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The Children 's Version of Orion
What is the message to be understood from Peterīs posts?

Dear One,

You are already aware of the meanings behind what is said. If you
were to translate the info for the understanding of children it would
be like this...

Once upon a time in a galaxy far far away, there was a place called Orion. There
was a soul who saw this world of Orion and saw the peoples
there were only living as tribes and with no technologies. He decided
he would incarnate, or be born, to this world so he could help them
advance faster. So on this world there came to be born a man that
seemed to be more than a man and he was called Antares. To the
existing peoples he was a god because he had many powers they didnīt
understand. He brought many changes to their way of life over many
hundreds and thousands of years. Now he didnīt live all those years in
one body, but every couple of hundred years or so he would be born again
into a new body. This new body would pick up where the last one left
off and increase the control as needed for the further advances the
world had gained. He understood the nature of soul evolution and
thought he knew better than the FATHER and took it upon himself to
govern and dictate the way in which the native peoples grew and
learned. He made sure that they were kept distracted by science and
technology. He set up systems that would continue to keep the people
focused on material things and to distrust things of the heart, even
when he wasnīt there. He made complicated machines to teach the
people how to be, how to think, and what to believe. The people didnīt
know the machines were used for that purpose and there were a good
many types of machines controlling them that they didnīt even know
existed. Antares took away their ability to evolve their souls
properly and didnīt let them know of the FATHER. Those people that did
learn of the FATHER on their own or began to question they way they
lived, he sent to prisons and taught the rest of the people to be
afraid of them. Wars were invented to hide the extermination of
peoples that were different or might have caused problems with the
total control of the people.

Now you must also know that the FATHER is the SOURCE of all, the
Prime Creator of all worlds, of all souls, of all life. HE has a plan
which flows naturally with Love that allows people to evolve their
souls over many lifetimes through various experiences that promote
growth and learning and understanding. This process takes a lot of
time and it shouldnīt be rushed and it ultimately cannot be
controlled. When beings like Antares try to control it things turn
into chaos and the lives no longer are able to impart the growth and
learning necessary for the evolution of the soul. They become trapped
in a prison that is self perpetuating and only surrender to the FATHER
can release the soul from such a prison.

Yes, some words will need defining depending on the age of the child.
This also promotes an expanded vocabulary as well as getting them to
discuss the subject rather than just accepting the reading of a story.

With Loving Guidance
RAJ and the Spiritual Hierarchy

In Service, betsy