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the creator son on sex and marriage
The Creator Son on Sex and Marriage
Through Ceanne DeRohann

“Many of the problems now on earth (and with the family relationship) can be traced to sex without love, or sex with only conditional love. The Spiritual Sanctity of sex is not in its right place when sex is treated as something dirty, funny or less than sacred. Sex is not to be placed outside of My Loving Acceptance by being labeled something to be outgrown or given up when Spiritual awareness is seriously sought. Sex is not meant to be evil, base, lustful, animalistic or any of the other judgements it has received.

“The questions some people raise about loose sex are founded in a feeling that something isn’t right about it, but it is sex without Love and not sex without societal approval that brings these feelings. Each person must be responsible for himself about this, as no one yet can determine for another on earth whether Love is present or not. Just trying to be present to determine this effects the flow between the people, and this is why it is not a matter of settlement by any other than the people involved.

“. . . The reason an emphasis is being put on sex in relationship to this is when people have sex together, they open their energy fields to one another and everything they have in their energy fields mingles together. If there is pain, it is passed back and forth. If there is fear, anger or doubt, this mingles. Anything that is held in the energy field is mingled together during sex. The people involved really do open to each other at all levels of their existence. If the ones involved claim they have only Love and do not accept any of the dissatisfied undercurrents they have, they are having sex in the presence of denial.

“. . . The way to resolve situations between people now on earth is not going to be as easy as it would have been if it had been done initially because so many are conditioned away from straightforward expression of their feelings. This conditioning has created a much bigger charge of unexpressed emotion than existed originally. None the less, it can be resolved.

“Originally, only self-denial was taking place on Earth as no one had as yet thought of overpowering another. The denial present was the denial agreed upon by the Spirits there. Overpowering came later when many Spirits, who did not have the same ways of learning as the Earth did, entered Earth. These Spirits exerted strong influence on Earth to desert her own path and instead follow theirs. The openings these Spirits found to do this through were the denials already present on Earth., which they then steadily increased. If, in the beginning, the way to clear these undercurrents and denials had been known, this situation would have been resolved immediately. Since it was not known, the experience that has been taking place has been necessary in order to learn. . . “


As a companion piece to this channeling of Ceanne’s, Guidance has had me once again add this part of a 2001 channeling of Mila through Karen Danrich to help make you aware of where these old thought forms come from and what they are in order to better help you clear yourself of them without so much guilt, blame, shame and trauma. It just is. Resolve it, let it go, and then keep moving forward or else be turned into a metaphorical pillar of salt just as Lot’s wife supposedly was (nuclear blast).

Your current civilization is the second human civilization to rise since the era of the Annunaki. Each prior civilization has risen and then destroyed themselves in a nuclear holocaust just like their predecessors. Earth is on the brink of experiencing this yet once again, except for the small numbers of humans whom are choosing to ascend upon the surface of the Earth. This small number of ascending humans combined with those of the inner Earth, which is the smallest group representing an entire species upon any ascending planet or star in the entire history of all creations within your ovum, is altering the course of Earth’s history.

This small group of humans, of which many reading this material are a part, is choosing to release the karma incurred in the reign of the Annunaki. In so doing a new future may unfold, and all may change. These small numbers of humans are anchoring a new Divine Plan for Earth and the human species, one that allows for an awakening of more of the human populace and a biological ascension of Earth to the next dimension over the coming 1000 years.
We of the Great Central Sun tell you, our brothers and sisters in human form, that the winds of change are upon you! Nothing, nothing will remain the same. All shall change, and that which does not change shall perish in physicality. The change is the result of the rectification of energy flow after a long period of non-change in which the self-perpetuating thought-form locked everything upon Earth into the same endless dance of patterns. The self-perpetuating thought-form is now beginning to break up, and this allows for the Language of Light, the unity based thought-form that is emerging amongst ascending species, to take hold global wide upon your planet.

What does this mean exactly, a new Divine Plan and the breakdown of the current thought-form that the human species relies upon? It means that your civilization as you know it shall begin to crumble. Many may not realize that your civilization is very fragile, as it is founded upon a small set of thought-forms that were created to hold a limited slave race under the dominion of the Annunaki. Such thought-form is so limited that it is based upon only 18 concepts, and as these concepts are shattered, much like the rug being pulled out from under you, the foundation that humanity believes shall always be there shall crumble.

Many of you have prayed for an awakening of mankind and for more of your human brothers and sisters to ascend. Indeed this has been granted by the Intervention of the One Source, or the Source of All as a part of the Easter Blessings administered to Earth as of late. As such, a new era shall now emerge, and shall have different consequences than if fewer humans ever awakened and ascended. It is our wish to bring to light such changes so that the map makers of ascension and those paving the way for others to follow can be aware of the impending shifts in your collective consciousness ahead.
What are these 18 thought-forms? We bring them to your awareness so that you may choose, as an ascending human, to release them and embrace a unity based thought-form in their place. What is the unity-based thought-form? It is nothing other than the Language of Light (see "Language of Light" upon our web site.) In so doing, your current foundation shall crumble, making way to a new foundation that shall be well in place as civilization falls apart. This is necessary, as many ascending ahead of time are the new leadership for the human race. For who is going to be there as civilization crumbles? Who is going to tell your brothers and sisters, "This way! This is what we can create now! And it can be founded upon equality, joy, unity and love!" Is this not your job beloved? Is this not why you are ascending now?

Each of these 18 thought-forms is self-perpetuating in nature. Many lifetimes have been lived as examples of such thought-forms. We will take the first thought-form, which is "Slavery" and explain. There have been hundreds of lifetimes in any initiate’s ancestry in which one’s ancestor has been either the master or the slave. For every lifetime as master, there must be one as slave in counterbalance. However, there is no manner out of the dance of master/slave, as there is no thought-form provided to allow for the transcendence. Therefore, the ancestry simply repeats the experience of master and then slave, master and then slave, master and then slave, forever, or until transcendence and ascension begins. Ascension shall break the cycle of each of these thought-forms for all ancestors incarnate over time. In so doing, ascending humans can work themselves out of their current paradigm of slavery into a new one of freedom and unity.

Those that are mastering unity consciousness in ascension are map making a new thought-form to replace those that are self-perpetuating in nature. The foundation of this new thought-form is known as the 10 octaves of love within the Language of Light. The 10 octaves of love are founded upon 10 concepts known as forgiveness, truth, non-conditional love, compassion, freedom, and breath of life, divine union, unity, and non-conditional governance. As one transcends each of these 18 self-perpetuating thought-forms in the act of ascension, they embrace a new foundation based upon the 10 octaves of love. (See "The Ten Octaves of Love" upon our web site for more detailed information about the foundation of the Language of Light).

