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the elusive butterfly
Andy\'s channeling from Aristenna this morning spoke of the work we all
do together on the various dimensional levels above and beond the
physical, just as Joes mentioned his dreams the other day. A little
while ago I go this from Jen, too, mentioning the very same thing -

Hi Peter,

It\'s been a while I\'ve not written anything. RecentlyI had a hard time
with my personal relationship with my partner. I wanted to share with
you about this situation and would like to ask you what you think. But
I didn\'t know how to ask. When I got your email asking me how I was, I
was wondering whether you could feel my thoughts because it was that
exact day I was at my lowest moment. I asked Guidance for advice on
what I must do and Guidance was so beautiful and helped me get through
that day. One thing I remember Guidance told me was not to seek THEM
only when I am sad but to seek THEM also when I am happy. So true.

On a different note. I had a dream of you Peter 2 weeks ago where you
said to me that the period pads women use are not safe. And you said
they contain plastic which is toxic. A couple of days later i was
scanning a newspaper and saw an article about baby\'s diapers and that
they are not that safe for human usage and bad for the environment
because of the chemical trace in the plastic and materials used and that
plastic is non biodegradable. I am now slowly transitting into using
cloth pads. I\'m sorry if this sound strange for me to be sharing with
this with you Peter but you were in my dream. :)

Thank you again Peter for always reminding us to always reach out and
seek Guidance.

Love and light, Jenn

Before connecting fully with my Guidance I used to have dreams of my
chiropractor whenever I needed work on my body or some other aspect of
my Being that he was capable of doing. Was it him, or was it simply
Spirit using his face because that is who I was comfortable doing work
with in this area of my life? The Waking Dream book is free to download
from the Files section of the group and as the pyschologists at the
Betty Ford Center said it\'s the best they had ever seen simply because
it is so simple. Following its simple understandings one can easily
understand the way Spirit speaks to us 24/7 through symbolism that is
unique to us and rarely can be generalized to everybody. It also makes
connecting with Guidance and interpreting what they have to say to us a
fun game that makes life interesting even through the darkest moments of
the day. It\'s not a substitute for the diretc experieince of written
channeling and moment-to-moment listening but it is one more step that
strengthens that process to the point where you are as close to
infallible as one cna be in the physical.

On a second point, over the past year or so of more aprticularly working
on the grid work associated with the ascension process, Aristenna and
others have used the metaphor of birthing of a baby. The work we have
been doing this week in helping release another stage to the process has
two feeling I cana ssociate with it, two very difficult and unpleasant
feelings perhpas many mothers cana ssociate with - one, the feeling of
dying, of the old passing away and the new not quite ready to be born;
and second the feeling of wanting desperately to break free of the shell
of the old body, the feeling of imprisonment in something very limiting
and the struggle to break free. As Andy and others who have helped with
the grid work may attest to, tapping in to what Gaia is going through in
the ascension process is not always a pleasant thing, but is always an
honor to be able to serve in such a grand and wonderful way.

with Love and Thanks, Peter