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the choice to embrace or leave gaia - earth
the following channeling here addresses the Grid work that is so desperately needed to shut down the Grid \'bomb\' that has been implanted and is set to go off the 12th. We are getting some assistance to help get this done but it is a mind-blowing project. Any donations or help you can give in the Southwest is greatly appreciated. If we do not succeed in this, then we may as well not plan for anything else positive for this planet\'s future. Wish us the best, Peter.

12/29/2005 02:02 AM

Dear People of the Earth,

We need the respect you have for the planet to rise at this moment so
that once and for all the awareness which you share with it is no longer
troubled by the interference of the darkness which hounds this planet as
well as yourselves.

We need you to respect the connection which you share with the Mother
that endures your presence when you destroy her beauty by using your
pollution machines, and your gases that attack the atmosphere
transferring energy from the fossil combustibles that remained there for
thousands for years, bedding the history of those that created it, and
using their energy now to destroy that which allowed them to live so
long ago.

The reason we ask that you do this right now is that your time is
running very short as you breath and read this, no matter if it is
standing at a pedestal, or sitting on a chair, for each of you chooses
your own place in the history that you create.

The motion of the planet has taken the lead of a new age now, as many
had foreseen things are in a way turning out better than was expected by
many of those that were able to see into the predictions of a distant or
close future.

The misplacement of Dark Hierarchy\'s trust on their most powerful dark
angels has led them to certain failures which they hadn\'t seen coming.
However, they found a nice way to help themselves in still keeping the
main steer over the Planet\'s imprisonment - they have set up a bomb that
will go off near the beginning of January.

Choosing unhealthy life patterns to say the least, is what led you into
such a state of imbalance. The choice to prove that senseless
exploitation was and still is the path that humanity chooses to accept
without complaining at all, is the downfall of those who indeed hold the
power to rise and bring forth a new future filled with freedom of real
choice, and knowledge of the truth, to all that inhabit the planet.

If there was no will to improve, then there was will to continue being a

There are implants on the Grid of Earth. Some of these are time bombs
set to explode near the beginning of January. The explosion will sever
the connections of many to the Mother Earth Gaia consciousness. And this
will cause them to become altogether separated and even less concerned
with matters of Love and of Light pertaining to what is going on with
the Planet and its inhabitants.

They will collapse the personal link that many have to the Planet, and
further cause them to care nothing about what happens - having them
become less sensitive to the situation of the now, so to say.

This will improve the tolerance to exploits. This will open new doors to
the systems of exploitation of people and nature as a whole.

This will open the door for senseless wars and discrimination of ethical
groups that deserve respect but get exploitation instead.

This will open the doors to new levels of slavery and blindness. These
blindfolds will be harder to remove than ever before. You will not care,
you will not mind being blind. And this is not voluntary, it is an
aggravation over the already present lack of concern to yourself and
your surroundings.

Love will be lost and this will cause another fall on the level of
planetary consciousness, allowing it to be IMPRISONED ON THE 3RD DIMENSION.

Is that what you want? If it is not, then find your way to expressing
and FEELING Love towards you and your interaction to Earth, and your
fellow humans. Engrave this on your consciousness, and strengthen this
pattern on your auric fields by commanding it to become permanent.

This will create new connections that will hopefully lessen the effects
of the \"consciousness shattering bombs\". Your ability to remember what
Loving and BEING LOVED is, will determine how the history of this Planet
turns out to be. You are the ones who bring and carry on to the Love
that nurtures life. No one will do it for you - so make a choice - do
you choose Love, or do you choose anything else but Love?

Creation is made of Love. The only place where darkness is present is
this Universe, Earth in particular. Is your choice to be with Creation,
or to be fooled and taken by the darkness inhabiting Earth? Be conscious
of your paths, so that you walk the road that is true to you.

Earth is vital to the healing of Creation from darkness. It is a Central
Sun portal, and is dearly connected to the highest level of the First
Super Universe. The FATHER can never be contaminated due to the nature
of the existence. But these dark beings try to sever the very connection
that others have to FATHER, and their ability to commune with IT.

They intend to server the connection to infinity, by holding ultimate
and complete control over all that exists. And the fastest way to do it,
is from the highest floor, taking the fastest way there is dominating Earth.

So, please, now is the time to think, and notice how connected you
really are to all this, and to realize what choices you truly wish to
take, and take them. Otherwise there will be nothing to regret losing in
the future... There won\'t even be a perception of what was lost, much
less a perspective of improvement over being imprisoned in slavery and
short sightedness.

Remember that no matter the choice, you are infinitely loved at ALL
times. The ability to feel this love is one thing that is up to you. You
feel when you allow yourself to feel. True and highest Love will reach
all who search for it. As do The Truth and The Light for who seek to see
it. It is a choice to see.

With loving regard and embracing arms,

RAJ - Creator of the Central Sun Consciousness, Arehmmzell and The
Spiritual Hierarchy of the Universe