The thought-form of slavery effects humans in a multitude of ways. We invite each reading this material to look at where they in their life expression are currently enslaved by another. There is enslavement to the job, to the family, and to the mortgage. There is enslavement to friends that are not friendships of love, but one’s of duty and obligation. And there is enslavement to one’s current place of residence. All such enslavement is related to attachment between the etheric body and the person, place or object that one is attached to. Such attachment is gradually released as one lifts up in vibration and ascends, causing the cords to be severed, allowing one to become free.
As one is freed, one may not pay the bills any more, or the taxes, or one may leave the marriage, leave the family, and leave the friends that they do not love behind, and move to a place that brings their heart joy. And this all is the result of pent-up change from one’s ancestry. For your ancestry has been enslaved by the same "others" and "region" for 30,000 years beloved! It is why perhaps the sense of freedom that occurs as those whom are ascending release the bonds that have enslaved them for so long is so great, so joyous, so magnificent! Allow the joy as the freedom occurs, and know that you are freeing yourself for all ancestries that have been enslaved by another over time.
For some, the history of slavery has been more recent, as in the African American story. However, understand that all humans related to the slave race are enslaved, whether one’s life dance is a direct reflection of such an experience or an indirect one. How free are you really? The current human dance is far from free, and even those of great wealth are just as enslaved by their dance as the ones that work to support their dominion. In the dance of slavery, all are enslaved, all are imprisoned, and all that ascend shall free themselves in due course.

This in and of itself, if great enough and by enough humans, shall cause the breakdown of civilization. For what if the vast majority in your country of origin refuses to pay the taxes beloved? Would not the country break down in a year for lack of funds? If enough ascend, there shall be a tax revolt, and this shall be a reflection of the collective populations freeing themselves from their enslaved state. Our channel shall not cause this, but rather the ascension of larger numbers of humans global wide! As these thought-forms apply not only to individual relations, but group relations and all of civilization at large.

And what if large numbers of humans in their ascensions simply stop paying on the mortgage and credit card debts? What then? Will not your financial institutions collapse beloved? From our perspective, giving and receiving is so far out of balance in the human dance that a radical shift shall occur. Such is the nature of pent up change, to the degree it has been pent up, to that degree of extremity the rectification shall be. Your financial institutions are functioning under a false umbrella of seeming wealth. The wealth is sustained only as the masses continue to pay upon the credit, or continue to use the credit, or continue to believe in the high cost of living and housing and pay upon the mortgage. What if the masses suddenly refuse to pay? What then? It shall all collapse. And humans shall refuse to pay and leave such homes and debts behind the further that they ascend, as ascension brings about freedom from all that enslaves one’s current life expression.

The thought-form of manipulation effects humans in many ways. In your current dance, it is often deemed more appropriate to manipulate another into doing one’s bidding than directly communicating one’s needs. This is slave communication directly related to the slave race, which were prohibited from directly communicating their needs, wants, desires, feelings or experiences to the Annunaki. Indeed, the Annunaki perceived the slaves as "pets". Pets do not have import other than the pleasure that the pet gives, and certainly does not have a consciousness that is deemed of great import.

Often the indirect communication occurs with those in one’s life expression of direct Annunaki lineage, for these are the ones that one is prohibited from expressing to. However, there are so many with direct lineage to the Annunaki, and often such humans hold power over others or are in positions of authority of one sort or another. There may be more than one of such individual in any ascending human’s life dance as there are so many with connection to the Annunaki.

The slaves had no power as the Annunaki as master held all power. It is therefore the nature of those of slave inheritance to give their power to those of the Annunaki inheritance in the life dance. Such humans with Annunaki inheritance take power from all those of slave inheritance surrounding them, and then utilize such power to inflate themselves into positions of power or authority. Often such acquire over time the position of boss, director, governor, president, or C.E.O. The greater the direct lineage to the Annunaki, the greater the power such humans have in the life expression.

As ascending humans clear their slave karma and thought-form, they shall cease to give power to the authorities of Annunaki inheritance. In retrieving the power given to authority figures, and if this occurs en mass, all humans currently with power or authority shall lose their power over time. Each human in power whom loses their power shall then create their own downfall, their own removal from office, or removal from the position of power that they had inflated themselves into. Over time, all of the old form of leadership and governance shall collapse allowing a new form of leadership to emerge from those whom are ascending.

Your current leadership is founded upon manipulation in full. Such leaders manipulate to attain their positions of authority, regardless of how they may appear in relation to public reputation. This is the result of the fact that the Annunaki manipulated for their power, stripping power from the seeded Red Race for dominion over Earth. Just like the Annunaki themselves, such current forms of authority figures run veils of illusion that allow them to appear perfect or to be perceived as what the masses wish to see in such a position. As the power is removed from such authority figures by the ascending masses, suddenly all of the dirty laundry under the veils of illusion shall be seen in the current governance! And what then? Shall not some countries impeach their presidents and overthrow their monarchies?

Many have heard that the time is coming that the dance of the secret governance shall be revealed in full. Such a dance involves most humans of great power world wide, and will they also not be implicated in such revelations? It is not our channel that shall reveal such information, as she is not privy to such information, but those whom know. Those that know will speak their truth at last, even if it causes them to be assassinated. Why? Ascending humans learn to stand in their truth and speak it. Those whom hold such secrets, if they ascend, shall feel called to speak their truth. And what then? Well, the cat will be out of the bag, and the masses shall respond according to the nature of the revelation.

What if you discover that your governance is adding viruses to the water to make the masses ill and keep them subservient? What if you discover that your governance is utilizing vibration to hold the evolution of the masses down? What if you discover that your governance had information that could heal most diseases, but refuses to share it out due to the desire to control the populace? What if you knew that your governance held blueprints for technological development that is magnetic and in resonance with Earth, but shelved it for their own greed? Think this is not so? Look again. Lift the veils beloved, and look. This is so, and soon those whom know it to be so shall speak their truth and there shall be a mass correction towards those in governance responsible for such things. They shall be impeached and thrown from office and imprisoned for harming the masses. Is this not how all change has occurred in your history? Was it not the French that overthrew their monarchy and beheaded them? Was this not a prelude to this time period ahead?

As ascending humans lift beyond manipulations of the governance, they shall cease to be controlled by the current governance and financial elite. They shall rebel en mass, and force corrections to the current regime in control that harm! The current governance harms beloved. They harm Earth through pollution, and they harm the masses in order to keep the masses subordinate and under their control. There is 30,000 years of pent up manipulations and control of the masses in your civilizations’ karmic records of a parallel nature. When karma is settled that has been pent up, the corrections equal the energy held in check. Much like an arrow that has been pulled back and back and back upon the bow, and is finally released. Does it not fly further than all others? In a parallel manner, the karma surrounding the control of human civilization has been pent up, and as it is corrected, it shall explode and change exponentially!
Where shall such change come from? We foresee grass movement after grass movement of protesters whom will not stand for the current governmental control! Why? Because the masses behind such movements shall ascend out of the subordination that they have been held under for 30,000 years! They shall refuse to be manipulated into subordination ever again, and shall demand equality for all. This shall over time bring changes to every aspect of civilization and a correction to the inequality and manipulations that has created homelessness and poverty, hunger and war.

The current human dance is founded upon control. One is controlled by the governance through the financial institutions, through the media, through the militia, through the police, through the IRS, through the CIA, along with all other positions of public authority. One is considered a good citizen if one behaves inside of the rules that civilization is constructed from. Is this not slave mentality beloved? Indeed the Annunaki created laws for the slaves to behave within, thinking them of lower consciousness than themselves and requiring such a thing. The seeded red race didn’t operate under such laws, as in unity they were simply not required. In unity, one only acts out of the greater good of the whole at all times, and in so doing, the very things outlawed in your current paradigm simply do not occur.

