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the dark side of all of us
Over the past years I\'ve been led to deal with a lot of the beings responsible for creating the problems with this SuperUniverse and the construction of the New World Order that now controls every moment of our lives, both waking and , most of all, sleeping.

Much of this has to do with my own involvement with these past events and my own part in helping lead or be a part of the New World Order in past lives on and off the planet. So too have many of you. This has been covered a lot in past postings, as well as Sue Ann\'s own involvement with her aspect of creating what we now see around us.

Because I have bene there, done that, Guidance tends to lead a lot of people my way who need the same kind of ass kicking I got to help correct the situation.

Today I received this from one member of the group we have been uncovering some of his past involvement with situations relevant to the creation of the New World Order (much as Edgar Cayce talks about in his works of being givena new opportunity at this time to heal past poor decision-making). I share it here because again there are still many of you who also need to ask some serious questions about your own past involvement with such issues and so I don\'t have to share it all gain . . hopefully.

Subject: RE: Good Morning
Date: Sun, 3 Aug 2008 05:09:48 +0000

Hello again. I will admit, at first I was a bit skeptical (as I\'m sure you know) but as I\'ve thought, well, in all honesty I wasn\'t really getting anywhere in thinking.. I decided to ask guidence simply \'Should I believe this, or is this b.s. that I should ignore?\' Well, I got a hearty yes and began my \'homework\'(oddly enough rejuvinated energy-wise as I was almost unable to even drive before.). After reading through some articles, some relavent and some perhaps less so, I started to understand what was actually happening in our communications. Before I continue, I want to say, I\'m sorry for putting this burden on you.. You might not see it as a burden, I honestly just don\'t know, but I feel like it can\'t be easy to do what you do for people like me and even if it was your joy, my arrogance would still cause it to be hard for you.. In short, thank you for even considering the task, and I don\'t think I could express a suitable thanks for your beginning it.. But, as it were, bac k to business. You wanted me to gain an understanding of what it meant to be in my position(I think). Well, as I\'ve come to understand, I was a \'warlord\' in Atlantis. You told me of what my mentality was, and I still want deeply to know what I had done(though no doubt opposes the possibility of absolute atrocity..) but I think the impotant thing for me to figure out was that I have to repent for whatever sins I committed. In some way or another, I\'ve hurt this world, her peoples, and maybe even the peoples of other worlds. I may have even been instrumental in aiding this so called regime to come to power.. I still don\'t know to what scope, scale or sort these things reached to, but if I am labled an \'impossible\' then it must have been horrible.. I really want to help undo what I did on whatever level I am capable and even if the chance is only one percent, I\'ll still make it work.. I mean.. what\'s the point in life if all I\'m going to do is cause destruction? Perhaps at the level o f soul we are all perfect in a way, but on an individual level I\'ve come to see I\'m nothing but a monster that\'s hidden my past away and denied my own being so as to exist causing turmoils that undoubtably rival just what I hid away.. If history does repeat itself, then I want to make history history.. I\'m sorry Peter.. for whatever I\'ve done, for my arrogance, and for not contacting you when I first started getting these emails... If there\'s anything you\'d like me to begin with, just tell me so.

P.s. I know you\'ll probably hate me for asking again, but could you tell me what I had done? I don\'t understand much about Atlantis, less about what a \'Warlord\' would be in Atlantis, and even less about how to accurately recover such memories.. It\'s something that won\'t leave my mind.. Despite this though, I\'ll take a yes or a no and I\'ll do my best not to ask again if you refuse.

Reply: If you can get a \'yes\' to anything you ask of your Guidance, then you can do most o0f what I can do, and you\'re certainly capable of sitting down and doing the channeling exercise everyone else is doing to get your own answers so then you don\'t have to believe anything I say without confirmation. Make sense? so do it, and share the results with me for confirmation . . if this is going to happen for you it\'s going to happen through you not through me. I can only point in a direction because I\'ve been there done that for myself , and with many others. Also if you try and apply religious words such as sin and redemption and all that BS to this you won\'t succeed anyway because that is the darkness speaking. There is balance in all things, that is the primary law of Creation, and karma is what balances things, but karma is just an attitude that needs correcting, correct the attitude that made you think people were so worthless as to be used and then you will be on the path to making amends.

Do or don\'t do, but get a moving for your time to do this is exceedingly short and you stop for a moment and you won\'t get it done and will regret it for thousands of lifetimes to come.

I do this because it is part of my making amends and because it is what I do . . and have done, surrendered to serve. You do the work and I will always be here to asisst. You falter, stop, or be rude to me or anyone else, and then you have NO ONE to assist you and that will be very very rough on you. Understood?