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the day the earth . . . survived
For those of you who may not know the film, The most recent remake of the movie, The Day the Earth Stood Still, is about alien races intervening to save planet Earth, not from invasion or from anything outside but from the human race that is bent on destroying it from within.

Guidance has had me write about this movie before on it's initial release and then again on its release to cable TV. Now the FX channel is playing it on regular cable, and once again its message is timely and very profound.

"I came here to save the planet," says Keanu Reeves alien character. "Then you're here to help us," is the response. "NO, If the planet dies, you die. If the you die, the planet survives." If you get to watch the movie again pay particular attention to the scene in the McDonald's where Keanu Reeves character meets up with an 'undercover' alien posing as a human to report on Earth's situation and humankind.

"They are not a reasonable race. . .I know them well . . .Any attempt to interceded with them would be futile . . They are destructive and they won't change," he reports. "The tragedy is, they know what's going to become of them . . they sense it. But they can't seem to do anything about it."

Yet when told to prepare to leave the planet, this alien decides not to. "This is my home now . . . I cursed my luck for being sent here. Human life is difficult and as this life is coming to an end I consider myself lucky to have lived it."

So it is with so many 'Lightworkers' sent here to do some work, to assist the planet in its critical time of need. So it is for every being of any race sent to planet Earth, the honors class of Creation so-to-speak. But most of those very same Beings have bought into the lies of the ruling class and accepted the Matrix for what it is without questioning, even though they somehow new inside as I did, "This is not the way it's supposed to be".

Now, with the air polluted by chemtrails, pollution, radiation and worse . . with the oceans dying and already dead, with the land polluted with pesticides and chemicals that destroy the natural vegetation . . there is no truer scenario than that Man has and is killing the planet, and as he does, so too does he kill himself. Again, Keanu Reeves character: " We can't risk the survival of this planet for one species."

Guidance has had me write a 9 volume history of how special this planet is and how it got to this precarious point where the lab rats have taken over the experiment and now threaten to destroy not only their own habitat, but that of everything else as well. . . even to affecting all life on planets surrounding it.

With the spiritual work done the plane tis now ascended and on its way to fulfilling its rightful place as a crown jewel of Creation. All that stands in the way now is that most of the population of the planet has decided, of its own free will, not to go along into ascension with it. That even includes so many higher level Beings sent here as 'instructors' and 'guides' for those of lesser awareness who chose of their own free will or because of mounting karmic involvement with the planet, to come to this honors class as well. That is why the reporting alien feels so lucky to have been here, particularly at this moment of transition in its direction, for it is and has been unlike any other planet in existence. Its survival is paramount, even though no one ever thought it could. However, that survival is now dependent on a change in the consciousness and the paradigm which rules on the planet. The old paradigm, the controlling Matrix set up tens of thousands of years ago by the New World Order and its ancestors from Atlantis and other planetary systems, is dying and seeks only to take the planet with it if possible. As the movie iterates, and people sense this final battle taking place but don't know what to do about it because of their old Matrix programming.

It has been decreed that as the planet moves itself into this finer vibration of an elite 5th dimensional space, all that is not congruent with that new place and level of awareness MUST leave. Hence the earth changes already taking place and the larger 'Shift' already on its way. As many have channeled from Gaia Herself, don't take it personally. It's just what She must do to secure her place in the new paradigm and prepare for those who will come at another time to build a new world upon her.

Each and every person has their own free will choice on where they will be going at this turning point, whether onward with the planet or off to some other place they have earned by their own actions and focus. Even if they have not made a conscious choice they have made a choice by not consciously choosing.

The planet Earth experiment is detailed in the first two (free to download) volumes of my books, as well as by others. The experiment has failed and now is being terminated. All participants now have other work to do somewhere, some place, at some level of awareness of their own earning. It is not an ending of life or the world, only an ending of life and the world as we know it. For most people life is eternal, just a matter of changing clothes and changing jobs (planetarily speaking). Each star group is a place of specific learning for Soul. The melting-pot that some had hoped Earth would be for learning many varied lessons in one place, on one planet, has not -- as you can see - worked, the challenge was too great, the interference by too many outside races through a spanner in the works for all of us. So now it is simply matter of going back to the old tried-and-true method of one star system, one series of lessons.

Watch the movie again and listen closely to its message. Make sure then that you have decided where and how you are moving on from here and in what direction. If you're not sure ask your Guidance: ( ) and then prepare one way or another, because December, 2012 is the end of the cycle, not the day it will all come down.

In service, Peter