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the causal plane, emotional blockages and morning sickness
The Causal Plane, Emotional Blockages and Morning Sickness

Peter Farley

The emotional body is also known as the causal body, and works on the quasi-5th and 6th dimensional planes at the best of times. That is why so many souls working on their emotional learning such as the Pleiadeans and the Lyrans reside on a 6th dimensional level. This is why people who have ascended along with the planet are or need to be working fiercely on resolving emotional issues or blockages in their emotional bodies. Situated in the 2nd chakra below the belly button, this chakra opens developmentally between the ages of 6 months to 2 1/2 years. It is situated over the digestive organs and emotional problems often cause eating and digestive disorders. Many people, especially many women, are obese because the emotional umbilical cord has not yet been cut from their mothers in order to allow them to develop their own emotional independence. EVERY gay male I have ever seen is blocked at this chakra, usually related to a failure also to cut this emotional umbilical cord to their mothers, although sometimes this is related to having an emotionally distant father - thus driving them to cling more to their mothers. Individual emotional issues dwell here but such generalizations can be made because of the nature of chakra development. Some children with 'overbearingly clinging parents' can actually take on the emotional bodies of one or both of their parents instead of creating their own during this developmental stage of their existences. Abuse issues also stunt people emotionally during this phase of their initial chakra development though once all opened initially the chakras go around again opening and developing more every 12 years of so, hence the major shifts in our lives every 12 years or so. Hence emotional issues also come up again directly affecting this chakra around 12 1/2 to 14 - 15 years of age. Make sense? Again in our mid-20s.

The Tibetan bells tapes help break up old emotional patterning since the sound of this plane is the tinkling of bells. These tapes are very 'discordant' but hence their ability (if you can listen to them very long) assists in breaking up the patterning. The triggering cell immunity music ( ) also works in similar waves only on the entire DNA/physical makeup.


(from Steve DeWitt)

The causal plane is above the astral plane and contains what is known as the time track. The time track is another way of saying that this is the region where the energy fields reside that represent our past and future experiences in the lower worlds.

Whenever we consciously recall a past experience, we are accessing the energy field of that experience. We call it a memory. Some experiences generate stronger energy fields than

others, which is why we remember some things better than others. All energy fields of the past experiences we can no longer consciously recall still exist on the causal plane; collectively we call them the subconscious. Instinct is another word used for past experiences, skills, or behaviors that we can access without conscious recall.

Our future experiences also reside on the causal plane; hence the name time track. However, these future experiences are only possibilities, not certainties. They are energy fields that would be experienced if our state of consciousness remained the same in the future as it is today, or if our development continued in the exact same manner as in the past. If we change our state of consciousness or the direction of our unfoldment, our future experiences change also. That's why it can be misleading to "read the future," i.e., access the potential future energy fields by clairvoyance or any other method. Our future will change whenever we, the creator of the energy fields in our lives, change.

*Locating and Releasing Emotional Body Blockages

from Ginny Katz—Chapter 22 - The physical body is made of atoms and their fundamental particles. These particles are manifestations of the positive, negative, and neutral qualities of Light and Sound. Light simply responds to what the Sound formulates. Therefore, atoms are not particles of matter at all, but formulations of energy. When they are amassed in particular combinations, these energy packets are perceived as solid, material forms.

Another energetic component of the body is its blueprints. Blueprints organize the formulations of energy and direct their function. (Note: This is calledmorphogenetic field theory in modern day science). Blueprints blocked and clouded by negative, entangled, or misaligned energies serve a purpose. They teach Soul the lessons It needs to be free of Its lower bodies and return to the Golden Kingdom. They help It correct spiritual imbalances and immaturities, which caused the disharmony to manifest. Blueprints also link Soul to its lower bodies, including the physical. Without this connection, people might choose to leave their physical bodies when life became difficult, in the hope that the after-life would bring joy.

Actually, the more difficult Soul's experience in life, the more rigidly It is attached to the physical body. Conversely, an individual in harmony with his or her lower bodies will experience life as a fluid reality-agreement. The connection between Soul and the physical body is supple and free.

The ability to explore heaven and move among the lower bodies lies in direct proportion to one's neutrality. True spiritual masters have mastered this neutral state to move at will from one arena of consciousness to another. (Note: Surrender brings about this state of neutrality because one is not attached to outcomes.)

Therefore, if you are in the face of great difficulties, whether they are illnesses or disharmonies with loved ones, business associates, or friends; if your mind is wrought with confusion or your emotions are knots of grief, jealousy or anger, take heart. Your salvation from these states lies in your ability to become neutral.

Relax and recognize you are not your physical body, your tumultuous emotions, nor the machine, which is your mind. You are Soul.

Soul has physical and subtle bodies because It has made an agreement with Its Creator. Soul was not forced to take on lower bodies. This narrow view of life is sometimes adopted to shirk responsibility for difficulties. `Ah,' some say, `it wasn't me who wanted these problems. No, it was God. God demanded that I take on these lower bodies and because I am God's servant, I obeyed. So, here I am. Woe is me' (the victim state of consciousness — or irresponsibility).

Soul, thou art not a servant of God nor are ye God Itself. Thy destiny is to be a co-worker with It.

