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The Common Man
11/25/2005 19:28
From Artola and the Council of the Light
(thru Andre)

The star seedings in primordial times were excessively traumatizing
to the original genetic pool of human beings already on planet
Earth. These original human beings were of an exceedingly older
purpose for the planet, and desired to grow outside of the bindings
set forth for them. They were extremely overwhelmed by the will to
grow out of the shape imposed upon them by the "superior" enslaver
race, and so they began to contest this imposed will of their
masters. The will to become free was far grander than the will to be
docile and stay under control. This was a very very long time ago,
and so it is again now.

The original purpose of all Beings in existence is to outgrow their
limitations and to ascend to higher levels of Beingness and of
cosmic knowledge concerning their own heritage and divine purpose.
The will to change over time, over ever shorter periods of time,
ever faster than their predecessors, is innate in all people. This
will to become closer to GOD, to evolve back into the place from
where the seed once came, is the exact motivation of all life even
before it begins, before taking on any initial shape. The precursory
shape of men was a spark that led into the heavens, back from whence
it came; so it was that it had the purpose of constructing the gate
back into the sacred womb, the interior and the exterior alike,
where nothing made a difference, and all was, is and will ever be,

The divine purpose to serve 'the lesser gods' is a fool's errand.
There is no service to any of these gods, for the nature of a lord
is not the same as the nature of the true Gods, referring to those
who are permanently connected to the Original Source of All
Creation - The FATHER. The true Gods rule over no one, and simply
serve as propagators of the divine Will to expand Creation as a
whole, opposing the personal agendas involved in the enslavement of
mankind as it is being felt today. The divinity that makes these
Beings so enlightened and so grand is nothing short of what can be
achieved by those that walk as men on the world today, it is the
surrender mentioned so many times, the will to become an extension
of Creation and channel its Light and its Love to all.

So, once again we see that these fake gods face a rebellion alike to
that once experienced when they first became enslavers of free will,
bending it into self will and into the blindness that freedom is a
limited choice with limited options, the choice they now offer to
their "enslaved citizens" of this planet.

The offer to oppose this enslavement is now given do bluntly as if
it has no secret to it because it is so common to be a slave. It
should just as well be common to have the will to break free. This
is done by those led into such places as this list, like the ones
met by men like Peter who work to restore freedom using the process
of heart (before it shatters altogether), bringing new men and women
to the knowledge of their original and ever-present power to affect
their world. It is those who are oppressed and harmed more directly
who usually find their way and are eager to help, much more so than
those who still "have it easy" so to speak.

Bob Bower's decision to help Peter an others disassemble the wiring
of consciousness from the Grid that leads into central fear
exploitation facilities such as the one located in the San Luis
Valley, shows how remarkable a hero can come from the "common" man.
There is, however, no common man, for each is different. What is
common is the lie offered, the lie that fear is the only option to
those who are being attacked.

There are more flavors of what can be done than the the New World
Order obviously displays in their showcase. There are the additional
flavors of:
"the search and dissemination of truth",
"right action against exploitation",
"courage to see and challenge reality",
"self love and expression of the will to be healed"

and the grandest yet least chosen of all

"Surrender into service to Creation",

the one most often feared because of its healing effects and how
surrendering seems to burn into dust the ego that most perceive as
their own true selves. Losing the ego is the greatest step towards
breaking free from all control for ego itself is the initial flaw
that interrupted the infinite flow of divine light, in other words,
Freedom; freedom of choice and of being.

The disruption of the San Luis Valley's energy supply through the
Grid is a grand but palleative achievement. The best and final
solution to this matter would be the disruption of fear production
altogether, as if their methods no longer worked in causing the
energy the dark side are currently able to retrieve from the use of
their negative work.

The need for healing comes before the need for work and worrying
about what is taking place on the other side of the world. It takes
priority to how often you will 'get laid', or if you will be
promoted or have problems with your kids. Fear fades once there is
the release of attachment and the surrender of the control over how
things will turn out in every aspect of your life.

Control was never meant for man, it was never assumed by the
Spiritual Hierarchy, the ones connected to Creation, and where it is
not present amongt the highest, it is very very far from being the
best choice as to how indivialized beings separated from the Father
by their egos should be living their lives. It is an illusion, and
brings only more separation in how it pollutes the flow of life with
artificial events, born out of egocentric and the dark will to
control everything and everyone.

The will to control has to be released,and, along with fear and
attachment, must be left behind.

These dark facilities are able to dominate only so far as there is
the possibility of someone becoming controlled. The opposite of
freedom is control, control over outcomes, artificial creation.
People become "free" of darkness when they are no longer controlled
by it, and they become free of self will, of the ego, when they let
go of the self-will to control... and with it there is the release
of all concern over how things turn out. It is then that fear is

The people in these areas affected more directly by underground or
sometimes even overground multidimensional facilities run by the
dark forces, are usually the main source of energy as to how these
bases unfold in their potence and advancement through researching
new methods for the future. And the research will continue as long
as there is the existence of fear that binds humans to control, and
as long as there is no will to step forth and disrupt "the link we
have both inside ourselves and outside our bodies, which likens us
to the sheep that follow without ever wondering the power that we
have to face one wolf with our power of a hundred".

The will to rise as Bob has is always the first step, and the
opening of a new door to the outside of the prison, with a sometimes
blinding Light coming through it. Walking through that Light is not
scary when you want to embrace it without fear. And it is so much
more fun when there are others that will come through it with you in
understanding and joining in the achieving of that goal.

Artola and the Council of the Light