If one ascends, one moves under a new law, which is spiritual in nature and of a far higher authority than any human law, which is the law of harmlessness. If one embraces the laws of harmlessness, what use is your current paradigm of law? Harmlessness is a state in which one works in unity and non-conditional love with all other humans along with all other species. The current paradigm of law will have no use, particularly after the cleansing of those whom are not ascending in earth’s continued ascension.

As civilization is restructured, new laws and a new form of governance shall emerge. It shall emerge out of the paradigm of unity and harmlessness, as only those humans remaining shall have ascended into such a paradigm. Harmlessness does not seek to control another, but rather allows. In a state of harmlessness, one allows all others their dance in the greater understanding that life is a spiritual journey with many lessons, and often such lessons are best learned in the experience of the dance. It shall be in the dance of ascension that the remaining humans shall remember unity, and out of unity, shall not harm another again. Most laws outlaw harm of one sort or another, and therefore shall not be required. In so being, a new form of unity based law shall emerge.

There are other laws in the current paradigm that keeps the rich rich and the poor poor. These too shall require alteration as ascension brings forth balanced giving and receiving along with a state of abundance. In a state of abundance, only that which is needed is received, and all else is shared. Those that hoard to an excess such as the extreme rich shall perish or transcend, and in transcending, shall learn to share their resources to assist all others. For this is the unity paradigm in action, and in so doing, the poor shall cease to be poor and the needs of all shall be fulfilled upon.

The laws that hold the rich rich and poor poor shall likewise cease as humanity evolves out of such a paradigm. In so doing, new laws shall be founded that shall uphold the right of each human to be fed, sheltered, nurtured, honored, and to contribute to the whole of civilization in whatever manner that they can. Moving from the paradigm of control to honor shall not be an easy journey, for most humans have only remembrance of control, for so lengthy is your history of civilization based upon control that humans have forgotten the unity based law founded upon honor. In the forgetfulness, there shall be struggle to find a new way of relating and a new form of law that works and serves the whole. It may take close to a century for the new unity paradigm to be reflected in all areas of life expression, but this we see coming beloved.

There are some races that inherently remember unity-based law. These nations shall rise when the time is right and become living examples of a new form of community and law that honors. In paying attention to what works for such nations, the new law shall spread and become global in nature. The ascending nations shall lead humanity home to such a new state of relations and the new paradigm of honor. This shall occur as each ascending nation creates their own sovereignty from the world powers that be and are allowed to express their truth in full.

In the current human dance, there is an ongoing need to keep something hidden, that one is not to reveal "all of their cards", that one must lie and not be honest with another. Where did such behavior come from? The Annunaki did not share their cards with either the seeded red race or the slaves. They kept large secrets, and in the lack of knowing by all, manipulated the fate of Earth in a direction that perhaps would not have occurred if the cards had been laid upon the table. Those of Annunaki inheritance therefore are predisposed to keeping secrets, lying, cheating, or manipulating all events in their own favor to retain their own power, wealth or position of authority.

The slaves, on the other hand, had nothing to hide for they had no power. They were honest amongst one another, but learned to behave as the Annunaki wished or otherwise they were killed or sent to the mines from which no one ever returned alive. Therefore the slaves also learned to hide and hold secrets in order to survive. However the requirement to hold secrets to survive is very different from holding secrets to retain power, and create very different forms of dances in those humans related to one or both patterns.

In unity, one comes to a place of becoming one’s "authentic self". The authentic self hides nothing, for there is nothing to hide. If one truly understood that one’s ancestors along with all souls in observation of the human dance could see everything anyway, they would come to understand that secrets only occur upon the physical plane.

Oh, for a long time, many of Earth’s and human records had been erased in parallel patterns of secrecy or cover-ups of the prior spiritual elite or ascended masters of Earth, but such records are being recovered and recomposed through global ascension and human ascension. All of such secrets are coming to be known. In a similar manner to anticipated changes in world governance as the secrets of the secret government come to be understood, the spiritual hierarchies and ascended masters have been tossed from Earth for what they had perpetrated that did not honor the whole of Earth.

In a parallel manner to this, there are many souls whom ascended from the Pleiades to the Great Central Sun whom have perpetrated similar acts of discord and manipulation as the ascended masters upon Earth over time. Each of these likewise has been removed from the Great Central Sun as of late as the truth of their actions could be seen in full. And so it shall now occur in the physical of the human dance, for the nonphysical occurs prior to the physical. Just as all secrets have been revealed of those beings in dominion of Earth in Earth’s ascension, now all secrets held by all governance over the human form shall likewise come to light. In so doing, there shall be a parallel shift in governance and power as has occurred in the nonphysical realms related to Earth. For the nonphysical always precedes the physical.

As one moves towards their authentic self, one leaves shame behind. Shame is what causes one to hold secrets or hide this or that about oneself from others. Shame is a vibration that is electrical in nature and is transcended as one embraces harmlessness or embodies Bodhisattva in their personal ascension. As shame leaves, there is no need to hide anything, and one moves into authentic relations with all others.

In authentic relations, one feels however one feels in the moment. For those whom are ascending, one also recognizes that one is continually processing one’s inner-landscape, and sometimes there is great pain as one brings to consciousness the pain that one’s ancestors existed or died within. As the pain moves, one recovers and finds the joy again. The authentic self ceases to hide the pain that one may be in, as it is the way one feels in the moment. In ceasing to hide how one feels, one learns to embrace oneself as one is in the moment. As one embraces oneself unconditionally, one then learns to embrace all others unconditionally. This is the foundation of the Bodhisattva, the unconditional acceptance of all others in the dance of life.

Human relations change as others in a group become their authentic self and unconditionally accept one another. Competition ceases, and collaboration and cooperation begins. Our channel has created an organization that has gradually left competition behind and is emerging into the unity paradigm of collaboration as a collective. It has not been an easy journey and her "Notes to Our Affiliates" section upon the web site demonstrates the struggle inherent in altering group relations from secrecy, manipulation and control to the new unity paradigm. However, the experience also gives others an understanding of the changes ahead in group-relations for all humans as those that ascend shall alter the manner in which they relate to one another.

Ascension brings forth the desire to speak one’s truth. It is as one speaks their truth that the secrecy ends. For some, standing in their truth may be about telling their relative or parents about an incident that they had hidden for their entire life. For yet others standing in their truth may be about sharing their truth and their spiritual path with their friends, work mates or boss. For yet others, standing in their truth may be about stepping forth as a teacher of ascension. For yet others, standing in their truth may be about revealing secrets of their place of work or those in governance over the masses. It is from the authentic self that the desire to speak one’s truth flows.

For so long, one’s ancestry has not been able to voice their truth. For so long, and out of so much fear, one has learned to hide the truth and lie about what one believes. For so long, the fear of persecution or crucifixion has held humanity in check. The karma for crucifixion, which caused the experience of the one known as Christ in recent history, and this is only a repeat of countless other masters whom were likewise crucified in times past, has been released at last. The healing of the pattern of being crucified for standing in one’s truth has been healed by those whom are ascending whom have released such karma on behalf of all of mankind so that a new era of non-crucifixion may emerge.

As the fear of speaking the truth is lifted, ascending humans shall begin to speak their truth en mass. And it is out of such a phenomenon that the secrets of your governments shall come to light in full, and the reconstitution of your world power figures can begin. All of this shall come forth as more humans move into an authentic manner of relating to themselves and all others through the process of ascension.

