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the end of all missions - part 3 - 4
The End of All Missions - Part 3/

Peter Farley

Ascension of the planet and much of this corner of the solar system, but the general population of planet Earth hasn't. Why, you ask? Each and every individual makes a choice depending on their own learning process. Unlike 3D reality, the spiritual realms deal with honesty and the laws of Spirit and Creation demand that it is not `no child left behind' but everyone goes where they have earned and which best suits their need for further learning. Even the higher levels of Lightworkers who have come to this plane to assist it in its ascension process have been trapped into the density of this realm. The learning from a lesson or a state of awareness that cannot be manifested even under the difficult circumstances of planet Earth in 3D is not a lesson learned or a state of awareness proven. Hence, by their own free will, most people on the planet have chosen not to ascend with the planet, but rather to go on with their 3D learning process in another multidimensional holographic existence away from the ascended planet Earth.

Even many of those who have ascended will not be straying with the planet, but since the work here has now been done and ascension earned, they will return to the dimensional realms they came from or which they have though their service here, earned. Those who are staying, and have done the necessary work to survive the shifting planetary circumstances, will be blessed by having the opportunity to create here something new and completely different from anything ever seen in the entirety of Creation . . . a model 5D world of both Heart and Mind, Heart and Mind combined in service to Spirit.

from Defending Your Life
by Peter Farley

It's not surprising that for lots of people the movie Defending Your Life is their favorite. We've discussed this situation in a little detail in the group as it seems now to becoming a major plague as the veils begin to lift and more people begin to see. Those who refuse to see, as in the Day of the Triffids (1963), are even more desperate to hold on and hold back those who are leaving on the boat without them. This is the metaphor from that movie which more than ever relates to today. The blind ones keep the sighted people prisoner in order to guide them around and do their bidding for them.

It needs addressing again, however, because some have recently been through it, but with every new person awakening others are finding it happening in their lives as well.

Sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, husbands and wives . . . all questioning us on what it is we believe -- or more appropriately, what it is we are experiencing -- for it is those who will not do the work to experience things for themselves who criticize us the most. Good Christian attitudes where you tear the splinter from someone else's eye and don't even notice the telegraph pole sticking out of your own.

I noticed this syndrome full well helping start the Mormon Church. A dark deed indeed but one which served me in good stead in learning how to do things in this lifetime, and certainly what to expect. The frequent 'tarring and feathering' of those bygone days has their modern day counterparts in this one.

One of the first things Guidance had me learn was NOT to defend myself because this is the way in which people suck up your energy and drain you of all resolve to do whatever it is you came here to do. Every group online has its people who criticize anything intelligent posted, not with facts and figures and stories of their own experiences but with shallow derogatory words without basis. They don't realize who it is they are serving, but because they won't make good choices and do their own homework, they can and are often used as the Matrix's Mr. Smith to stop others from doing what they came here to doSometimes they are doing their missions, dark ones, dark Beings from even darker planets, keeping the Matrix prisoners inline, as described so well by Morpheus in that Matrix series of movies.

When I first started out writing for a monthly magazine in Roswell I was one of only a few brave enough to tackle the alien question with any type of clarity. After a year of writing monthly articles (many of which formed the basis for the article section now on my website) my editor/publisher decided that the advertising dollars of the local Christian churches was more profitable than my simple articles could ever be, hence the very next issue found a 3-page article on Peter Farley and how he belonged to every known space alien cult etc., and things you can't even imagine. The article lambasted everything about me and yet was written by a new man in town supported by a Southern Baptist Church, a man who (after speaking with him) admitted he had never even read any of my works or any of those I cited in my works.

Being so castigated in public was a tough pill to swallow, yes , but when I asked my Guidance what should I do, They replied - nothing.

Suing, counter-attacking, anything I could have thought of would have split my then focus and sapped me of valuable energy it would take to get this whole project started.

Since then, hardly a day or week goes by without the nasties finding something to criticize in me, my work, or anything I do. Even former 'friends' and certainly relatives have all chimed in, and saddest of all some of those I have worked with have also chimed in. When you look at these people's lives, however, they are the ones who could not or would not put out the energy to do the necessary work to lift themselves totally out of the mire and find the spiritual freedom some of us KNOW we have found.

Watch the old "Oh, God!" movies and see what you can expect in serving Higher Will. Most people think they should or will be rewarded for their serving `God', but neither history nor reality supports that notion.

Debating with people who don't have the best intentions to raise their conscious awarenesses, arguing with them, defending what it is I do or have done, is simply a waste of time. They have made their choices
and , even though often you love these kind of people, one MUST honor their decision not to follow through with their spiritual goals and with the whole ongoing ascension process.

Internet-groups, message boards, anything online or in the media has 'assigned' reptilians, reptilian wannabes, and nay-sayers who will try to tear down anything of any value for the others. And like Michael
J. Fox's character in Back to the Future, they will try goad you into an argument or worse still into 'defending your work and your life' to them when experieince says they will not listen, have no intent to change, and are only there for one purpose -- to stop you from doing yours.

These are the real 'energy vampires' Guidance speaks of in recent channelings. Those who steal and seduce your energies to the darkside because the darkness has no light of its own except what they can
steal from you.

If these people who want to make you defend your life are 'friends, relatives, or loved ones' then you really have to take a fearless inventory of what these people mean to you and how much you cherish your freedom and own spiritual growth. If you get into defending your life and your decision-making process, then you have already lost for you have not the willpower to stand in your own Light, wield your own
Willpower, and be firm in your commitment to Life, to Spirit and most of all 'to your own self be true'.

