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the creative process
From the newly rewritten Volume 1 of Where Were You Before The tree
of Life? by Peter Farley

\"All matter radiates this Light to certain degrees. This is what can
be seen as an aura by psychically attuned people, or by Kirlian
photography which captures this light as an energy around the body.
There are also now computers in use that can detect and track the
changing images of a person\'s aura onto the computer screen.

\"Some scientists are already beginning to suspect that if you take
Light and lower or slow its vibratory frequency, it will become, in
effect, gross matter. If you slow the movement of the particles of
Light down far enough, in effect condensing them, you create what is
called electrum—an electromagnetic field that has positive and
negative poles, electricity. If you slow and condense that still
further, beyond the electromagnetic fields, the electrum will
coagulate into gross matter. Gross matter then coagulates into the
molecular and cellular structures called form. Those individual
forms are held together by the thought that the creator originally
envisioned as an ideal of for that energy, a thought form.
Conversely, when we contemplate using our thought processes and then
embrace that thought with our emotional energy, that thought will
expand into a vibratory frequency of Light. This is the creative