pain and no perceptible
notice of its encroachments, may at any moment be fatal, I have
thought it my duty to my fellow-men to place on record these
forewarnings of The Coming Race. Vril ?The Coming
Race by Sir Edward Bulwer-Lytton

The darkside knows now that it cannot prevent the ascension of the
planet into the higher dimensional realms of existence. That does
not mean, however, that the war is over. While many battles have now
been won, including the eventual healing of Lucifer Himself,
darkness Itself still exists controlled by many powerful Beings and
fought over by many more wanting to take his place.

While the eventual healing and resolution of these issues within
Creation goes on, it is still up to the individual to make his or
her own choice as to what part they will play in all this, and to
what level of `true spiritual freedom' they now aspire.

Divine Energy is what sets one free?it is the universal solvent
(that which dissipates the attachment and stickiness of the
materialistic glue). It is how people can become freed from
darkness, how the true Light and Sound of Creation can once again
flow through someone.
It can cut out the link to the darker energies that are able to
disrupt their balance?the disruption caused by negative interference.
The human chakra spins due to the delicate alignment to a certain
path and a certain flow of energy. For the flow to increase there is
a need for the alignment to shift so that the new stronger or softer
flow of the higher dimensional worlds of existence can then be
incorporated without taking away the healthy balance of energies.
Darkness comes and breaks away and through everything. It pulls and
pushes and sticks to everything while it is still moving. It is like
many spheres of a sticky energy that attaches to everything and
keeps on going, dragging them out of place, destroying the
alignments and positioning they once had, disrupting their very
delicate balance in this manner.
This is the primitive working frame of darkness. The more evolved
darkness is, however, not simply sticky. On higher levels of
consciousness what creates darkness is self-will, the focus on or
interest in something that is unhealthy. This interest is then the
attachment that creates imbalance.
Women are the classic example. The sexual interest of men has more
than once gotten the best of them, and will continue to do so until
they realize how this prevailing baser attitude toward women and the
reproductive process is not that of the Highest.
The level of interest is what pulls a person to one dimension of
existence or another?thoughts pull one to the level at which they
belong. Low thoughts pull the person to a low vibration - often
stranding the Being inside that level.... and inside those
thoughts...the fall disabling the ability to see further and to
escape the level to which they have fallen.

The drive is the path to different levels. The drive of abusive
sexual desire takes a person downwards. The drive and thirst for
enlightenment, freedom, and service, drives one to the top, to the
FATHER, because it is the nature of what exists at the highest
Level. When one takes on the highest level of interest, then he or
she IS AT the highest level of existence.
The choice is ours, but it must be made while there is still time
left to manifest the necessary changes into our very own
consciousness. These changes will then allow us as individuals to
ward off the darkside's overwhelming desire to keep us all prisoner,
or at least to destroy the very nature of Soul within us.
The time to make such a choice and manifest it into our realm of
existence to make it valid is rapidly running out. When will you
make yours?

In service . . still, Peter