Privacy and secrecy are related, but not quite the same. However, both are founded upon shame. It is out of shame that humans feel the need for privacy of any kind, whether it be in the act of taking a shower or using the toilet, to covering the body with clothing, to building a home in the midst of 20 acres of seclusion! All such expressions of privacy come from out of shame and the belief that there is something to be ashamed of.

Beloved, we see you when you are naked. We see you as you sit upon the john. We see you as you make love, or shower, or swim, or lie to your boss, or lie to your children, or choose to escape for any reason and be alone. Now, being alone or retreating from the world is not wrong. Indeed, even humans in the unity paradigm require such things to gain better focus upon their life lessons. And therefore we do not wish to confuse the need for privacy with time and space to reflect, process and integrate. Indeed, ascension is filled with reflection, processing and integration of a new foundation of unity, and therefore the time required for retreat by ascending humans shall be far greater perhaps than at another time of non-ascension.

However, we are speaking about privacy that is shame based. Your Sirian ancestors often lived in a tropical environment half-naked! They required not clothing, or privacy, as you know it as there was not shame. Indeed, some cultures such as the Polynesians or Aborigines were in such a state until discovery and "education" by the white man. Education into shame, that is.
As one ascends, the need for privacy for false reasons is left behind. In so doing, shame and modesty based upon shame recedes, and one learns to embrace themselves and all others in honor. The ascending communities of the future may not have curtains beloved, nor fences, nor windows and doors if they are not required for the purposes of retaining warmth inside of the house! There shall be no need for such things as all humans remaining upon Earth shall have ascended out of the thought-form of privacy based upon shame. In so doing, a very different culture, perhaps one more reminiscent of the Polynesians prior to the arrival of the white man, shall emerge.

Where did the concept of privacy come from? Why the Annunaki. The Annunaki kept the slaves separate, and they themselves had beautiful villa after villa of homes and temples for their own use. Those of Annunaki inheritance in present time are often wealthy enough to replicate such a manifestation in their current life dance, and in so doing, keep themselves separate or private from others. As the karma for such a dance is released, there shall be a return to unity and honor, and community founded upon equality, sharing and joy. This too we see ahead for the next era of human civilization.

Much like the privacy of the Annunaki, the Annunaki were also considered privileged and the slaves unprivileged. Indeed, the Annunaki held all the wealth and resources for themselves, and did not consider the slaves worthy of such things. The Annunaki created a two-class system, and indeed the class system of your current civilization is founded upon such thought-form to this day.

Privilege or exclusivity is based upon competition, in which one perceives themselves as better than and others as less than. In the unity paradigm, competition is left behind and one perceives all others as equal, as God Goddess in human form. It is only out of the thought-form of exclusivity that some humans related to the Annunaki can hoard to such excess that others starve upon the streets, or have no home to live within. Such humans hold on to their wealth to retain their sense of exclusivity.

The thought-form of exclusivity is held throughout the human expression; however, those with red inheritance shall remember the unity once known in their ancient ancestry. The unity was such a joyful state of being that allowing the concept of requiring exclusivity or a two-class system to die is not hard for those whom remember unity. The reason for this is that there is no authentic joy in competition or a two-class system.

Why is there not joy when others are less than or greater than oneself beloved? Joy cannot exist simultaneously with competition. Inherent in competition is non-joy, for joy and laughter and humor only occurs in a state of acceptance of self and others, and this requires equality. It is a great truth that humans can go into joy and equality in one moment, and then competition and judgment of self or others in the next. Why is this so? This is so due to the personality, ego and negative ego. As such aspects of self are integrated and transcended in ascension, gradually the persona is altered into a state of ongoing fluidity of the moment. The fluidity of moment allows one and all others to be where they are, and in so doing, unconditional acceptance is born. It is in a state of unconditional acceptance that joy and humor become the foundation for one’s life experience.

As the thought-form of exclusivity is transcended en mass by ascending humans, the class system that you currently know shall cease. It shall be through grass root movements demanding equality for all, food for all, clothing and shelter for all that such a shift shall occur. And this we see ahead for our human brothers and sisters upon Earth.

The thought-form of dominion creates a hierarchical system in which there is a ruling class, and there are those to be are ruled or governed. Indeed, the history of your species was one of a certain group known as the Annunaki that held all dominion, perceived themselves as God Goddess in human form, and created a slave race to dominate to prove it. Those related to the Annunaki will often perceive themselves as God Goddess and all others as subordinate, and from such thinking shall rise to power in their life dance holding dominion over others.

Dominion and domination are one and the same. When one has dominion over another, one can dominate. Domination can often include killing, torturing, abusing, murdering, slaughtering, undermining, or destroying the one whom is dominated. Indeed, did not the Annunaki slaughter the slaves if they were disobedient? Did they not send them to mine gold experiencing a torturous and short life span? Did they not use the slaves for self-gratification and sex? This is all a part of the genetic memories of the human species upon Earth.
Upon a group level, domination causes one nation to destroy another nation through war. Upon a planetary level, domination has also occurred over Earth whom has been used as a source of resources without regards to her purpose by humans recurrently since the Annunaki reign. In a parallel manner, those of Annunaki inheritance treat others out of domination, sometimes to the extreme of abuse, torture, or death through annihilation. It is also those of Annunaki inheritance that continue to pillage and pollute Earth to this day in your current civilization.

Earth is a conscious being, not something to be dominated over. All humans likewise are conscious beings, and are not to be dominated over. It is in the embracing of the unity paradigm in ascension that humans shall remember to live in equality and honor with one another and all other life forms again. From honor, one dominates only their own life expression, only one’s own truth and evolution as a member of the human species. As only ascending humans remain, as we see occurring in the coming quarter century, the dominion of those of Annunaki inheritance shall cease in the dance of your civilization. As this comes to be so, dominion and domination shall cease in the human expression altogether.

For the ascending human embracing unity, one may cease to wish to own property, particularly land. As one learns that the land belongs to Earth as a conscious being, one will cease to desire to control or have dominion over the land through ownership. We foresee that as all humans transcend ownership through ascension, future leaders and governance in human form shall outlaw ownership of the land altogether. It is also out of such ascending thought-form that abusing, polluting or harming Earth in any manner shall likewise be outlawed.


Usury and dominion are related, but not exactly the same. Usury is the result of dominion, for when one holds dominion over another, the other becomes like property and then is dispensable and can be used. Indeed, in the Annunaki dominion over the slaves, the slaves were property, and were bred to be used. It is from such karma that the current thought-form of usury remains in the human dance upon Earth.

Usury is not unlike prostitution. Prostitution is a funny thing. Men and women desire sex and often cannot find a loving partner to fulfill upon their wishes. Those willing to "sell" their sexual services do so, fulfilling upon the desire and dream of sex. The current governance then outlaws such services deeming them unethical! And yet such humans provide a service and give something to someone! They give of themselves in a manner that provides something in return, for which they are paid in kind. This is balanced giving and receiving, although perhaps not founded upon love. Love would only desire that which is given to be given in love, and often prostitution occurs in lust, or a state of numbness due to the lack of love or desire. And this is a sad thing, but not wrong.

How many others in your current human dance prostitute themselves in like manner, but are not deemed illegal for it? Many humans prostitute themselves by working long hours at a job that they hate for the money to support the family and pay the mortgage. Many humans prostitute themselves by subordinating to the boss and not speaking their truth. Many humans prostitute themselves by worshiping the latest actor or actress or millionaire or spiritual guru thereby searching for their truth outside of themselves. Prostitution is prostitution, whether it is legal or illegal in your current framework of law.

