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the end of the darkside control over the grid
After some more downloading of devices to defuse the grid system another
overnight trip for Sue Ann and I ended up in Rancho
Mirage/Palm Springs (Calif.)not far from where my own journey started
a dozen years ago working with Sharon King from the Betty Ford Center.

There a grid point switching station we had had some experience of
before during the 'grid bomb' defusing early last year ended up being
the real last hold the darkside had over regaining control of the

Thoth and Aristenna explain:

Switching Station
8-11-07 thoguh Sue Ann

The point Peter shut down last night was one of the main switching
stations that were still operating. The darkside had rerouted all of
the remaining male/mental energy to send it back to Denver in an
effort to restart their dark center. If they could have accomplished
this it would have further weakened the rough spots in the timeline
that already exist. With the destruction of this point the timeline
is not going to be compromised any further. This station has now
been shut down permanently.

WE had you go back routes to Palm Springs to avoid setting off
dimensional alarms set out to watch for you along the highways as
they were expecting you. By avoiding these alarms you were able to
get to the point safely.

These switching stations were part of my design that enabled the
darkside to gather and control exactly how much energy went where.
Now male energy cannot be gathered and routed at will. The control
of the grid system is no longer in the hands of the darkside. WE
greatly appreciate what was done yesterday.

With Much Love,

Dear One,
Yes, WE echo Thoth's gratitude and want to say how much WE appreciate
all the work that has been done to make this occasion possible. WE
did not expect this wonderful result and want to extend Our
appreciation and gratitude to everyone who has helped Peter along the

As always WE urge everyone to prepare for great changes in every
aspect of life by developing Guidance with their Highest Source.

With Great LOVE and Constant Guidance,
Aristenna and the Hierarchy of the Council of Light