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the coming pandemic - part 1
The Coming Pandemic - Part 1

by Peter Farley

Joe\'s question and Guidance\'s answer to him the other day about what will specifically be needed by the individual in terms of health in the coming days brings up the subject of what Guidance has had me working on for the past couple of months -- an approaching viral pandemic that will affect millions.

The oil price scam has nothing to do with the cost or price of oil. More than anything it is part of the New World Order\'s plan to shut down the availability of travel to the common person, to further constrict the walls of a social prison where people still think they are not slaves but instead are \'free\'.

Every \'prophetic\' vision of the future sees \'travel zones or restricted zones in which people live and the necessity for \'permits\' of some type to go from area to area, zone to zone. The efficacy of this Great Plan in limiting the average person\'s mobility is obvious when one knows that over the past century people have come up with many cheap or virtually free methods of making engines that take cars across the country on a single tank of gas or even less . . . One man I knew of in the 1970s invented one such engine and when he refused to sell the invention to \'big business\' he gradually began to find LSD was being secretly placed in his food, the drug making him act very strangely to the point that many were trying to have him committed.

Mankind has been restricted to the internal combustion engine and its reliance on gasoline simply for the purpose of making society dependent on this type of technology and of course on the gasoline and derivatives on which they run. Why? For more profits? When corporate Big Brother already pretty much controls all sources of capital and income, why would greater profit mean anything to them? No, keeping people emasculated and powerless by taking more and more of their energies (money, work, time)makes them further dependent on the New World Order controllers commonly known as Big Brother, of which government and business are only two hydra-heads.

Someone the other day prior to the Memorial Day weekend suggested we all get back at Big Oil by not traveling this weekend, not realizing that this is exactly the result the New World Order desires. With increasing oil prices even air travel becomes more restrictive as well, not to mention when combined with the greater hassles in flying caused by the New World Order created 9/11 emergency.

Herding people into the cities by driving them off the land (the 1970s), by making work scarce in rural communities for graduating students, by initially making vehicles and travel seem `cheap\', only serves also to show this city-prison plan that has emerged as the predominant goal of this millennia-old paradigm. In cities centered around the \'central crystal\' or Urban Business District located on major grid-line intersections, people become nothing more than energy sources for the New World Order controllers and their nefarious purposes, batteries as the Matrix series of movies tried to tell us.

As the Spiritual Hierarchy said in one past channeling: \"\"The cities and general areas where there is much fear, stress, boredom and general unhappiness with life altogether, are usually the areas from where darkness is able to make a good energy harvest.

\"Not strangely, fear resonates with this type of control and is the main force behind the mechanics of self-willed control. Fear of a non-desired outcome and directed into shaping results is the very energy harnessed by the dark lords. It is also the same type of energy emanated by the general population of every major city in the US and indeed, the entire PLANET as a whole.

\"This energy is easily transformed by them in order to fuel their research and other resources for their purpose as dominators of this planet.\"