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the end of time and the cycles of the mayan calendar - parts 1 - 2
The End of Time and the Cycles of the Mayan Calendar - Part 1

By Peter Farley

Everything science and the conscious person are dealing with right now has to do with the events surrounding the end of the Mayan Calendar, what the uninformed term the `end of the world' and what the informed know to just be the end of a very important cycle of time and the beginning of a new one.

In the translations of Nostradamus' Hidden texts ( ) Helen Parkes comes across Nostradamus' references to Mobeus or Möbius with relation to this time we are transiting through. Now both Spirit and Nostradamus speak in metaphors. It is the simplest language to transmit ideas because it replaces a `thousand words with a picture' in the receiver's mind. Writing the entire history of the New World Order ( one thing quickly became evident, it's all in the language. The Mobeus twist as it's known or so indelibly impressed on so many of our minds because of the cover of Richard Bach's most beautiful love story – Bridge Across Forever, here means or refers to time folding back on itself just like the scenery folds back on itself in the current movie release, Inception. It's also described in Denzel Washington's movie, Déjà Vu. It is Time 'looping' back on Itself. Time just doesn't stop at the end of any cycle hence the use of the word `cycle' referring to a process that returns to its beginning and repeats itself in the same sequence.

Ever heard the old saying `those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it,' that's because after writing a 9-volume history I can tell you that there is really only one scenario in history and in Earth's case it keeps repeating itself time after time again.

Rarely even does Time move only in a straight line. So much of what Helen and I are dealing with in rying to interpret the current and upcoming events is the highest level of physics principals that also relate to spirituality. Everything follows the laws of physics in Creation but few of those laws are really known here in 3D reality. Things in Creation don't just end on a precipice. Everything goes, as you know, in spirals, from which we get the word Spirit. When one cycle ends what happens to it? How does the new one begin? One cannot think in straight lines because nothing in Creation runs in straight lines, nothing in this SuperUniverse. What happened last weekend (June 11-12) which came up in Helen's translations of Nostradamus' work referring to the Amoebius Twist is that time began looping back on itself thus giving us a warning that the cycle of time we're currently dealing with here and shown on the Mayan Calendar is in fact ending and beginning the elaborate dance of folding back upon itself even as the new cycle spirals out of it to begin. Time is cyclical/circular in its movement, hence the clock being circular etc., etc. Ever seen a timepiece that is flat or straight? The meaning of this 'twist' in the cycle of Time which just occurred means that we have approximately one more month of the old cycle left before the power and intent of the new one takes over.

The End of Time and the Great Cycles of the Mayan Calendar - Part 2
By Peter Farley (from Vols 1 – 5 of Where Were You Before The Tree of Life?)
The Möbius strip or Möbius band (alternatively written Mobius or Moebius in English) is a surface with only one side and only one boundary component. The Möbius strip has the mathematical property of being non-orientable. It can be realized as a ruled surface. It was discovered independently by the German mathematicians August Ferdinand Möbius and Johann Benedict Listing in 1858.
Helen’s explanation of the Mobius Twist is in relation to sharing a singular boundary between two parallel universes, the 3D and 5D realities that now co-exist on this planet since the planet has ascended but so many of the people have not and will not at this time due to their own free will choices. You might think of it as two timelines travelling alongside or together and then beginning to diverge here. One timeline is going up and one is moving directionally sideways since it will keep the same holographic lessons of the old Earth paradigm while the new Earth timeline has already begun taking on the new forms relating to 5D paradigm lessons most succinctly put as ‘it takes a village’.
Since time travels at differing speeds on various dimensional levels, there is a resolution of the two timelines needed while they still interact. This resolution can be seen in particle physics since it is simply a microcosm of the larger macrocosm of the lives that we are living.
In his work, The Tao of Physics, Fritjof Capra describes how the field theories of modern physics have led not only to a new view of subatomic particles but have also decisively modified our notions about the forces between these particles – moving us forward to the very heart of what constitutes the microcosm and how it relates to the macrocosm of Creation itself. The field concept was originally linked to the concept of force and even in quantum field theory it is still associated with the forces between particles. The electromagnetic field – in this case the human being, for that’s all we are, energy in a field constantly moving, can manifest itself as a “free field” in the form of traveling waves or particles, or it can play the role of a field of force between charged particles.
Electric is the ‘male’ force, magnetism is the ‘female’ force. By uniting with our Higher Selves (the opposite ‘sex’ or energy to that which we find ourselves in our physical bodies) we can unite the two forces into one more powerful force known as electromagnetic force. As an individual piece of the One Soul, we can also act either as a particle when thinking individually - a drop in the ocean, or by changing the attitude and focus of our intent, act as a wave along with all the other pieces of the One Great Soul by combining our particle with theirs, hence becoming a very powerful wave like a tsunami that can wash away any obstacles before it.
In the latter case, the field of force manifests itself as the exchange of photons or energetic Light particles between the interacting individuals, the sum total of their power being greater when souls/humans unite and work together. This is the transition of consciousness needed for an individual ‘soul’ to now elevate itself in the process known as ascension – the ‘it takes a village’ mentality and attitude rather than the singularity of purpose and intent we see all around us in 3rd dimensional living – serving Higher Will (or that of the group) rather than that of self-will or the individual.