All prostitution is based upon usury. Is it not the slaves that were used for sex that has created your sexual prostitutes in present time? Is it not the slaves that were worked to death in the mines that has created your work prostitutes in present time? One prostitutes themselves any time one fails to stand in their truth beloved, and in so doing, one sets themselves up to be used.

Usury sees humans as property. Is it not because the prostitute is property that she can be used by either the client or pimp? Is it not because the employee is the property of the employer that the employer can use the employee? Is it not because the wife, child or husband is the property of the wife, child or husband that they can use one another? Is it not because the devotee is the property of the guru that the guru may use the devotee?
Usury is the foundation of your civilization. Many may not perceive this to be true as so thick are the veils of fantasy. It is the fantasy that causes one to believe that usury is love. Usury is not love, for there is not freedom in the usury. Love in a usury-based paradigm is founded upon ownership, and ownership is not love. Love allows. The current paradigm does not express love as allowance, but rather that love is filled with conditions upon which each must fulfill upon or be rejected, be dispensed of, or worse yet, be annihilated, crucified or killed.

As humans transcend usury, they shall be angry. They shall be angry at how they have prostituted themselves to another. They shall be angry at the manner that they have been used, and at those whom have used them. It may well be that as humanity transcends usury that there is uprising after uprising and demonstration after demonstration protesting all forms of usury or prostitution, regardless of nature. And this too we see as a part of the human future.

Dogma is based upon the concept of right and wrong. In your current human civilization, all law is based upon right and wrong. However, the laws sometimes are bent in the favor of the ruling class or those of great wealth. Therefore, the laws are not absolute. However, there are those whom would like to believe that the laws are absolute, and often such humans are your most fervent and dogmatic religious leaders. Such leaders rarely obey their own belief in absolute laws, and bend them in their own life dance, but preach about absolute law nonetheless. Occasionally, such an individual is caught with their pants down, or caught doing that which they preach to others is wrong, and then is thrown from their pedestal.

The concept of right or wrong is based upon a limited understanding of truth. Truth is so complex that there is no right or wrong, only experience, only understanding, only evolution or ascension, from the perspective of soul. However in the pairing down of human genetics, the understanding of the complex dance of truth was lost in human awareness, leaving in its wake the concepts of right and wrong.

Many currently in human form have no remembrance of their original lineages from the red seeded race. In the red lineages reside an innate understanding of unity and the complexity of truth. For those that do not choose to ascend and do not pull forth their original ancient ancestries, they shall continue in the dance of dogma in this incarnation. However, such individuals shall become ill the further that Earth ascends, and shall eventually become extinct within the human species altogether. For each that is going to ascend with Earth shall require rising above these limited 18 thought-forms that are self-perpetuating in nature.

It is the beliefs in right and wrong that have caused the wars between your nations over time. No nation is right or wrong. No religion is any more right than another. Most religions are founded upon dogma and therefore offer no real opportunity for spiritual evolution whatsoever. Therefore religion and spiritual practices as they have occurred over the past 30,000 years of human civilization have been dead-end streets to the original purpose of spirituality.
The original purpose of spirituality is to evolve through understanding the lessons of soul in any incarnation in the physical. In order to understand soul, one must have a clear connection to the nonphysical realms and hear, see and experience their dreamtime reality. The ability to experience dreamtime was genetically removed from the slave race, causing them to only experience the physical plane. It is out of a non-understanding of the nonphysical realms that non-evolution occurs.

The Annunaki themselves suffered from this problem also. They sought immortality in the misunderstanding of the purpose that soul takes form. They transferred their own misunderstandings to their slave race, whom were manufactured from their own genetics. In many respects, the slave race were a reflection to the Annunaki of how lost that they as humans had become, as lost as the slaves. For one cannot enslave another without becoming enslaved oneself to the prison that one has created.

It is dogma that enslaves. It is dogma that allows one to perceive one self as so "right" that one has the right to kill another or a group of others. In the end of their reign, the Annunaki perceived themselves as so "right" that they could destroy Earth in the battle. This is a telltale sign that they had fallen prey to their own thought-form of dogma, and all thought-forms inherent in the slaves.

For how could one manufacture a thought-form for a slave race and then not partake in the very thought-form oneself as master? One cannot. And so the Annunaki created their own fall in their own dance and belief that they were God/Goddess in form, and the purpose of God Goddess was to "create life". Out of such a thought, they created life in the form of the slaves. The purpose of the human dance is not to create life, but to experience life and allow soul to learn its lessons. And this also is the true purpose of spirituality, for soul to learn, grow, evolve and ascend. There is no other purpose to existence from the perspective of the Great Central Sun.

The thought-form of arrogance is one that is related to the belief that one knows it all. In believing that one knows it all, evolution ceases. For evolution can only begin when one perceives that they know very little, and then strive to know more, and then evolution can begin. Evolution begins with the quest, the quest to understand, and the quest to rise above what one has always known. Arrogance is an opposing force to evolution, for in its very nature, it believes that there is nothing to learn, and nothing to rise above.
In the human records of your current metaphysical and spiritual movement that have been assessed by the Great Central Sun, there is little evolution occurring in any such movements. However, such humans often preach that there is evolution and that they are moving towards another dimension, and that they are evolving, growing, and ascending. And yet are they really? Underlying many metaphysical teachings is great arrogance or the belief that all is known. How can one ascend into the unknown if all is known? It is not possible.

We see that many of such movements have simply created their own self-perpetuating thought-form that keeps those affiliated in non-evolution and non-awakening under the guise of bringing forth an awakening. A true awakening requires that one move out of arrogance and understand how little the human form upon Earth truly remembers. You remember so little that the thought that you know it all is absurd from the point of view of the souls in the Great Central Sun.

One can create dogma out of any preaching. Therefore we advise those whom are awakening not to tune into the dogma of others, but to tune inward and open to their inner-landscape and begin to ascend. Ascension is an inner job that requires a state of non-arrogance and understanding that you know little, and are now going to give up what you know and embrace a new foundation of thought-form. Those that are leadership whom are ascending will continually change, continually bring forth new information, and continually share a new level of understanding of the human dance. Those that are not shall share the same information over and over again, as if it is all that there is, and as if it is the only truth. Ascending humans can learn to then distinguish between ascending and non-ascending information.

The thought-form of fantasy is one manner that the Annunaki prevented the slaves from awakening to an understanding of the nonphysical realms that surrounded them. They allotted all nonphysical occurrences to the realms of fantasy and told the slaves that such things were not real. This was to prevent the slaves from awakening to enough of a degree that they would rebel against the Annunaki. Over time there were millions of slaves, and if they wished to overrun the Annunaki, they easily could have. In restraining the slaves from awakening, they would never rebel, and indeed they did not.

Fantasy realities abound that the Annunaki put in place to restrain their slave race from evolution. Such realities are utilized by humanity today in the creation of theater, movies, song, dance, books of all kinds, television shows, and all forms of outward bound entertainment. However, such entertainment along with the planes of reality that they are associated with are also designed to prevent evolution, and built into such planes is the very means to strip an audience of information that was not deemed appropriate for the slaves. (See "Transcending the Seven Forms of Seduction" for more information.)

