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the end of all missions part 1 - 2
The End of All Missions Part 1 of 2

Peter Farley

Spirit works in what are called `windows of opportunity". A window of opportunity opens in a direction Spirit would like you to move. If you don't go that way then the window closes. Spirit will open 3 windows to show you suggested direction. If you don `t take any of the opportunities then that direction closes and you have to wait for the next time Guidance tries to get you back on track from your self-willed direction. The old saying is that Spirit knocks three times. First, softly. Second, a little louder. The third time it fires a cannon in your ear or in your face to let you know it's trying to communicate with you for your own Highest Good.

There's a window of opportunity about to close right now, and in particular this 3rd and last wake-up call is for the Higher Spiritual beings who came back here to assist with getting the planet into ascension. A lot of the writings Guidance has had me do is directed at just such people, but very few have heeded the warnings. Most of these people have gone off to play in the kindergarten sandbox of New Age teachings or `doing their own thing' while the few that do step up take on an extra load.

A number of years ago, the Spiritual Guidance I work with wanted me to assist people with knowing and getting on with their missions. Many people came to me asking what their missions were, very few used the channeling tools offered in order to find out for themselves. Over the past 8 months or so, pretty much Guidance has had me telling people it's too late to worry about their missions now, that time is over.

There are two major reasons (3 if you're working for the darkside) why souls come to planet Earth. One, if you're a higher level Being, is to assist with the upliftment of those developing Beings here on the planet. For some this included fighting to free up the planet from New World Order/darkside control. The other is that you were one of the lucky ones who came here to this honors class of spiritual learning in order for you to take a giant spiritual leap in your awareness. For most this never happened because 3D and the old planet Earth have just been too dense and the Matrix-control of the New World Order been too complete for these Souls to wake up and see the illusion clouding what they came here to do.

A channeling through Erica:

Dear One,
Stop focusing on the mundane before it is too late and everything is taken away from you, and others don't be so blind. It is time. It is crucial! You must wake up and develop discipline. You are young but you must put this aside in order to accomplish what you came here to do. Things cannot be just fun and games for you. Remember you are not like most others your own age. If you want to do this WE are here and willing to guide wherever you need to go. State your intent - it is the most important thing. And follow that up with strong actions. You must not break. Much is depending on you and it is today and not tomorrow that this needs to be done. WE are not disappointed in you, for that is not OUR nature but you must try harder. Don't focus on money or situations right now, everything you need to survive will come to you just focus on your higher responsibility which is to serve. It has always been so and will always be so.

Aristenna and the Spiritual Hierarchy's Council of Light

The End of All Missions - Part 2/

Peter Farley

The ascension has been won. The darkside have abandoned hope of total control of the planet and are trying to destroy as much of it as they can before the Shift happens. People have either stepped up to some awareness of what's going on, or like the people standing below the giant ark when the rain has started falling, are now crying out to be saved.

Creating the Ascension
By Peter Farley From Vol. 9 of Where Were You Before The Tree of Life? -The Origin of All Things

What has been done on this planet since its 'invasion' by these criminals from other realms and planets, goes against the Prime Directive of Creation-Free Will. People, however, have always been so very easy to manipulate. Often they will give away their free will simply in exchange for attaining a life of ease where the decision-making process has been taken from them and is now in the hands of someone else. This is the 'easy choice' spoken of in Harry Potter.

There are innumerable ways of controlling such people. They are the ones who so easily give in to the desires of their ego, begin to lose consciousness and then are so easily controlled. Ego is the birth of control and limitation, its bends the will into what pleases it.

So it has been during the later ages of Atlantis and Lemuria and also on other planets as well. Due to this dissemination of ego-Darkness or destructive self -will, merkaba reactors meant to alter reality
were created and used to bring negativity to a more highly amplified state. This ended civilizations such as Mars, Maldek, and believe it or not, many more. What we have had here on planet Earth until now is simply the 'final conflict' in a battle that has been taking places for eons.

Ego has been riding the back of humanity since its creation. The Orion merkaba generators were the epitaph of the destructive power this type of self-will will bring. If very few people were ready to deal with
the delicate balance of the higher dimensions at the time of Atlantis, even fewer are now. Even the love we are capable of experiencing now is a problem due to our inability to feel it properly without a full understanding of unconditional Love. And if one cannot give, then it is by the Law of Love, also very difficult to receive. Soul exists because of the FATHER'S LOVE for us. Without being able to give and subsequently to receive that Love we are just like shadows because the Light which is the true Love of the FATHER cannot be channeled through us. Self-will only makes our vibration "dense" and we become like those who created the merkaba reactors for an easy path to ascension. We become invaders to the higher realms. The density of this planet had only grown and intensified until the point was reached that without a serious Light-ening of a greater proportion of the planet, its successful ascension would have been doubtful.

". . .The only way to be on a higher dimension and stable is through Love and of a minimal level equivalent to that of the dimensional level [on which you reside].

"Love is what will fuel your stay there, the ability to let that minimal flow of love through the Light body. It's not exactly an amount of love stored as in a battery, it's more the ability to come to a state of Beingness where you will be able to let that amount of Light or Love pass through you without being pushed back. You will be there and of the same vibration as that Light, then it will feel like you are not a shadow there. It will feel like you are a Being on the same frequency as the one required. . . .

"What actually blocks people going into higher realms is what they have in their auric fields, the things they link themselves to, their `baggage'. If they link to what belongs on the highest level, then they will be on the highest level and able to remain. If they link to something on a lower level, they are at that lower level . . .

This excerpt from one of the volumes on the history of Creation in this corner of the Universe puts the problem into a nutshell. Not enough people had raised their conscious nesses in order for the planet to ascend, but because of some very difficult work by a handful of Lightworkers, and because of the special place this planet holds in Creation, ascension did take place.