To attain such a position, you go to school. Liken this to a son or daughter who aspires to be a full partner in his or her father's law firm. Let's assume the ambition is not just born of family tradition. It is born out of Soul's desire to pursue that goal.

Such a child cannot become a partner in a law firm without the proper schooling. He or she must pass all the necessary years of classes and then graduate. The school knowledge is first put into practice during an apprenticeship. As experience gradually builds in the `real world' of law, the son or daughter rises through the ranks of the law firm as a full attorney.

Eventually the lawyer is seasoned by experience, toughened by failure, and encouraged by successes and accomplishments. He or she gains stamina after learning the value of persistence and unfaltering attention to a goal. Only then, perhaps, will the son or daughter become eligible for partnership. This period of eligibility, however, may stretch on for some years without apparent fruition.

During these years, the candidate's focus on the goal must be at the forefront of both heart and mind. Others with seemingly less experience and achievements may attain partnership first. Patience and a true love for the law are tested and developed during this period.

Finally the candidate passes all the inner and outer tests leading to the goal. The partnership committee and his or her father, who is the president of the firm, grant a full partnership in the law office.

Soul is the child who wishes to work in partnership with Its Creator, (which actually has no gender). The position of partnership represents a state of consciousness called God Realization. Soul may periodically visit this state for many years. But when It finally dwells there, It is recognized as a co-worker with God.

To fulfill this goal, Soul willingly takes on lower bodies and attends the earthly academy of life. While there, each spiritual achievement signifies the completion of a cycle of intensive schooling. Each represents more advanced levels of education. At the Fifth Spiritual Achievement, it is finally time for Soul to `practice' what It has learned.

To further the partnership analogy, Soul's classrooms are all Its many lifetimes and experiences in the lower worlds. There It unfolds Its relationship with Its lower bodies. Eventually It becomes aware of Its true nature and relationship with Spirit and Its Creator. This is Self-Realization.

But this understanding, or awakening, is not all that is required. It is only one graduation. Now Soul must enter into life, in the same way the law student must apprentice with the partners in the firm. Soul must apply what it has learned to everyday life.

Can It survive the attention-detractor s? Can It keep Its goal—the God-Conscious state—clearly in mind? It requires unwavering attention and loyalty.

Self-Realization, which Soul can enter fully at the Fifth Spiritual Achievement, is only a step. One must master more and more of the tools Spirit has provided for unfoldment. These include the lower bodies themselves. Gradually Soul works more and more directly with the Sound and Light Current, while mastering balance, control, and beingness in Its physical, emotional, causal, mental, and subconscious bodies.

At times, mastership may seem an eternity away, as you continue to practice co-workership. With so many lessons to sort out from Soul's past incarnations, it seems there can't possibly be more to learn. Yet life repeats situations you thought you'd mastered before.

If you feel this way, you probably have learned certain parts of a lesson. But a cycle will return until you have mastered it fully. Each time it touches your life, you have another opportunity to expand your viewpoint and advance on the spiritual path.

In your despair while going through these experiences, you learn patience, yes.

But the true lesson behind the grief, the feelings of abandonment and the questioning, is that of neutrality. Soul must become a loving force for this great quality and characteristic of Spirit Itself: loving detachment.

Exercise: Locating and Releasing Emotional Body Blockages

A second exercise will locate emotional `traffic jams'. These are the areas of the emotional body that have the greatest collections of excess energy. You can then release and disperse these congestions. This technique will also stimulate circulation between your astral andphysical bodies.

Begin by breathing into your chakra centers as described in the previous exercise.

Now, breath into your right leg. Pretend it is a long, thin lung. With the inhale, feel your breath reach down to your toes. As you exhale, feel a subtle tingly sensation. This is due to increased energies nourishing the area.

Keep breathing until you feel this tingly sensation throughout your leg. If you still don't feel anything after a minute or so, proceed to the left leg. It may take a few practice sessions before you are able to sense more energy in the various parts of your body.

Repeat the process with the right and left arms. We work on extremities first, because it's easier to isolate the tingling feeling in them.

Now, breathe into your back. If you wish, you can do just the upper part first, and then the lower part. Next, breathe into your abdomen, chest, shoulders and neck, then the back of your head and your face. Each of these areas can also be divided into right and left halves and treated separately.

Take note of which areas of your body resist the tingly sensation. They are the ones that harbor blockages.

I stopped my breathing for a moment and asked, "What if one doesn't feel the sensation anywhere in the body?"

Try relying on your knowingness. Perhaps the tingling sensation will not be felt in the various parts of the body but within the heart, as a feeling of openness.

When you are finished, go back to the areas where you felt blockages. There are several things you can do to help open these zones. Imagine the congestion as a pile of jumbled toothpicks. Straighten them out so they all lie in one direction, or move them so that they are not as concentrated.

This will encourage the needle-like fibers in the astral body to become less tangled.

Or give the area love. When you have positive input reflecting on the photographic plates of your mind, it rearranges the lower bodies.

Another method is to imagine a stream of water flowing through the area. Let it clear out all the obstructions in its path. Or, flood it with the seven healing colors of the rainbow, one color at a time.

You could also use a therapeutic Diamond to help open these areas as well. (A Herkimer Diamond is actually more efficient in this than a real diamond).