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the difficulty is to love
The Difficulty Is to Love
11-30-08 through Sue Ann Mikrut and Peter Farley
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Yes, Dear One,
It is very hard for all of you in your world to comprehend the LOVE of the FATHER and the Love those of Us in the Higher Realms have for you, especially those who are working at connecting and being of Service to Creation. One spiritual path has as its first tenet that 'Soul exists because of God's Love for It'. This is so true but it is so difficult to comprehend what that means until one has experienced it for themselves.

The FATHER's LOVE, which is 'embodied' and passed through Us, is so full and so vast that no darkness can exist in its presence or even approach it. When you let this kind of LOVE into your heart and allow it to resonate throughout all your 'bodies' IT can change anything and everything to that same essence if you will only allow it to do so. It can change any weakness, any addiction, any fault or any other thing that gets in the way of your spiritual growth and commitment to your connection with Spirit and Service to Creation.

One of the key elements of dealing with addiction is the element or need to shift one's focus away from what one is addicted to and place it on something else, something higher and more meanigful to the person than that to which they have been addicted.

The key elements of love are relatively unknown on this planet for as stated so many times, most of the Love people experience on this planet is conditional Love, that which seeks to satisfy the lover's own needs rather than to seek to give to others without any formal recognition or need for receiving something in return.

Often times the only form of Love people are aware of is that which is used as a trigger to bring two people together in order to have them work out past karma or to learn ongoing lessons.The 'difficulty' these same two people experience during divorce or separation shows that this type of Love is casued by these two people's proven inability to love or to give to one another unconditionally. Thus they must go through these same type of experiences again and again with someone else but usually the same types of lesson.

It is said that one cannot love God until one loves one's self for to love one's self is to understand the true nature of the FATHER's Love, that which is the vital life-giving force in every cell of your Being. To follow that essential first step is that one cannot love 'God' until one can successfully love another here on Earth for in being able to do so is to love the FATHER in others as well as themselves. No, you don't have to 'like' everybody, but yes, you do have to Love everybody and understand the nature of the difficult lessons you all must face over countless lifetimes all spent in countless different energetic forms on countless levels of 'heaven' and the myriad worlds of Creation.

Lastly, to be able to love unconditionally one must ALLOW others to experience their own lessons as they see fit and as their choices lead them to experieince this life. 'Meddling' in other people's lives creates untold amounts of karma for the seemingly well-meaning meddler. This is the type of Love one sees so often in families and in relationships - loved ones telling each other how to live their lives even though the well-meaning meddler's life is usually no textbook case to show as an example of how one should live.

To LOVE someone truly can you MUST be able to look at them and say, "I take you as you are now whether you ever change one single thing abut you or not." This is the first step to loving unconditionally. If you have been through the hard times and come out the other side having experienced your Guidance's unconditional Love for you NO MATTER what you have ever done to this point of your existence, then you will begin to realize how silly it is ever to judge another for judging sets you apart from something you can never separate yourself from - other Souls.

Some have risen themselves to a level where they have the ability to see where another Soul stands in its learning experiences with a view to and a mission of assisting them with their lessons. That is a different subject. That is the highest form of Love where you have learned your own lessons in a subject and then seek and are given Spirit's permission and guidance to also help others going through the same type of learning, following only the Higher Will in everything you do and with no attachment to outcomes or to whether or not that person chooses by their own free will to learn those lessons or not.

For all of you it is very important to make an honest assessment of those things that are intruding on your connection with the FATHER, your Highest guidance, and to a true Loving connection with all Life. If you are truthful with yourself many of you will simply say 'I'm not interested in any of that because right now I'm more self-indulgent and enjoy wallowing in the lower dimensions expressing my own personal self-will." And that's fine. No one judges you for that choice UNLESS, of course, you try and make it out to be that you are really pursuing spirituality on your own agenda. One can say that they are ignorant of the Spiritual Laws and that that allows them to do whatever it is they please. Like the darkside's mantra, 'Do as you will is the whole of the Law', your allegiance to this denial of innate spiritual knowledge makes your choices for you and ends up bringing you the experiences that go along with such self-willed ignorance. It is a major accomplishment in any Souls' existence to understand and to take responsibility for the poor choices they have made in the past. This is really the first step to healing, much as the divinely inspired first step of any 12-step program tells you.

From this point of taking responsibility for your past you can then begin the difficult task of stepping up to take responsibility for every choice that then comes to you . . . and its resulting outcome. As any good 12-step program will also suggest to you, once you have admitted to yourself your problem and your inability to deal with it, then you will have and be able to more easily ask for all the help available to every soul on every level of existence for any type of condition.

From then on, any remaining addictions, resentments, disappointments, ego domination, depression, etc., must all be dealt with through the medium of taking responsibility for its causes in your life and then utilizing the support available to you in order to be able to maintain a clear and constant higher-level connection.

None of these conditions are impossible to change, especially within the LOVE of the FATHER and along with Our help. All of these things We can help you to release. In fact, without Our help it will take you so much longer, possibly even countless lifetimes more than those ones you have already experienced already in trying to deal with such past anomalies. That is why We always stress surrender as a way out of so many difficult lessons in the overcoming of self-will. Most of these blockages to your own personal spiritual unfoldment are simply attachments to personality traits, emotional blockages, thought patterns, beliefs, etc., that can be just as easily released as any attachment to a loved one or a special place or thing once one places everything in its proper place in the grander picture of Soul and Creation.

You are now existing in the most dynamic time for creating what you want in your life, particularly for creating the change in your life most necessary at this time. Things are manifesting at a faster rate than ever before, including the release of anything, any lower-level traits, that cannot exist in the presence of the FATHER at a 5th dimensional level or higher.

Ask Us before you go to sleep for help on each thing you want changed and We will work with you during your out-of-the-body state to help you release it. If you do not know what these attachments are then ask Us to help you become aware of them. When you sincerely ask Us to help you in this process you are expressing intent and a true desire to change. This will open all the doors to all the help you will ever need in being able to joyfully become what you have been longing to be for so long, a conscious member of your True Spiritual Family.

Do this every night along with your usual re-connection with Us just prior to sleep. We are eager to help and look forward to working with you during both your sleeping and waking hours.

With Great LOVE and Constant Companionship,
Aristenna and the Hierarchy of the Council of Light

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