What’s called a “new notion of a force uniting all” is really the old Native American idea of ‘we are all One’ and it may seem difficult to understand when put in scientific terms, but it becomes much clearer when the process of exchanging a photon is pictured in a space-time diagram. The diagram would show two electrons approaching each other, one of them emitting the photon (particle of Light) at the point A, the other one absorbing it at the point B. When the first electron emits the photon it reverses its direction and changes its velocity and so does the second electron when it absorbs the photon. In the end, the two electrons fly apart, having repelled each other through the exchange of the photon. The full interaction between the electrons will involve a series of photon exchanges, and as a result the electrons will appear to deflect one another along smooth curves even though it appears more as a tag-team transference of the baton.
This is the interplay of karmic action and energy exchange between any two or more beings interacting on the microcosmic level - exchanging Light particles in the form of positive or negative interplay - resolving past karma or creating new karma if the exchange is unequally balanced - ever seeking that balance of opposites and the resolution or the coming together into harmony through karmic attraction.
In terms of classical physics, one would say that the electrons exert a repulsive force on one another. This, however, is now seen to be a very imprecise way of describing the situation. In the subatomic world there are no such forces but only interactions between particles, mediated through a field, through other particles (sometimes we act as catalysts for the karma of others). Hence physicists prefer to speak about interactions rather than about forces. Spiritual viewers see it more this was as well as the growth and learning that can occur through the co-operative interaction of particles (for that in truth is what we are, parts of the One Grander Whole).
In quantum field theory all particle interactions can be pictured in space-time diagrams and each diagram is associated with a mathematical expression which allows one to calculate the probability for the corresponding process to occur (the connection between numerology, language, and the resultant actions and predictable outcomes of life).
In quantum field theory all interactions are pictured as the exchange of virtual particles. The stronger the interaction - the stronger the resulting “force” between the particles - the higher the probability of such exchange processes; the more frequently will virtual particles be exchanged (karmic energy being exchanged or resolved depending on the types of interaction).
Force and matter, the two concepts that were so sharply separated in Greek and Newtonian atomism, are now seen to have their common origin in the dynamic patterns we call particles - the bringing together of the microcosm and the macrocosm, the resolution between science and religion.
Such a bevy of forces is also characteristic of eastern thinking which regards motion and change as essential and intrinsic properties of all things. “All rotating things,” says Chang Tsai with reference to the heavens, “have a spontaneous force and thus their motion is not imposed on them from outside. “ In the I Ching we read:
“The natural laws are not forces external to things, but represent the harmony of movement immanent in them.”
Thus the ancient Chinese description of forces as representing the harmony of movement within things seems particularly appropriate in the light of quantum field theory where the forces between particles are seen as reflecting dynamic patterns inherent in these particles.