Ascending humans rise above the fantasy planes a little at a time. As one ascends beyond such fantasy planes, the current entertainment shall not be so entertaining any longer. The current forms of entertainment are dramas generally founded upon the 18 self-perpetuating thought-forms. If one is rising above such thought-form, one will not find such dramas interesting any longer, and watching such entertainment can and will have the effect of reprogramming oneself back into the very self-perpetuating themes that one has transcended. It is why our channel is so adamant about avoiding all media entertainment, as it causes ascending humans to slide backwards rather than transcend. For the mapmakers in particular, entertainment may not be able to be afforded less you fail at your mission of mapmaking a path out of the self-perpetuating thought-form for others to follow.

For others, the evolution of mankind shall bring about a new form of media in time that shall begin to reflect the changing thought-form of the human species. There may be some forms of entertainment already that are coming forth of this nature, and this too is a reflection of the success of mapmaking the new thought-form by the mapmakers. There are many paths, and some shall forge ahead where no man has gone in 30,000 years, and others shall follow. There is neither right nor wrong in any choice of path, and those whom are the mapmakers have been genetically prepared for such a role, or they simply would fail.
Fantasies however are one means that one’s intentions for their manifestations in one’s life dance come to be understood by your sun and then reflected back to manifest in the physical. Therefore, if one watches a movie or entertainment of some sort, and it has a violent theme, then engaging in the violent fantasy sends an intent to the sun that you would like to manifest parallel violent experience in your life dance. If one is going to engage with the current forms of entertainment, one must therefore be highly selective, as otherwise you may manifest something that is very unpleasant in your life experience.

One may not realize that the fantasies of your ancestors have caused your particular life expression. For when fantasies cannot be fulfilled upon in one lifetime they shall roll over into the next. This is why some human experiences seem so victim-like, however, all were caused by one’s ancestries thoughts and fantasies over time. Therefore one may wish also to edit the fantasies that they engage with allowing them to be joyful and constructive towards one’s evolution, lest they manifest a disaster instead.

As one rises above the thought-form of fantasy, one ceases to fantasize. One learns to live in the moment, in the in breath and out breath of life. Thinking about the past fades away as the memories are erased in the act of ascension. Thinking of the future also fades away as one becomes more fully grounded in present time. This is the gift of the Language of Light, it stands outside of time, allowing one to be present in the moment instead of in a fantasy.
The fantasies never really allow one to be present in the moment. In the fantasy, one is either in the past or in some future dream. It requires a state of "presentness" to connect with another in an intimate encounter. It also requires a state of presentness to feel one’s soul, for soul can only enter into the dance with the consciousness of the form in present time.

When one goes into fantasy, one ceases to anchor soul. However, the slave race was never designed to anchor soul in the first place, they were designed to be soulless like an animal from the perspective of the Annunaki. However, animals are not soulless, nothing is soulless, and in retracing your steps outside of the paradigm of self-perpetuating thought-form, one goes from a soulless to ensouled state. In fantasy, one is soulless. In present time and in the act of grounding soul into form, one becomes ensouled.

Soul is required to ascend, as it is soul that infuses the form with chi and runs the chakras and subtle bodies of any ascending field. No soul present, no ascension. It therefore behooves ascending humans to break away from their habits of fantasy and entertainment based upon fantasy and anchor soul in its place, and then learn to listen to the communications that one’s soul has. It is one’s communication from soul that shall guide one out of the self-perpetuating dilemma of the human dance and into the new paradigm of unity, joy and unconditional love.

The Annunaki did not wish the slave race questioning them in any manner. Therefore the slaves were bred to blindly trust them under all circumstances and at all times. It is out of the thought-form of blind trust that awakening the human species becomes so difficult. For humans live their lives based upon blind trust, blind trust that all shall be as it has always been forever. Humans blindly trust so greatly that they are unable to perceive the dark intent of another or of those in governance over the human dance.

A part of the issue of blind trust is also the result of not wishing to see the unconscious or see under the veils of illusion that pervade your reality. Indeed, the Annunaki also did not wish the slaves to perceive under the veils of reality into the inner workings of their manipulations and dominion over Earth. Therefore frightening and terrorizing entities were anchored to scare the slaves if they began at all to look into the unconscious realms, or look within. It is why so often for those whom are ascending opening to the unconscious and opening to the inner landscape is so frightening. However, once the entities anchored by the Annunaki in one’s ancestry are moved aside, one discoveries that the inner landscape and nonphysical is nothing to be frightened of at all.

Indeed, the entities that try to keep one from opening to the unconscious are great. Our channel Mila has encountered them time and time again, particularly in travel, for such regions perhaps have not been cleansed as readily as the region in which she lives. Such beings are terrified themselves, and if one responds in anger to their presence, they simply will run off in great fear!
In physical plane relations, one has learned to blindly trust their parents, teachers, employers, friends and spouses or significant others. Sometimes one also blindly trusts another and they are surprised when such individuals betray one in one manner or another. It is blind trust that prevents one often from seeing through to the underlying motives of another.

In ascension, one can also fall into the trap of blindly trusting one’s non-physical guidance. If one continues to blindly trust guidance, one will not lift beyond the self-perpetuating thought-form of blind trust and shall fail to ascend. It is for this reason that initiates often create experiences in which their nonphysical guidance betrays them, so that they may lift beyond the thought-form of blind trust altogether.

One can also blindly trust that they see the whole truth internal to self in their own inner landscape. Indeed, one only sees what they can see in the moment, and the veils of illusion are thick within your creation. Therefore astute initiates will require not blindly trusting everything that they see internal to self, but be willing to lift the veils and look again! So often one does not wish to see something "bad" about oneself. There is not good or bad nor right nor wrong, and each initiate’s ancestry has participated in the entire human dance. Therefore one’s ancestry has done it all, from murder, to falsifying documents, to lying, to cheating, to bringing about the downfall of man. It is only in honestly assessing the karma within one’s inheritance that it can be forgiven and then the related self-perpetuating thought-form transcended.

13.  FAITH
Blind trust and faith are related, but not the same. Faith is founded upon blind trust and that in the blind trust of another, one has faith that they shall work in one’s best interest or knows better than oneself. The slave race only knew Gods that were really mortals whom were not God at all, but a distorted human form. In order for the slaves to continue to perceive the mortals claiming themselves God to be God, one would have to have faith that this is so. It is for this reason that this particular thought-form was added to the slave race in their genetic manufacturing.

In your current civilization, one has faith that what one sees is the truth of the circumstance. One has faith in the current regime in governance. One has faith in their boss or if they are the boss, faith in their employees. One has faith in their company, region of living, or country of origin. Sometimes ones faith in someone or something fails, and someone does not act in accord with one’s expectations. Perhaps the boss fires you, or the governor is found to be deceiving the populace, or there is an earthquake and one’s region of living has a catastrophe. It is in such moments that one’s expectations are broken. It is the thought-form of faith that leads to the dance of expectation.

Expectation is a set of rules devised by one for another. Indeed the Annunaki devised a set of rules for the slaves, and if the slaves broke the rules, they were punished, sometimes to the extreme of death or torture, or being sent to the mines from which they never returned. The fear of not meeting someone else’s expectations is therefore great in the current human dance. Expectation is so great in the current human dance that many humans never step outside of the expected norm for their particular life expression. They have become prisoners to the expectations of others and their society of birth origin.
In ascension, one ceases to function out of what others expect one to do or behave as another wishes. One becomes their authentic self. It is out of a state of authenticity that the whole paradigm of expectation ceases. In ascension, one shall step outside of the expectations of not only one’s birth family, but also society at large. This is not to say that one shall commit a crime that is deemed punishable in your current law, but that one shall transcend the need for such laws in embracing a harmless state.