With love, in service, Peter

The End of All Missions - Part 4/4

Peter Farley

The window of opportunity closing tonight (Sunday U.S. time) is the opportunity to get on with the mission you came here to this planet to fulfill. A strong statement but if you realized how close to ending this old paradigm/3D Matrix is you'd know that just made sense. The one percent of people coming here has once again done their missions or sometimes far, far more. The other 99 percent have, as usual, as history tells us, not.

Does that mean those people failed? No, of course not. Yes, they failed to do that particular mission, but since Soul is eternal, there is always more work to be done, another galaxy to free up from darkside control, more spiritual lessons to be learned. There is always one more step . . . even `God' grows as we grow. Whenever someone has an experience no one ever had before then that learning goes into the ethers and the entire body of God gets the opportunity to also learn from what that person has done. That is what makes the hundredth-monkey principal work. So there's always more to be learned, new areas of Creation to be explored, more tracks to be laid on virgin territory. to go "where man has never gone before". And for those so willing to serve Higher Will instead of just self-will, there's always work to be done assisting others, helping Creation run in some form of orderly fashion. All this Guidance each and every one of us has to come from somewhere. An ascended Master wasn't always so. Higher Angelic Beings started out somewhere as lesser angelic figures. And so on.

We, along with our spiritual Guidance, choose our missions or our prospective learning path coming into each and every lifetime (watch The Adjustment Bureau for some similar ideas). Even though this lifetime's mission may not have been fulfilled, why not choose another one? Something even greater and grander and more helpful this time? One window of opportunity closes and an even greater one opens for those who have the imagination and fortitude to seek the highest heavens and not just settle for whatever's next.

Choosing a Mission

Peter Farley

Most of us all come to this lifetime with a mission already agreed upon by our Higher Selves and our Guidance. As said many times before, it's as little as 2-3 percent of people coming here who ever
complete that agreed upon mission. The darkside has shut us all down so well it's no wonder they have controlled us all so completely and with so little effort. Because we no longer can fulfill our agreed upon missions, does not mean that we still do not have so much work yet left undone:

Hi Peter,
I asked for channeling, "What is my mission in this lifetime" the reply seemed to be:
pause, then "its a little hard to explain. ask peter."
So, can you clarify this?

Usually stuff I get from higher places is pretty terse, and not always available.

Thanks, Marty

Marty -hmmmm, missions depend on a person doing what they came here to do, to set up the right foundation and move forward at the right time in the right place. As you may have guessed from reading any of my works, the darkside has manipulated and controlled this planet and this corner of the Universe so much and so well that it's a wonder that any of us can get out of bed in the morning. Suffice to say that
your talents and abilities have not been honed to the point of doing what you came here to do in time to do it. The good news , as I try and tell so many, is that just because your original mission is not there, does not mean there is still not plenty of others now to choose from. I tried to tell Lightworkers for years that because the first waves of Lightworkers didn't step up, there are then so many positions left to be filled by third and fourth wave people instead.

There is nothing, no level , no spiritual goal you set for yourself that cannot still be reached in this lifetime, including Mastery --the goal everyone's working toward but so few ever reach or choose as
their goal. Better this lifetime than any other because things are so concentrated here in this lifetime, and I've written many times -- you win your spiritual medals here in this lifetime by what you do for planet Earth and others. All the spiritual studies in the world aren't worth a hill of beans compared with you getting out and serving the persons next door guided by the Highest energies you're presently capable of

You have a lot of healing abilities Marty, and would do excellent in carrying forward the advanced healing work available to members of this group working with the Spiritual Hierarchy. I offered to teach these methods in a three day weekend workshop where we are in Las Vegas, but the response was less than exciting. If I survive the coming week or two of doing the final reset points for ascension (and believe me, the other side already nearly got me today and are using everything they've got to stop this from happening -- thank God for Sue Ann's help) then I'd be happy to try do it again for those who are interested. It only takes a few to learn in order to be able to pass it along.

It's not bad news, Marty. There is no blame or shame or guilt attached to having succumbed to something so overwhelming. How you may now be judged is by what you now choose to do and what level of
commitment you make to following through with that level of commitment.

The worst thing middle school kids hate is giving them a writing assignment without giving them a topic. It's too hard for them to choose and takes a higher level skill of discerning what's important and what talents one brings to the table. First sit down and write down the skills you have -- besides your compassion and healing talents -- and then ask Guidance where are these abilities most needed for what is to come and for what is already here. Then set your goals, do the letter of intent exercise in the group postings, and then get on with it. We're all here to help in any way we can. And thanks for being here in this darkest and Lightest hour of all. Peter

An advertisement in today's New York Times for a financial firm blares in big letters, " The old ways of working are no longer working." So it is with everything about the new paradigm for nothing of the old will remain and now all the missions we came here with, no matter how far along with them we are, have all blown away as well. I see the loss in people's eyes and in their actions, a not knowing what now to do. Well, it's simple. DO as Marty was prompted to do, sit down and evaluate who you are and what you came here to do. Talk it over with your Guidance whether you can hear Them or not. Decide if that's still your choice or whether you'd like to reach out for the brass ring in this the most incredible time in all of Creation . . . then do a Nike Just do it. The meek shall inherit the Earth but only the bold and adventurous shall see God."

In service, Peter