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The Dark Mother
Dear One

Like it has continued was done before, Thoth has always been the
mastermind and most prized apprentice of the Dark Master who
directed and set the agenda for all things. In time Thoth took on
the role of researcher and found new and innovative ways of
stripping and raping energies from angels, as he continues to do so
again. He is so proud of his achievement, as the Dark Master was
once also.

Now that the Dark Master has/is abandoning the old ways after seeing
the err of his ways, Thoth has taken command of the dark arsenal and
further attempts to infect this quadrant of the universe.

You have read how Thoth succeeded in conning and deceiving one of
the Highest of the Creator's angels [Archangel Michael?] into giving
their power away thereby allowing Thoth to create and angelic form
by which to scour and scout the Higher dimensions. Now that his has
been stopped through the light programming, another means of
acquiring Creator energies has been sought... and devised.

The Creations of a Creator Mother energy would allow darkness in and
of themselves almost absolute and total control of the creational
process, creating beings full of light - dark light that could
literally amount to an army similar to the Lord of the Rings
Trilogy. This is not the battle for Man at hand, but that of
Creation Itself.

It is not a aspect of a disease invading and consuming the body in
parasites, it is the physical manifestation of that disease as a
person of identical height and stature to rival the being, a
counterpart if you will, an adversarial doppelganger that could
challenge all forces of light thought the infinite power generator
of a Dark Mother and control the Creator Himself. This, whether you
liked it or not is what you meant by controlling the Creator ITSELF,
whether intentioned or not? darkness? with what it is they are
creating? and you have played a part in its unfolding.

On Earth it is easy, so much more easier to steal light than what it
is on the Higher dimensions. People on Planet Earth are sooo, oh so
very proud of themselves and the little bit of knowledge and
understanding that they perceive to be truth - even the wrong
truths. This is another way by which Lucifer has and now Thoth
continues to toy, play and take advantage of man's own weakness.
This, compounded by self will, and an intricate system of mechanical
precision to that has turned this planet into a prison right before
the blind eyes of these already enslave with a perception of freedom
allows for easy deception and role playing to achieve any end

In the Higher planes (dimensions) the angelic energy is highly
refined and highly concentrated due to both their inherent knowledge
& proximity to the Creator, and vast concentration of energy that
translates a million-fold or greater when brought down to the 3rd
density? this you even roughly calculated yourself.

What more could the darkness seek to create that they have not
already? The prison is already in place, the grid bomb already
exists and is set in motion, though partially diffused and
immobilized? where does it stop, at the Creator Himself. Lucifer,
light of morning star sought to be the Light Himself above all and
in so doing envisioned a plan for himself even more ambitious than
challenging His own father.

Whilst Enjliou may have healed, the female essence is still a matter
of great importance to that end on the planet right now. The Mother
has also healed, however so many of her children lay amongst the
wastelands of this planet in so many different states in so many
situations being raped of their energies.

[Not?] Least of all and ignorant to the masses are the angelic
beings themselves that have sough to reincarnate on this plane for
greater lessons and to expand both their own and that of Creation's
learning. These angels, by virtue of their higher dimensionality
possess immense, IMMENSE amount of Light within their higher selves
that whose energies, when harness by a schemer such as Thoth are
malleable to whatever His will or his former Dark Master's will
sought to create.

There is already the bastard child of self-will who has run astray
without any control that seriously requires love to heal and join
the Creator? now there is the energy of the angels that needs to be
saved? this planet is a manifestation of the macrocosmic issues
affecting all of creation: Heal the issues here and Creation heals..
accentuate the issues here and Creation similarly suffers the same

Victimisation, manipulation, rape, torture, pain are all means by
which co-operation (in form of energy) may be sought and obtained,
however the greatest of energies are those who willing to form a
coalition and alliance towards a common goal. In the case of the
Creation of a Dark Mother Energy that would wreak already more havoc
to an already fragmented and damaged universe that Nebadon is, to
turn someone, break them or unwittingly deceive them
into "voluntarily" renouncing their energy allows a greater portion
of unit in sum for use.

The analogy is similar to the prehistoric fuel systems you refer to
as cars/automobiles that loose a great proportion of energy in the
form of sound and heat that would otherwise go the mobilizing the
vehicle. And so it is with energy.

Angelic energy is of the Highest energy form. There is no other so
close to the Creator. Seraphims, Archangels and a host of others
have the greatest light. As mentioned earlier, some such angels
exist on the 3D plane and are prime targets for energy pillaging.

How this occurs is of little significance to you right now? you know
how it is performed. Though rituals and all those things you at your
own essence know to be false.

In Lovingness and tenderness, Darthiel-Lucifer.