14.  HOPE
If not for the thought-form of hope, the slaves would have had a dismal existence. Therefore the Annunaki genetically allowed the slaves to have perpetual hope that life would be wonderful tomorrow, tomorrow was another day and everything would be fine, that all would sort itself out in the long haul. Indeed this caused slaves working in the dismal circumstance of the mines to awaken each day in hope of change only to go to work again under the same dismal circumstances again. And how many other humans in present time go to work under equal dismal circumstances, awakening to a new morning of hope, hope that it might one day all change and be the way one fantasizes it should be! But it never is.

In order to change one’s life, one must take action. However, taking action alone is not enough, for one’s thought-form creates one’s reality. Therefore one can leave the marriage to the abusive partner only to create another abusive partner in the future. Or one can leave the abusive boss only to create the same abuse in their next employer. In order for life to really change one must alter the thought-form at cause of any manifestation, and in so doing another reality may emerge. However, the slaves were not designed to alter thought-form, and therefore any real change in one’s circumstance is not possible from within the loop of self-perpetuation. Therefore hope as a thought-form was substituted in the place of real potential change, growth or evolution.
In the current dance, humans associate change with a swing in polarity. This is not change, but just the experience of the other side of the same thought-form. One may perceive that being the master is better than being the slave, and an alteration from the role of slave to master as an improvement or change. But it is not change at all, and the cycle insures another lifetime as slave following the one as master in counterbalance. Another example may be that one is abused in childhood by their parents, and this was difficult and painful. Then later in life, one becomes the abusive parent oneself. It may feel better to be in the role of the abusive parent than the abused child, and one may perceive this as change. However, it is only the reverse side of the polarity of the self-perpetuating thought-form of dominion.

Real change occurs as one rises above a particular thought-form, not swinging from one polarity to another within the given thought-form. Real change is only possible through the act of ascending out of the current paradigm and embracing a new foundation of thought-form. As real change occurs, one ceases to experience the difficulties of the past. Why is this so? Thought-forms are holographic and draw experiences into one’s life based upon the belief. As the belief shifts, the experience of life changes. One can transcend the thought-form dominion, then leave the abusive partner and go on to create a loving and supportive partner in their place.

Much of the current metaphysical movement is based upon hope. Hope that a new tomorrow shall emerge and god shall do it for you, or the aliens shall descend and restructure civilization, or that the angels shall descend and take everyone to heaven where it all will be perfect as one fantasizes about it! My dears, no one can work one’s way out of your thought-form other than you, and no god nor angels or aliens are capable of assisting in such a fashion. The belief that one shall have another do it for them is directly related to the Annunaki, whom bred the slaves to believe the Annunaki to be God and they as God would "take care of everything".

The thought-form of perfection was necessary for the Annunaki to be perceived as God. As God, the Annunaki were perfect and the slaves were imperfect. This is where the concept of "original sin" came to be, those of slave inheritance that perceive themselves inherently imperfect due to their slave genetics from birth. However, the Gods were just mortals that knew a little more perhaps than the slaves, but not enough to dance in unity and love with Earth or any other species. Therefore they were far from perfect, and perfection is actually not a concept that exists in any other language within the Great Central Sun, just like all of the other self perpetuating thought-forms that we are examining in this piece.

It is often human nature to continue to perceive God as perfect as they open to their inner landscape and begin to ascend. No soul is perfect, nor is the Great Central Sun perfect. The Great Central Sun is comprised of a group of souls that have created the dance of experiences within this creation and are learning, growing and evolving. In the dance of evolution, sometimes one makes a miscalculation that causes a problem that then must be rectified. Such is the nature of evolution. The miscalculation is not deemed wrong, but a part of the dance of evolution. Once a miscalculation is understood and repaired, it does not occur again because one has evolved beyond it in one’s own understanding.
In your current dance, one hopes that the guru or teacher is perfect. However, as long as the guru or teacher must be perfect, there is no room for evolution or growth or change. For evolution presupposes that one is not perfect, but rather in need of modification or change. Perfection much like arrogance can cause one to cease to evolve if one fails to transcend this self-perpetuating though-form.

The dance of perfection also causes one to take another off of the pedestal that one has put them upon. In perfection, one is perceived superior and another inferior, and the superior one is placed in a lofty place and worshipped. Sometimes if enough imperfection shines through, such as the dirty laundry of a god fearing preacher, one then takes the individual off of the pedestal and ceases to worship them, deeming them wrong, bad, or evil. Such thought-forms may even allow one the right to crucify the fallen one in one manner or another, including death or torture.

It is perfection that causes one to create a mask or veil to hide one’s authentic-self underneath. Often humans have masks for one area of their life dance, and another mask for another area of their life dance. It is why one can behave entirely different at work than at home with the family. When one moves beyond perfection, one dismantles all masks and simply is one’s authentic self under all circumstances, regardless of those one is relating to. It is in so doing that new relations can emerge amongst humans whom are ascending.

Ascending leadership shall never concern themselves with appearing perfect. Ascending leaders shall be willing to examine their own darkness and transcend, for there is not other way of ascending otherwise. They shall also be willing to admit their own miscalculations and learn from them, altering their course of action according to the lessons learned. Our channel has demonstrated this in her own organization, whom in the process of altering the evolutionary course from one of failure to one of success, allowed 90% of those affiliated to leave whom could not bridge into the new paradigm. She has learned that she is not perfect, can make miscalculations, and can learn and change courses if need be to continue to ascend, and allow the group to continue to ascend.

For the Annunaki to retain their dominion over the slave race, they would have to predispose the slaves with the belief that God was outside of themselves, and that the Annunaki were God. This thought-form has created the continued belief of an external God that has permeated all religions in the current human dance, whether they be Eastern or Western in origin.

An external God is one whom one relies upon to do it for oneself or save one from their own darkness and demons created by one’s own thought-form. It is why perhaps the human species, en mass, searches for a savior to descend and save them from their own creation. No one can save the human species, the human species must choose to ascend out of the thought-form that has created the current circumstance, and then the human species shall save themselves.
As long as any human searches for God outside of oneself, this one shall fail to ascend. For God is not outside, it is within, and it is within all life upon Earth and within all dimensions within All That Is. As the search for God turns inward, then the doors to the unconscious can fly open allowing ascending humans to access the nonphysical realms that surround one. In so doing, one shall find themselves suddenly surrounded by God in all forms. From the God that dances with the nature kingdoms, to the God whom dances as angels, to the Gods whom dance as dolphins and whales, to the Gods dancing as humans.
Returning to the One God is not what one thinks, that all become one being, preferably human in shape which then has dominion over all creation for all time, and judges others as having sinned or erred. Instead, the One is simply the many souls from many shapes and forms returning to the same dimension of origin to share their journey and experience and plan the next journey or experience that lies ahead.

