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the end of time and the great cycles of the mayan calendar - part 3 - 4
The End of Time and the Great Cycles of the Mayan Calendar - Part 3

By Peter Farley (from Vols 1 – 5 of Where Were You Before The Tree of Life?)

What has all this understanding of karma and the individual soul as a particle got to do with Time and the Ascension process? Lately in my Yahoogroup, people have been discussing their experiences of what they're feeling and seeing as these changes in the physics of Time and Space continue:

Hi friends,

I am relieved to hear others are having similar symptoms to me. I have the vertigo, "morning sickness" and I have an extreme feeling of fatigue with that. The most recent is listening to someone explain or tell something, and then not being able to make sense of it. It's like, "I heard every word you just said, but have no idea what you just said!" I seem to have lost interest in "the usual" too, and this includes foods I have always enjoyed, but now, I crave other things (I think my husband is getting sick of asparagus) or I simply have no clue what I want to eat. The high pitched ringing in the ears is constant and I have been dealing with this for many months now. Here's a new one...I also experience a sudden feeling that the floor I'm standing on has shifted. There's a blurred vision thing that accompanies this. I see little lights floating/darting around, and often almost completely lose my sight, like a shade has been pulled down over my eyes. A couple of times, for just a of couple seconds, during the "shifting" feeling, everything looked "pixelated". Dreams are meaningful…I know this while I'm dreaming, and make a "dream mental note" to remember...but on waking, they leave me. "Drat!"

But...somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue... (

warm regards, dolly

Re: [4truthseekers] Nausea and Changes

I'm also experiencing a lot of what you describe Dolly, especially the "little lights floating/darting around." At times they are everywhere, like a personal display of shooting stars. And the last few days I've been having the occasional moments were a 'puddle of flashing light' sits on my lower eye lids. I'm also seeing quite a lot shadows out the corners of my eyes, there times when my head seems to be constantly turning to see what/who is there, only to find nothing. There are also moments of extreme sadness, and moments of feeling a warm flush of bliss, weightlessness, and joy.

I have had several issues to deal with in my house, where many 'water facilities', like toilet, heating systems, washing machine, taps etc. have broken down or leaked, causing need for changes, and costly repairs. Even one of the cats has had a water (wee wee) problem to sort out! I can't help wonder if WATER is significant in some way.

Love and Peace to all, kathy~

The End of Time and the Great Cycles of the Mayan Calendar - Part 4

By Peter Farley (from Vols 1 – 5 of Where Were You Before The Tree of Life?)

What these people are experiencing right now is a dimensional shift AND also the end of a major cycle of time, so the effects are compounded. Of course if you're one of the ones who have chosen not to make the leap forward along with the planet into 5D hyperdimensionality, then all of this may be just pure hokum . . . the "I don't feel nothin'" syndrome.

Right now the timeline of the past 240,000 years looks like a piece of Swiss cheese the way it has been so abused by various alien races, the Orion-led New World Order, Thoth/Hermes and all his cohorts, and various and sundry other time travellers coming and going just like the planet was something out of Men in Black II.

In an interview conducted by Suanne Konicov (Connecting Link, issue 19, 1992), Al Bielek outlined the additions made to the basic warlike U.S. attitude by an alien presence not conducive to the highest ideals of Man - additions that led to the time-altering phenomena we now know as the Philadelphia Experiment and the Montauk Project. In this excerpt, Bielek describes the time-rift `tunnels' formed by some of these activities:

"It will stabilize itself by the year 2003 unless they reopen it. Then you have another can of worms to deal with. They just don't realize what risks they are running in reopening that thing. The rift was stabilized in '63, or this North American continent would now be under salt water. Not from the year 2000, but it would have been in 1963. There was a special project created, now well-covered, to restabilize the reverse time wave which would have hit the forward one in '63 at the node point and wrecked this continent. It was due to the fact that they had this time rift, and because it was unstable in the way it was generated (like a standing wave in an RF transmission line). You may not understand RF theory, but you get a reverse wave in an unterminated or improperly terminated line (time as a cycle or circle which cries out for completion). Time is a wave as well. You can have a forward time wave and you can have a reverse time wave. If the two of equal amplitude hit each other at a node point, which is the earth synchronization point, like August 12th, 1963, they can be extremely disruptive, physically, to the physical structure of the earth. And being that this project took place in the United States, on Long island, those who looked at it in theory said it would have caused an extreme disruption of geological matter, pulling it out of the earth in the North American Continent. It would have wound up wrecking the tectonic plates and the North American continent, other than the mountains, would have wound up under salt water - 500 to 700 feet of it by estimate. It didn't happen, obviously - we're [still] here."

"The '63 project, "Atlanticus Not Revisited," was successful in damping that reverse time wave. This is an area of science and technology and physics which most people know nothing about. We hope that if the project is revived that it will be used properly rather than improperly as it was in the past, though there were some very good uses for the Montauk Project. In a larger view, it might be better left buried. Only time will tell what will happen, and whether or not I will play any part with it. They have not asked me. They don't want to. All we can do is hope for the best for the future and that the mistakes of the past will be understood, and that somehow the future will come out the better for it in spite of the problems we know we face."

"All we can do is hope for the best for the future and that the mistakes of the past will be understood and that somehow the future will come out the better for it in spite of the problems we know we face."

What prophetic and insightful words, words that need to be heeded if any of us are to survive the next ten or eleven years intact. Once upon a time in New Mexico, a bunch of scientists got together and let off a bomb they said at the time they did not know whether it would incinerate the atmosphere of the planet or what. Now the disciplinary descendants of these scientists play the same kind of games with the ionosphere with a weapon called HAARP that the Spiritual Hierarchy warn endangers all life on the planet if it is not used wisely. And now, once again, Montauk and the scientists playing with time (for the purpose of controlling Mankind) threaten again to destroy entire continents and all life upon them. This is the myth of Science talked about earlier - the myth that "heartless" technology is created strictly for "the benefit of all Mankind."

These last words were written in 2003 when Volume 5 was written. Since then much has happened, including the impossible, the fact that planet Earth has ascended and not been destroyed being the main one, against all odds and the attempts of the defeated New World Order to damage it beyond repair.

Bielek's explanation puts very clearly that Time is a wave as well. You can have a forward time wave and you can have a reverse time wave, depending on what part of the circle you are witnessing events from. Of course if you go high enough time pretty much does not exist. Aware Beings are also able to time-travel forward and backward along a time line as if events and time travelled along inside one of those plastic domes over people conveyors and one could very easily step outside that tunnel effect and come and go as they please.