17.  PRIDE
Pride is a thought-form given to the slaves so that they could have a sense of accomplishment or something to be proud of. Indeed the Annunaki set up an elaborate set of rituals held in temples that honored the slaves for certain deemed accomplishments. Your current human civilization is filled with this false form of accomplishment in present time. Your corporations hold ceremonies just like the Annunaki awarding their employees for their years of service or goals accomplished, all of which benefit the corporation and most likely in profit gained. Your entertainment field is filled with ceremonies and awards for yet other false accomplishments, "best picture", "best song", and so on.
Such forms of accomplishment are false from the perspective of the Great Central Sun, as any accomplishment that does not include evolution as a part of the accomplishment is not accomplishment at all. Pride can then be viewed from such a standpoint as a false form of honor, where someone is honored for an artificial accomplishment that has nothing to do with evolution or real mastery.
The slaves were gifted with certain talents that entertained the Annunaki. They were given enough skills to be able to sing, and dance, and think with a limited understanding of creation, and build or create the dwellings necessary to sustain them. They were also bred with enough knowledge to know how to farm and harvest enough food to sustain themselves, and how to bear and raise children. However, unlike the Annunaki, the slaves aged and died. Life was not permanent, only the Gods had seeming permanence, and hence the quest for the slaves to be God-like and immortal in human fantasies.

Humans that were not immortal still could accomplish this or that and be rewarded for it. Sometimes the rewards including spending time with the Gods themselves. Sometimes it included mating with the Gods if one was "chosen" for such purposes. It is in this that the Annunaki began to interbreed, and enjoy the slaves for their own sexual pleasure. Often the parents and children of the Gods received a more privileged existence, and therefore this became a sought after role over many generations. Slaves began to compare themselves based upon the rewards received by the Annunaki, and strive to achieve the rewards to feel fulfilled.

The entire dance of slave life was set up surrounding the concept of inequality and a non-evolutionary form of existence. Self-perpetuating thought-form builds into itself and its experience a false sense of reward that is based upon a particular polarity of expression in a given lifetime. If one has the polarity of success, let us say one becomes the doctor or lawyer in a given lifetime; one feels rewarded thereafter for the successful life. However, polarity as it is then means that the lifetime to follow will be unsuccessful and unrewarding in return, as this is the opposing swing of the thought-form of success. Self-perpetuating thought-form locks humans into the polarity of success and non-success, nothing of which has anything to do with real mastery, evolution or ascension.

As one breaks away from the false concepts of accomplishment in the human dance, one shall also break away from the desire for fame, fortune or greed. For the entire dance of fame and fortune and hoarding as you know it in the human dance is the result of the reward system of the Annunaki of the human slave race so very long ago. Ascending humans shall find their sense of reward from the internal shifts in their own inner-landscape as they transcend and transmute the self-perpetuating thought-forms and rise above them. As they transcend the thought-form, the shifts shall be seen in a more joyous life expression. Such joy shall be authentic, and not artificial.

Authentic joy never comes from accomplishment as in that of fame or fortune or success. Fame fortune or success causes a false joy or high in the moment of success, but then as the high ceases, one moves back into the same depression that existed before the success was manifest. Perhaps this is why so many seeming successful humans find an addiction to preoccupy themselves with such as drugs or sex, as this temporarily lifts the depression. However, the only permanent way out of the depression is to transcend the very thought-forms at cause of the depression. And the fact is that self-perpetuating thought-form is boring and depressing in the human experience.

Many humans judge themselves unworthy for their lack of success. This is false, as no human is worth any more than any other, and any human’s worth is related to the simple truth that all humans are an expression of God Goddess in form. As one pulls away from the false sense of accomplishment, one may return to a simple life that is enjoyed not for the success, but for the time to master the internal landscape. The joy of mastery cannot be compared with the joy of success, and those whom are transcending understand what we speak from an internal knowing and experience.

As all humans leave artificial forms of success behind, there shall cease to be such forms of rewards within the human dance. There will be no more ceremonies to honor false accomplishments of this or that talent. Talent shall no longer be compared, and all shall honor all talents expressed amongst those willing to share their gifts. There may be gatherings, however. Such gatherings shall revolve around the cycles of life and evolution of Earth and shall honor all species in the process. This the Great Central Sun sees ahead in the human dance many decades into the future.

As artificial success is left behind, there is room for a new form of monetary flow that is balanced. The imbalance in monetary systems all comes from the artificial rewards of the Annunaki of the slaves long ago, and has been translated in more recent time as accrual of wealth, property and objects. As success ceases to be viewed as resulting in accrual of wealth or property, but rather as an internal process and mastery, humans shall cease to seek out wealth or artificial success as the outcome of their life expression. As this occurs, all forms of seeming success shall alter in the decades ahead to reflect the internal changes of thought-form within the human species. This in and of itself shall allow for the end to world hunger and a redistribution of resources so that all may be fed, nurtured and sheltered.


Obedience is a thought-form that caused the slaves to obey the Annunaki under all circumstances. It also created a circumstance in which the slaves would not unite and overthrow the Annunaki, and perhaps it is for this reason that they were bred with this particular thought-form. The thought-form of obedience also leads to subservience, in which one shall subordinate themselves to another, or sacrifice themselves for another. Indeed the slaves sacrificed themselves in the mining of gold that made the Annunaki wealthy. They also sacrificed themselves upon the many battlefields as the Annunaki raged war upon one another.

Many humans in the present day dance sacrifice themselves, so strong is the belief in obedience. Some sacrifice themselves for their children, or their spouse, or their husband or wife. Some sacrifice themselves for their governments by joining the army or fighting the battles raged through their own nation’s warfare.

In day-to-day living, humans "obey the law" more or less, or break the law from time to time but deem it not wrong as long as they are not caught. Human obey the law enough to pay their taxes, pay their bills, pay their mortgages, pay to exist. Often it is out of obeying the law and paying the mortgage that humans sacrifice themselves working at jobs that they hate, or supporting family members or friends that they do not really love.

Ascension pulls humans away from false laws. False laws are laws that have been constructed upon the paradigm of thought-form created by the Annunaki. One outcome of such laws was a false form of debt that led to servitude of the slaves towards the Annunaki. This has translated into your present day civilization into servitude towards those in governance and a false debt towards the nation that one resides within. Such debts cause those living in such nations to pay "taxes".

Real debt is based upon karma. Real debt can be settled in a number of ways, which may or may not require monetary exchange. As all karma is completed upon by the ascending human, then the false debts in the form of credit card charges, mortgages, or taxes that have no karmic bond behind them shall cease likewise to paid upon. Ascending humans shall cease to pay in the greater understanding that one cannot ascend unless they rise out of the thought-form of obedience and its counterpart of false debt. In paying upon any false debt, one then returns to the cycle of self-perpetuating thought-form that one is trying to transcend.

Ascending humans shall obey only real laws. Real laws are indeed the laws of harmlessness and honor. Real laws include real karmic debts that must be settled, not false debts paid to another that is not really owed. Real laws include the foundation of unity, from which all species and all life forms upon Earth are honored as fellow Gods in form. Such is the paradigm that humanity shall ascend into in due course as a result of this next phase of awakening about to occur upon your plane of reality.

The above information comes from the assessment of current human thought-form and the current human paradigm by the Great Central Sun. Those of slave inheritance are predominantly white in birth ancestry. It is such humans that hold these 18 self perpetuating thought-forms in the genetic make up of the form, and as they are transcended in the act of biological ascension, a new thought-form that is unity based emerges.